Friday, December 15, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan: Underpopulation is Causing Financial Problems, “People Need to Have More Babies”

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan is taking some heat this week for encouraging families to have more children.

Ryan made the comment Thursday while discussing the problems caused by an increasingly elderly population and low birth rates. These issues have government leaders throughout the world concerned about the future of their economies, their increasingly elderly citizens and more.

But several liberal, pro-abortion outlets blasted Ryan’s statements with implications of oppression and sexism. ThinkProgress ran with the headline, “Paul Ryan says American women need to have more babies.”

. . . A 2012 United Nations study made similar predictions. It warned that the “most serious impact of aging populations would be in developing countries without safety nets or adequate legal protection in place for older people,” and pushed for reforms of Social Security-type programs and “national pensions” for the elderly.

“Informal support systems for older persons are increasingly coming under stress, as a consequence, among others, of lower fertility, out-migration of the young, and women working outside the home,” the UN report states.

But traditional female roles seem abhorrent to abortion activists, who tend to treat women’s ability to bear children as a disease to be curbed and controlled rather than a strength to be supported. . . . Read More

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Juliane Bertagne said...

We need to stop aborting our children!