Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toledo Ohio May Become Abortion Free: Court Orders Abortion Clinic Closed for Violating State Laws

Toledo, Ohio is on it’s way to becoming abortion free.

In a huge pro-life victory today in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in two separate 5-2 decisions that Capital Care Network of Toledo is operating illegally and Ohio’s largest abortion clinic lacked standing to bring a lawsuit.

Here’s more on the ruling:

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that because Capital Care Network of Toledo violated a 21-year-old rule requiring all ambulatory surgical facilities to have written hospital transfer agreements to facilitate emergency treatment, the Ohio Department of Health was within its rights to revoke the clinic’s operating license.

After the University of Toledo Medical Center declined to renew its transfer agreement with Capital Care in 2013, no such agreement was in place until Capital Care negotiated its 2014 agreement with the University of Michigan Health System, which the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) did not accept under its rule because the Ann Arbor, Michigan, location was too far away to accommodate emergency treatment.

In a majority opinion authored by Justice Terrence O’Donnell and released today, the Court ruled that ODH’s revocation of Capital Care’s health care facility license was supported by “reliable, probative, and substantial evidence and is in accordance with law.” The Court held that lower court rulings overturning ODH’s license revocation were based on claims that Ohio’s 2013 law requiring the transfer agreements violated the facility’s constitutional rights. Justice O’Donnell wrote that those courts did not examine the authority of ODH to revoke the license for violating the rule, and the Supreme Court declined to consider the constitutional issues.  . . . Read more

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