Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fitchburg Restricts Free Speech at the Mar 16th City Council meeting

It is a disturbing trend that the city of Fitchburg, MA city council is starting to restrict free speech.  Following the dangerous precedent established at the Feb 16th city council meeting, Councilor-at-Large Thomas Conry objected every time the words, "planned parenthood" were mentioned.  Citizen Ted Turner was declared out of order and almost forcibly removed from the city council meeting for saying, "I will not mention planned parenthood again", in his response to petition 55-10.  At the direction of City Council President Stephen Hay, Fitchburg police officer Garcia got up from his chair and walked towards citizen Turner to forcibly remove him while citizen Turner was attempting to quote the founding fathers because he was already ruled out of order. 

City Councilor Thomas Conry stated, "This petition is with regards to zoning, not planned parenthood."  But when he objects he says "Planned Parenthood".  I understand and appreciate how uncomfortable it is to hear the truth about Planned Parenthood.  I also understand that to mention "Planned Parenthood" in response to a zoning petition makes it more difficult for the city councilors.  But to prevent the public from mentioning certain words, ideas, or organizations is a dangerous and disturbing trend.  Our right to free speech guaranteed under the constitution should be protected as a higher ideal than the comfort or legal standing of the city.  To restrict free speech, puts the city in greater jeopardy.

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skierBrian said...

H/T to Paul Melanson's blog: http://lasalettejourney.blogspot.com/2010/03/we-expect-more-from-our-elected.html. Pay note to the legal decisions re free speech being paramount.

SisterTemptation said...

Be sure to expect more restrictions in the future. We are not interested in your myths.