Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Each Abortion Increases Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports

Legal abortion contributes to a fifty percent increased risk of premature death in women, according to a new systematic review that examined 989 studies of deaths associated with pregnancy outcomes.

Figure 1: Death rates are higher after an abortion beginning in the first 180 days and continuing for at least ten years

Within the first 180 days, the risk of death from any cause is over twice as high following abortion compared to that following delivery. The risk of early death remains elevated for at least ten years (Figure 1).
Both abortion and miscarriage are linked to elevated mortality rates, but the effect is more strongly associated with induced abortions.

The largest portion of premature deaths following pregnancy loss are due to suicides, accidents, homicides, and some natural causes, such as circulatory disease, which are known to be associated with stress.

The reviewers concluded that these findings are best explained by the psychological effects of pregnancy loss, which contribute to elevated levels of stress, substance abuse, risk taking, and self-destructive behaviors.

The studies reviewed also reveal a dose effect, with each exposure to abortion adding approximately a 50 percent increased risk of premature death compared to women who have never had abortions (Figure 2). . . .

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Miranda MacDonald said...

It says "delivery or abortion" so it is just as dangerous to proceed with the pregnancy. This is not a good argument against abortion. Please find better ones ( there are many ).