Monday, November 28, 2011

On December 9th Abortion Clinic Doors will CLOSE in Minnesota!

The Susan B Blog: Another clinic bites the dust.  After many innocent deaths, LifeSiteNews is reporting that Minnesota’s abortion clinic – GYN Special Services Clinic – located at the Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, will close its doors!  Local pro-life activists report that this is the first abortion clinic closure in two decades for the state of Minnesota.  The numbers of abortions for the clinic this past year have been down and compared to previous years they were performing 55% below their annual levels, 545 abortions instead of the usual 1200.

For years many pro-life protests, petitions and boycotts have been held at this site with the great hopes to shut it down.  Due to the protests and boycotts, the hospital suffered in many ways from performing abortions in this clinic, financially being one of them.

Pro-life activists in Minnesota are elated with the news, Brian Gibson of Pro-life Action Ministries says, “I cannot express properly the waves of emotions of joy I am experiencing with this victory.”  The shutting down of this clinic, along with three other clinics in the United States this month, is a profound testimony to the power of perseverance and courage in fighting for the unborn and the right to LIFE!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Abortion Business in Santa Fe, New Mexico Closing Down

by Steven Ertelt, Life News: The only abortion business in Santa Fe, the state capital of New Mexico, will be closing down next month, according to a new report today from the pro-life organization Operation Rescue.

OR indicates abortion practitioner Lucia Ceis will retire from doing abortions on December 23, according to an advertisement placed in The New Mexican newspaper telling patients he will no longer be in practice and explaining to them where to obtain their medical records. The last day abortions will be done is December 16, 2011.

“Ceis admits to having done thousands of abortions over her 35 years of business,” the pro-life group indicates. “That closure will leave Santa Fe abortion-free and will reduce the number of abortion clinics in New Mexico to five. Cies’ abortion business offered abortions to 18 weeks at a cost of $500-$1,200. She also conducted abortions at St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe.”

“Abortion clinics continue to close as Americans become more and more pro-life,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The number of surgical abortion clinics has dropped from 2,200 in 1991 to only about 675 today. That is quantifiable evidence that we are winning the hearts and minds of the American people. Abortion is a human rights abuse that will soon be rejected and relegated to the ash heap of history.”

The good news comes as women are being victimized by botched abortions in Albuquerque, a much larger city with multiple abortion facilities.

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life obtained the latest 911 call audio from officials and released the tape to Operation Rescue. The call has information about a 31-year old woman who is suffering uncontrolled bleeding after an abortion and the abortion facility worker who placed the emergency call requested that the patient be transported to the hospital.

“Uh, we have a 31 year old female, gravida 5, para 4*, who underwent an abortion today. She’s continuing to bleed. We need to transport her to the hospital, please,” the call from the abortion center says.

The woman was awake and breathing normally at the time but, asked if the bleeding is serious, the staffer pauses. “She is not on blood thinners. She does not have a bleeding disorder, but the bleeding is persistent. It will not stop,” the staffer eventually says.

Nothing further is known about the identify of the woman or her current medical condition.

This is the eleventh botched abortion 911 call Operation Rescue has released concerning the Southwestern Women’s Options in New Mexico over the last two years and the fourteenth such call concerning two Albuquerque-based abortion centers over the same time period.

Both Project Defending Life and Operation Rescue filed complaints about the recent flood of botched abortions with the New Mexico Medical Board but have received mixed signals from authorities concerning whether the calls will be investigated. Since then, the Attorney General’s office has contacted NMMB’s Executive Director Lynn Hart, regarding the incidents, requesting her “assistance in handling this matter, according to information Operation Rescue provided today.
Meanwhile, members of Project Defending Life met with Gov. Susana Martinez, who is pro-life, to discuss the dangerous conditions that have spawned so many life-threatening abortion complications.

“Our concern is for the safety of women in New Mexico. We were encouraged to hear that Governor Martinez shares these same concerns,” Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Project Defending Life said after the meeting, according to OR. “In fact, we were thoroughly impressed that the Governor’s office not only knew about the 911 calls, but had already contacted the Executive Director of the Medical Board to insure the investigation was progressing. We now have confidence that the New Mexico Medical Board is conducting a proper investigation.”

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ron Paul's Ad Supporting Life

 Editor's Note: The running of this article is not an endorsement of Rep. Ron Paul as a candidate for President. Which can also be said for articles run on occasion by elected and non-elected officials who are also candidates for presidents. Having said the above does not diminish the need to head the words of in Rep. Ron Paul's ad For Life

Rep. Ron Paul
Representative Ron Paul (R-TX-Dist. 14). - Congressman Ron Paul's new ad titled "Life"

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Legalizing Assisted Suicide A Recipe for Elder Abuse

by Alex Schadenberg, Life News: The Vancouver Province published a thorough article by Sean Sullivan Monday about the protest that was organized by Euthanasia Prevention Coalition-British Columbia on the steps of the court house in Vancouver. The article is titled: Legalizing Assisted Suicide ‘a recipe for elder abuse.’ says protesters.

The article also featured John Coppard, who was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago. Coppard contacted us with his story. The following is a reprint of the article:
Legalized Assisted Suicide ‘a recipe for elder abuse,’ says protesters

Protesters opposed to changes in Canada’s suicide law gathered in front of the Vancouver Law Courts Monday morning, warning that legalizing assisted suicide would open the floodgates for elder abuse.
A court challenge launched in B.C. Supreme Court has the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Gloria Taylor, a 63-year-old woman suffering from ALS, challenging Canada’s laws that forbid doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill.

Opponents, however, argue that physician-assisted suicides will see the medical system steer patients toward suicide and allow greedy children intent on inheriting their parents wealth will force them into choosing death.

“In the messy real world that I work in as a family physician, I have no illusions but that improper inducement to end their lives prematurely would be given to a lot of the elderly,” Dr. Will Johnston said.

“We need a strong law that prevents people urging or facilitating others to commit suicide.”

Speaking in his experience as a doctor who provides capability assessments on “frail, elderly people,” Johnston said it’s typical to see victims who have been induced to do things that are completely against their self-interest. Gutting the law against assisted suicide will do more harm than good, he said.

“Sadly, children are the worst abusers of the elderly. We have a national problem with suicide and a natural problem with elder abuse.

“And here we have a case that would undercut our efforts to constrain both of those problems.”

About 70 people, holding signs with messages such as “Assisted suicide a recipe for elder abuse,” braved the brisk, fall wind to stand on the steps of the Law Courts Monday.

Among them was John Coppard, 45, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, in 2009. A new medication helped him recover, though he said that at his “lowest points,” he may have chosen assisted suicide had it been offered to him.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the law that disallowed assisted suicide,” Coppard said. “The illnesses people are talking about inside (the court) are not death sentences any more.

“People (diagnosed with a terminal illness) can live for decades,” he said.
--------------- Note: Alex Schadenberg is the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultrasounds Speak Up For Those Who Can't Speak For Themselves

Stand For Life: The following two excellent videos from Focus on the Family's Faces of Life Contest illustrate the importance of ultrasounds and pregnancy resource centers:

After seeing her sonogram, Dixie knew she could not go through with her abortion. In choosing life for her baby, she says she "found me again."

Lisa was thinking about an abortion, but then decided to carry her baby after going to Beltway 8 South Crisis Pregnancy Center and seeing her ultrasound! Check out this beautiful life-affirming story from Beltway 8 South in Houston, TX.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HHS Conflicts Highlights Need For Abolishment of DHS

The Devil in the Details
Bill Smith, Editor: The following Washington Post article brings to light the Obama administrations advancement of social positions not in line with main stream America. It also highlights that political officials are willing to interfere with the separation that is supposed to occur between Contracting Officers or contract review committees and the political appointees and others outside of the contract award process. In any other administration, these type actions interfering with the acquisitions contracting process would have triggered a GAO investigation into the interference in the contracting procedure.

Finally, regardless of the good work done by Catholic, Protestant or non-religious groups, this situation highlights another area where the Federal Government should not be funding these type programs. The U.S. Government is broke which means that to maintain these type programs, we must borrow money (from China, Saudi Arabia, etc.) to allegedly help others. It was wrong for President George Bush to have supported these type programs although he was correct that non-government groups could provide these type services far better than the government. It is also wrong for the present Obama administration to be doing so as well. Private agencies should aid these these victims and others but with private money. It is not the role of the Federal Government to fund these programs.

HHS is a money pit which has at its very core the desire to "help" by controlling people and determining what and how they can live. It is a Federal department that should be defunded and abolished. It continues to be used to social engineer society into the mold envisioned by liberal progressives. And, as the below article highlights, "the Devil is in the details." And, Christian agencies should realize that when they accept Federal money, they eventually are going to be forced to dance to the tune of elitists who do not value life or liberty for anyone except maybe themselves.

Abortion splits White House and Catholic groups

By Jerry Markon: contentious battle between Catholic groups and the Obama administration has flared in recent days, fueled by the new health-care law and ongoing divisions over access to abortion and birth control.

The latest dispute centers on a decision by the Department of Health and Human Services in late September to end funding to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to help victims of human trafficking, or modern-day slavery. The church group had overseen nationwide services to victims since 2006 but was denied a new grant in favor of three other groups.

The bishops organization, in line with the church’s teachings, had refused to refer trafficking victims for contraceptives or abortion. The American Civil Liberties Union sued, and HHS officials said they made a policy decision to award the grants to agencies that would refer women for those services.

The bishops conference is threatening legal action and accusing the administration of anti-Catholic bias, which HHS officials deny.

The fight further sours an already difficult relationship between the government and some Catholics over several issues. The bishops fiercely oppose the administration’s decision in February to no longer defend the federal law barring the recognition of same-sex marriage. Dozens of Catholic groups also have objected in recent weeks to a proposed HHS mandate — issued under the health-care law — that would require private insurers to provide women with contraceptives without charge.

On the trafficking contract, senior political appointees at HHS awarded the new grants to the bishops’ competitors despite a recommendation from career staffers that the bishops be funded based on scores by an independent review board, according to federal officials and internal HHS documents. . . .

Under HHS policies, career officials usually oversee grant competitions, and priority consideration is given to the review board’s judgment. The policies do not prohibit political appointees from getting involved. “I think it’s a sad ma­nipu­la­tion of a process to promote a pro-abortion agenda,” said Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a spokeswoman for the conference. She has written on the organization’s blog that the decision reflects an HHS philosophy of "ABC (Anybody But Catholics)". . . .

HHS had said that at least four grants for trafficking victims would be awarded, but Sheldon said he decided that the $4.5 million would be shared among three nonprofit groups: Heartland Human Care Services, Tapestri and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

The applications of Tapestri and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants were scored significantly below the Catholic bishops’ application by the review panel, the individuals familiar with the matter said. . . .

The trafficking contract was aimed at providing housing, counseling and other services to trafficking victims who are held in workplaces through force or fraud. It was first awarded in 2006, after a controversial decision by the George W. Bush administration to direct more federal social service contracts to faith-based groups. The contract ultimately provided the Catholic bishops with more than $19 million to oversee those services. . . .

This spring, as the contract approached its expiration, HHS political appointees became involved in reshaping the request for proposals, adding a “strong preference” for applicants offering referrals for family planning and the “full range” of “gynecological and obstetric care." That would include abortions and birth control; federal funds cannot be used for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother.

“When important issues that are a priority arise, it’s common for senior policy advisers of the department to have a dialogue . . . to reach the best policy decision," said Sharon Parrott, a top Sebelius aide closely involved in the process. “The priority in this case was how to best meet the needs of victims of trafficking so they can take control of their own lives."

The “strong preference” language now lies at the heart of the dispute. Sheldon, the HHS assistant secretary, said that it played a role in selecting the new grantees and that "it’s very important that these victims, who have experienced trauma . . . be provided the full range of information."

The bishops conference says the language essentially stacked the deck against the group and violated federal laws barring discrimination based on religion. "This was a political decision," Walsh said.

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