Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Nebraska Gov. Signs Budget That Defunds Planned Parenthood Abortion

For the next two years at least, Nebraska taxpayers will not be forced to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups.

Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a two-year $8.8 billion state budget into law Wednesday with a measure that prohibits tax dollars to groups that promote or provide abortions, the AP reports.

“Today, I signed new pro-life budget language into law. This provision ensures that Title X taxpayer dollars do not fund abortion services, including abortion referrals, at any clinic in Nebraska,” Ricketts said.

The budget prohibits Title X family planning funds from going to any group that “performs, assists with the performance of, provides directive counseling in favor of, or refers for abortion.” The provision allows Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups to qualify for the funding if they stop aborting unborn babies or encouraging abortions. Groups also may qualify if they completely separate their abortion practices from their health care services. . . . Read More

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Mark Devoll said...

Way to go Nebraska.