Monday, October 9, 2017

Satanist Takes Lawsuit to State Supreme Court Saying Pro-life Laws Violate Her Religious Views

A Missouri Satanist managed to convince a court that state informed consent laws about abortion violate her religious beliefs.

Satanic Temple spokesperson Jex Blackmore announced the lawsuit in September, another step in a long battle between the group and pro-life leaders in Missouri.

The group is arguing that Missouri abortion regulations violate their religious freedom because they require that women be given information about their unborn baby’s development and wait 72 hours before going through with an abortion.

Last week, the Western District Court of Appeals ruled in the Satanists’ favor, according to the Miami Herald.

“Because we believe that this case raises real and substantial constitutional claims, it is within the Missouri Supreme Court’s exclusive jurisdiction… and we hereby order its transfer” to the Missouri Supreme Court, Judge Thomas Newton wrote in the decision.

. . . This radical Satanists group has been trying to stop fact-based laws in Missouri for years. They have staged bizarre and grotesque protests, launched publicity campaigns following them step by step as they plan and arrange to kill their unborn babies in abortions, and repeatedly challenged these laws in court.

Last year, Breitbart described the Satanic Temple’s actions as a “pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider,” Planned Parenthood.

In 2016, a federal judge threw out the Satanic Temple’s challenge of the Missouri 72-hour waiting period law. U.S. District Judge Henry Edward Autrey ruled that the plaintiff “Mary Doe” failed to show “sufficiently concrete injuries” resulting from the law. The Satanic Temple lost a similar challenge at the state level earlier that year. . . . Read More

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Joseph McCoy said...

It would be awesome if the state supreme court ruled that killing an innocent human being cannot be justified under any circumstance, including if your religion teaches that it can.

Justin Jurek said...


Beverly Vest Gardner said...

Her religious views violate my religious views. A neverending cycle until God returns.

Melody Johnson said...

Just plain ugly.