Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Texas Abortion Clinic Offers Free Abortions to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

As if there were not enough victims of Hurricane Harvey already, the infamous abortion chain Whole Woman’s Health wants to create more.

The hurricane left at least 63 people dead and thousands more in need of food and shelter in and around Houston, Texas. While many people still are lacking basic needs, abortion activists have been focusing on getting victims to abortion clinics to kill their unborn babies.

On Friday, the Texas-based abortion chain Whole Woman’s Health posted an ad on Facebook offering free abortions to victims of the hurricane.

“We’re providing no-cost abortions for patients affected by Hurricane Harvey for the month of September,” the abortion chain wrote. “We want to help. Call us.”

Working with abortion advocacy groups, Whole Woman’s Health said it will provide financial assistance, including help with travel and lodging costs, to women to abort their unborn babies at one of its Texas clinics.

Disguised as compassionate, this offer only will add to the suffering and loss that thousands of Texans already are experiencing. This abortion chain, notorious for failed health inspections, will kill unborn babies in abortions and leave their mothers emotionally and possibly physically damaged. . . . Read More

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