Wednesday, November 8, 2017

7 Things Learned About Radical Feminists & Abortion at The Women’s Convention

. . . Abortion was a big focus of the women’s convention, but so was racism, a lack of diversity, and an obsession with women’s genitalia. . . .

1. The Abortion Industry Is More Brazen Than Ever
. . . In one . . . attended, a post-abortive woman (times six) and clinic worker at the Houston Women’s Center named Kenya Martin stated that “Abortion should be no different than having a tooth pulled.” She even said women should throw “abortion parties” the day they have an abortion and rent “party buses” to celebrate their “decision.” . . .

2. These Women Are Still Really Hung Up on Their Privates . . .

3. White Guilt Ran Rampant
Basically, they want you to understand that if you are white woman, you are wrong—about everything. And you need to feel guilty about being white. You should feel very, very sorry about it. . . .

4. Secular Feminists Are Terrified of Pro-life Feminists
Presenters said multiple times, “There is no place for anti-choice beliefs in the feminist movement.” They are genuinely scared of pro-life feminists. They are scared of the momentum pro-life feminists have gained in the past few years.

To dispel that fear, they pounded that line over and over again throughout the weekend. To them, being able to kill women in the womb is totally pro-woman. Being able to exploit women’s fears of not being strong enough to be a parent is empowering. But pro-choice feminists know nothing of women’s empowerment. . . .

5. The Least Diverse Conference Ever Attended . . .

6. They Want to Run Your State
The political panels we heard made clear that the pro-choice movement has one political objective: They want pro-choice women to run in every gubernatorial race across the country.

I think they have caught on to the reality that the power lies with the state. It’s time to pay attention, pro-lifers. They are coming for your state to push their anti-family, anti-life positions. It’s not because they care about your state. It’s not even because they care about politics. It’s because they want to insert their voices in all places, including our government.

They want to overturn every pro-life law on the books. We must be vigilant in opposing their politics. We have worked far too hard to have unqualified activists overturning what we have done.

7. The Pro-Choice Movement Knows Nothing about Pregnancy Medical Centers
. . . a Planned Parenthood panel state that “pregnancy centers receive millions of dollars from the federal government.” Really? . . . Pregnancy centers operate almost solely on private donations. They may receive a few grants here and there, but “millions” of dollars in federal money? Oh, no, you are certainly confused. You must be thinking of Planned Parenthood. They are the ones who receive millions of dollars, more than half a billion, to be exact, from the federal government. . . .Read More

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