Monday, February 5, 2018

Woman Wasn’t Terminally Ill But Euthanasia Doctor Declared Her That & Killed Her

. . . The woman, who suffered from dementia, had an “ambiguously worded” advanced directive requesting euthanasia. By the time she was placed in a nursing home, “she was no longer able to clarify her wishes.” So her husband requested it for her.

That still left the problem of whether she really wanted it. Well, that was not a problem for the Dutch euthanasia machine. The doctor “concluded her suffering was unbearable and incurable—though there was no terminal physical illness—and prepared a lethal injection.”

What followed combined elements of a Monte Python skit and a horror movie. “To ensure the patient’s compliance, the doctor gave her coffee spiked with a sedative.” When that proved insufficient and the woman recoiled from the looming needle, he “asked family members to hold her down.” Finally, “After 15 minutes were spent by the doctor trying to find a vein, the lethal infusion flowed.”

In Lane’s words, this death was “neither voluntary, painless nor dignified.” Even Dutch officials were taken aback: Prosecutors are investigating what happened to see if a crime was committed.

But no one should be shocked. As Lane points out, “Euthanasia is commonplace in the Netherlands, and the legal criteria are utterly subjective.” Words like “unbearable suffering” and, in the case of patients like the woman, “a voluntary, well-considered request” can mean anything and, therefore, nothing.

Thus, an NIH study found that “Between 2012 and 2016 . . . there were 33 cases in which Dutch regulators found that doctors had broken at least one rule while ending a person’s life.” Not surprisingly, “Pro-euthanasia activist doctors were overrepresented in problematic cases.”

“Utterly subjective” criteria plus “pro-euthanasia activist doctors” equals a society with a strong bias towards killing, not palliative care or alleviating suffering, as next-door Belgium attests. . . . Read More

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