Monday, February 5, 2018

West Virginia Bill Would Finally Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

A West Virginia bill that would end taxpayer funding for abortions in the state is slated for a public hearing Monday in the state House.

West Virginia is one of 17 states that funds elective abortions for low-income women through Medicaid. State House Bill 4012 would end taxpayer funding for abortions except when medically necessary to save the mother’s life, the AP reports.

Since 1977, state taxpayers have been forced to pay millions of dollars for tens of thousands unborn babies’ abortion deaths, according to West Virginians for Life.

“The federal government limits tax funding of abortions to cases of rape, incest and life of the mother – but West Virginia will pay for Medicaid abortions for any reason,” the pro-life group said on its website. “It’s time to get West Virginia out of the abortion business.” . . .

In 2017, state taxpayers paid for 1,560 unborn babies to be aborted through Medicaid, according to the report. In 2013, about 500 unborn babies were aborted with taxpayer funds, the AP reports.

The bill recently passed the state House Health and Human Resources Committee and now is being considered in the Judiciary Committee, according to WV Metro News. The state Senate is considering a similar bill, Senate Bill 417.

Very few Americans support taxpayer funding for abortions, and West Virginia lawmakers are working to protect state taxpayers’ money. It was a West Virginia Supreme Court decision in 1993, not voters’, that allowed taxpayer-funded abortions in the state. . . . Read More

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