Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Meet Evie: She Saves Babies From Abortion Outside Clinics as a Sidewalk Counselor

People who aren’t involved in the pro-life movement—and even some within it—tend to believe that those who stand outside abortion clinics are there to shame and terrify vulnerable abortion-minded women.

. . . quite the opposite: the people who wait outside of abortion clinics (referred to within our movement as “sidewalk counselors”) are selfless, compassionate people trying to help the women who go to clinics because they feel they don’t have a choice.

We already know that most women seek abortion due to economic and social pressure. Both study after study as well as countless personal stories confirm that many women choose abortion because they believe they don’t have the resources to care for a child. Sidewalk counselors work to connect these women to the resources they need. This work transforms—and literally saves—lives.

As a secularist, Monica Snyder does not share the beliefs of Evie Schwartzbauer, the sidewalk counselor interviewed here. But she can’t help but be impressed and humbled by the way Evie’s faith clearly inspires, uplifts, and sustains her as she does this physically and emotionally draining work. It’s my impression there are relatively few secular sidewalk counselors. Suspect this is partially because most sidewalk counseling organizations are heavily religious, so it may seem like an awkward fit for an atheist or agnostic. But I also wonder what, in the absence of faith, the secular sidewalk counselor would draw on to do this kind of immediate and intimate work for an extended period of time.

Questions asked by Monica Snyder and answered by Evie Schwartzbauer:

1. How did you get started sidewalk counseling? What draws you to the sidewalk compared to other types of pro-life work?

2. What does your work entail? Describe an average day of sidewalk counseling.

3. What are the most difficult aspects of this work, and how do you handle those?

4. Do you hand out literature? If so, what is it about?

5. Do you have religious beliefs? If so, how do those influence your work? How do you handle religious differences between you and the people you meet?

6. How do you respond to people who say they are at the clinic for reasons other than abortion?

7. What are some of the most common circumstances women describe that brought them to the clinic?

8. Do you have ongoing relationships with any of the women you have met at the sidewalk? If so, what are those like?

9. Do you interact with clinic staff? If so, what has that been like?

10. Many people believe that sidewalk counselors primarily try to shame and intimidate women. How do you respond to that idea?

11. What do you think of buffer zone laws? Has your work been impacted by such laws?

12. What advice would you give someone interested in sidewalk counseling?

13. What advice do you have for people who don’t sidewalk counsel but still want to help women with crisis pregnancies?

14. What do you believe the pro-life movement is getting right? What do you believe could be better?  . . . Read the answers and more

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