Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Wishing all pro-life advocates, our readers and those who have helped us with resources a
very Happy and Blessed Easter. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pro Life News, March 30, 2013

Hobby Lobby Granted Full Appeals Court Hearing on Mandate Challenge The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today granted Hobby Lobby’s petition for a full hearing on its appeal of a judge’s decision requiring the Christian-owned and operated business to comply with the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate. The appellate court agreed to an en banc hearing and agreed to place Hobby Lobby’s appeal before the entire court rather than the usual three-judge panel. The full court will now consider whether to halt enforcement of the HHS mandate, which forces Hobby Lobby Stores, to provide and pay for emergency contraceptives, such as the “morning-after pill” and “week-after pill”, in violation of the religious beliefs of its owners, the Green family. Read More

Gosnell Attorney Goes Into Hysterics to Defend the Abortion Doc As the second week of testimony wrapped up in the Gosnell capital murder trial, emotions ran high as another argument broke out in court between Defense Attorney Jack McMahon and Medical Examiner Dr. Gary Collins over his decision to classify the overdose death of Karnamaya Mongar as a homicide. Gosnell has been charged with third degree murder in the death of Mongar, a 41-year old diminutive refugee from Bhutan, who died on Nov. 19, 2009, from an overdose of Demerol during a 19-week abortion at Gosnell’s West Philadelphia “House of Horrors” abortion clinic. Read More

Will Planned Parenthood Fire Staffer Promoting Infanticide? Will the Planned Parenthood abortion business fire a staff member who advocated infanticide during a legislative hearing before the Florida state legislature? That’s the question Billy Valentine of the Susan B. Anthony List is asking following the nationwide attention drawn to a video LifeNews first reported on yesterday. The video shows a representative of the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Florida opposing a bill in the state legislature that would provide medical care and legal protection for babies who are born alive after failed abortions. Read More

No Abortions for 800 Miles if North Dakota Abortion Ban Survives The governor of North Dakota this week signed into law a new ban on abortions that would have the state stop all abortions after six weeks, essentially making it so abortions are almost entirely illegal in the state. There is just one abortion facility in this large plains state, Red River Women’s Clinic in downtown Fargo, and if it is ultimately forced to close, women in North Dakota will not have an abortion clinic located within 800 miles of them. Read More

Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Club, Equates Them to White Supremacists On March 12th, a pro-life group at Johns Hopkins University, Voice for Life (VFL), was denied the right to become an official student club by the Student Government Association (SGA) during a student Senate meeting, after having been recommended for approval by the SGA Appointments and Evaluations Committee. At that same SGA meeting, though, another new group was approved called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Although SJP has a history of anti-Semitism and disruption on other campuses, the SGA decided that the students from JHU creating the group were separate from other campus affiliations, and they couldn’t be punished for potential violations. Read More

Justin Bieber’s Mom: I Tried to Take My Life During Pregnancy Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette is promoting the new pro-life movie Crescendo and she recently divulged a new fact about her unplanned pregnancy situation with Justin that is another reason why she is helping publicize the film. She recently gave an interview in which she mentioned that she hopes the pro-life movie will be a message of hope to all young mothers in despair, because she tried to take her own life. Read More

Kermit Gosnell is No Different Than Other Abortion Doctors >So I’m going to make a bold claim here: deep down, Kermit Gosnell is not at all different from the rest of abortionists, late-term or otherwise. What Kermit Gosnell is being accused of is a terrible, terrible thing. May God have mercy on his soul and the souls of the woman he is on trial for causing the death of, as well as the seven recently born babies whose necks were stabbed with scissors and whose spinal cords were slit. Read More

China: Was Forcibly Sterilized Woman Hung at Family Planning Office? Earlier this month, it was reported widely in Chinese media sources that Yang Yuzhi hung herself in the local Family Planning Office. Forcibly sterilized twice, she had for years suffered chronic pain from these traumatic procedures. Read More

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Discusses 'Hooking Kids on Sex'

AmericanLifeLeague: On the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Rush discusses American Life League's popular ALL Report 'Hooking Kids on Sex' mentioned in a Washington Times column on March 26, 2013.

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Good Friday for the Preborn

Betty Brown, American Life League: What a powerful and emotional day it is!

The Baltimore Catechism declares that Good Friday is called good because Christ, by His Death, "showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing."

Yet, today is a day of remembrance of a very distressing event - the torture and killing of our Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I am awed by Your sufferings for me and for the rest of humanity. I thank You for saving me through Your crushing pain, through Your many wounds, through Your tiredness and agony and Your Precious Blood shed with so much pain and love for us, through Your difficulty to breathe, through Your sweat and tears, through Your merciful patience, through every effort that You made, and through Your total offering for my sins and for the sins of the whole world.

I ask You to remember and bestow Your grace upon the innocent children, formed in God's image, who also suffer agony and torture before they are born. These children are slaughtered by men and women who, like those who killed our Savior twenty centuries ago, impose their ignorance and hate upon the world with violence.

We ask You to rid our world of the ugliness and extreme violence of abortion. We ask You to teach our brothers and sisters to love the lives of the sick, the old, the hurt, and the unwanted. We ask You to restore the sanctity of marriage and family in our society.< Amen.

As you reflect on the sufferings of Jesus and of the preborn, please consider this day to be a special opportunity for giving alms on behalf of the innocent babies who need our protection.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pro-Life News, March 28, 2013

Abortion Doc Gosnell Never Tried to Revive Woman Killed in Abortion During the testimony in the murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell, numerous revelations have surfaced about the horrors that took place at his dilapidated late-term abortion clinic. Gosnell has been charged with eight counts of murder and several of his staff at the abortion center, including his wife and sister-in-law, have been charged as well in the case with assisting in botched abortions, practicing medicine without a license or covering up the actions of those who did. Read More

North Dakota Gov Faces Death Threats After Signing Abortion Ban The governor of North Dakota is facing death threats following his signing of a bill that would ban abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy and another to stop abortions on disabled babies. According to “Stand up for Women ND,” a Facebook group created to oppose the new abortion legislation and personhood amendment in North Dakota, Governor Dalrymple is receiving death threats from pro-abortion activists after signing three anti-abortion laws passed by the North Dakota House and Senate. Read More

Planned Parenthood Opposes Bill Protecting Babies Born After Botched Abortions The Planned Parenthood abortion business in Florida is opposing a bill in the state legislature that would provide medical care and legal protection for babies who are born alive after failed abortions. This is the same legislation President Barack Obama refused to support during his time in the Illinois legislature and it mirrors a national law President George W. Bush signed after nurse Jill Stanek exposed how her Chicago-area hospital left babies to die in utility closets after botched abortions. Read More

AP Calls Abortion Doc Who Snipped Babies’ Necks “An Elegant Man” A search at the Associated Press’s national web site tonight at 11 p.m. ET on “Gosnell” returned one result: a very early Monday morning story by the wire service’s Maryclaire Dale. This would indicate that the self-described Essential Global News Network hasn’t carried a subsequent national report on the trial proceedings involving Kermit Gosnell, the Pennsylvania and Delaware abortionist accused of eight murders, one of a patient and seven of babies allegedly born alive, even though there have now been three additional days of trial proceedings and testimony.Read More

Attorneys General Push Obama for Religious Exemption in HHS Mandate Twelve attorney generals have sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services asking that it expand the very narrow religious exemptions in the HHS mandate that require religious groups and companies to pay for birth control or drugs that may cause abortions. They sent their letter to the HHS department on the same day that the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights said it had filed a brief in the Hobby Lobby case against the mandate to keep a judge’s ruling in place forcing the Christian-owned business to comply with the mandate. Read More

Doctors Quitting Early Due to Burdensome Obamacare Regulations Last week, politicians who helped craft the Affordable Care Act (ACA) celebrated in self-congratulatory style the third anniversary of that monstrosity which will soon extinguish healthcare as we’ve known it. The president’s promises about the ACA saving money and allowing you to keep your existing health plan are proving false, as many predicted. Read More

What is Planned Parenthood Hiding? Abortion Biz Engaging in Fraud Planned Parenthood is as secretive as it is deadly. In other words, it not only ends the lives of hundreds of thousands of unborn children each year but also conceals records revealing pertinent aspects of its operation costs, important details regarding “policies and services available to minors,” and it provides different numbers on salary information based on whether it is filling out state or federal paperwork. Take, for example, the Department of Health and Human Services’ defense of Planned Parenthood’s decision to withhold information in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. Read More

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Victory! 9th Circuit approves Jesus prayers in California. Hawaii Senate too.

The Bible commands us: "Whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus." --Colossians 3:17.
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, Praying In Jesus Name: We won TWO victories this week, securing the right to pray "in Jesus' name" after YOU helped us petition both Hawaii and California to defend freedom of speech for pastors.

1.) The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week it's OK for pastors to pray "in Jesus' name" before city council meetings, and Jesus prayers do NOT violate the Constitution. (This victory is significant, considering the 4th Circuit and 2nd Circuit have banned city councils from allowing Jesus prayers in many states on the East Coast.)

The new 9th Circuit ruling allowing Jesus prayers in Rubin v. Lancaster is summarized here, with the full PDF download here. The anti-Jesus complainer intends to appeal, either en banc to the full circuit, or to the Supreme Court of the United States.

How did you help? We sent thousands of your petitions in 2009 to four city councils in California (including Lancaster, CA and Mayor Rex Parris). That city council heard your petitions, and let the citizens of Lancaster vote in 2010, when a 75% majority voted to allow pastors to pray "in Jesus' name" before city council meetings. Diverse faiths were all invited, in fact the court praised the Mayor for reaching out to Muslims, Jews, and others.

They got sued, by domestic enemies of the Constitution, who hate hearing pastors pray "in Jesus' name." But the Mayor and city council took a stand (as we petitioned them to do). The anti-Jesus complainers lost in 2011, and this week the anti-Jesus complainers lost again at the Ninth Circuit. "Jesus is not a dirty word," said Parris, a Baptist. "Really what this lawsuit was about was making it one."

Do you realize what this means? Now local governments in 11 West-Coast States or Territories may allow free speech by pastors. AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, Guam, and N. Marianas Islands have legal precedent to ALLOW JESUS PRAYERS, without fear of frivolous lawsuits, especially the Freedom From Religion Foundation, ACLU, or AU.

2.) WE WON AGAIN this month, when the Hawaii Senate restored freedom to open legislative sessions with a "moment of contemplation" that may include Jesus prayers, after a 2-year ban on all prayer. We sent hundreds of petitions to Hawaii State Senator Sam Slom (R-HI) last year via direct mail, and the Senate answered with a big YES to restore prayer.

With Hawaii you helped change the law in 11 states, to restore freedom to pray "in Jesus' name." We had previously scored victories and won policy reversals in NC, VA, CA, OR, OK, PA, OH, IN, FL, and NY, not to mention restoring freedom of speech for military chaplains (after I was wrongly punished in 2006 for praying in Jesus' name in my uniform as a Navy Chaplain, and later vindicated by Congress). Sadly we lost on appeal in NY (Galloway v. Town of Greece), so that 2nd Circuit case conflicts with our new 9th Circuit victory, and both may go to SCOTUS soon.

Jesus Christ banned from Prayers in Washington. Take action!

The mayor of Longview, Washington has banned prayers "in Jesus' name" before city council meetings, because an atheist complainer threatened to sue, reports Seattle Times.

Call the anti-Jesus mayor, Don Jensen (phone 360-442-5004) who was advised by city attorney James McNamara (same phone), that the word "Jesus" might be illegal speech if uttered during a prayer by any visiting pastor, during the invocation before city meetings.

Mayor Jenson said, "It’s not my choice to stop this, but I don’t know how we can put our citizens at jeopardy and cost our city and our citizens a lot of money."

Watch a video interview of atheist complainer Dan Smith who hates Jesus prayers, with Dr. Chaps' legal analysis including 7 judicial precedents.

Atheist complainer Dan Smith threatened to sue, so the city attorney caved-in without a fight. "The more unclear answer is whether the prayer can invoke the name of Jesus Christ," McNamara said Monday, adding that different courts have reached different conclusions on the matter. He's forgetting Rubin v. Lancaster in 2011, when a federal judge in California ruled a city CAN allow Jesus' prayers, proof here.

Pastor Mark Schumutz took a stand, as leader of the local pastors' association, saying "If they can’t speak the name Jesus Christ, association ministers will no longer provide the invocation." [I have fought this battle in 10 states, and won every time. Please call the anti-Jesus mayor Don Jenson at 360-442-5004 today or Monday. Flood his voicemail.]

In related news, U.S. Congressman Walter Jones just introduced a bill HR 343 that would forever protect military chaplains' right to pray "in Jesus' name." You may recall I was vindicated by Congress in 2006 after being punished for violating the Navy's non-sectarian prayer policy, which was rescinded by Congress. But Congress still has not passed a positive law to protect military chaplains' right to pray "in Jesus' name."

Jones' bill would amend Title 10 to read "If called upon to lead a prayer outside of a religious service, a chaplain shall have the prerogative to close the prayer according to the dictates of the chaplain's own conscience." Let's take a stand for military chaplains' right to pray "in Jesus' name." Please sign our new petition to pass this bill...

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pro-Life News, March 27, 2013

Autopsy Confirms Kermit Gosnell Killed Woman in Botched Abortion A medical examiner testified in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial Tuesday and testified that an autopsy confirmed that abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell killed a woman in a failed abortion. Assistant Medical Examiner Gary Collins confirmed that the woman, 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar (below right), died from the abortion due to Gosnell and his staff’s medical incompetence in terms of administering a proper amount of anesthesia rather than her dying of some other cause. Read More

Gosnell Attorney Tries to Hide Evidence He Killed Woman in Abortion The Kermit Gosnell murder trial opened Tuesday with a heated dispute over the prosecution’s toxicology expert witness that soon degenerated into a loud shouting match between defense attorney Jack McMahon and Judge Jeffery Minehart, who ordered McMahon to sit down. According to a local news report, minutes after the argument between McMahon and Judge Minehart, McMahon exchanged angry words with prosecutor Joanne Pescatore in the hallway outside the courtroom that also escalated to the point of shouting. Read More

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and PBS Ignore Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors The liberal media know an abortion outrage when they hear it. Sadly, they only seem to hear them from the mouths of Republican candidates, and it only takes a statement to outrage the press. Can’t they find a single abortion outrage inside an abortion clinic? Such is their radicalism that nothing, absolutely nothing regarding this gruesome procedure raises their eyebrows, never mind their ire. One emerging story proves the degree to which our “objective” media’s views on abortion are dogmatic and extreme. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial in Philadelphia, and not just for killing babies outside the womb, but also for killing a mother through reckless use of anesthesia. Network TV coverage of the trial? Read More

Michelle Obama Aide Becomes Florida Planned Parenthood CEO A former aide to pro-abortion First lady Michelle Obama has become the CEO of the Florida affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Stephanie A. Marshall is also the former communications director at the U.S. Health and Human Services and will now become the new president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Collier County. See succeeds Char Wendel, who is leaving at the end of March. Read More

Mom With Tumor Credits Her Unborn Baby With Saving Her Life From the UK comes the kind of heartwarming story that shows the preciousness of human life. When Jane Heffey began to experience heavy bleeding associated with her 20 week pregnancy, she found out from her physicians that she had a tumor on her cervix. Heffey’s unborn baby was putting pressure on her cervix as her child grew in her womb and that pressure was causing the substantial bleeding. Read More

Obamacare Funnels $75 Million to Planned Parenthood to Push Sex on Kids While the White House says sequestration has eliminated funds for children touring the White House, President Obama has no problem spending $350 million federal tax dollars for sexual indoctrination programs starting in kindergarten for those same children. This is not your grandmother’s sex education about how things work and what can go “wrong.” In fact, the exact opposite is the essence of the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP): Obamacare funnels $75 million annually into PREP, which must be used exclusively for Planned Parenthood-style “comprehensive” sex ed programs where no type of sex is wrong and the only sexual behavior PP considers “unsafe” is becoming pregnant. Read More

Virginity is a Sacred Choice, Not a Shameful Status Our society is obsessed with talking about sex, regardless if you’re having it or not. Take for instance the recent March cover of People magazine, which featured the title, “Bachelor’s Sean & Catherine, Waiting for Our Wedding night.” To make things a bit clearer, they added below the title, “No sex until ‘I do.’” The cover may intrigue those who scratch their heads, wondering in earnest why anyone would (gasp) wait to have sex. I’m not a fan of The Bachelor. Twenty-plus girls making out with one guy who professes his love to multiple ladies isn’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I think it’s interesting that America is so intrigued by Sean’s “born-again virgin” status. Read More

Pro-Abortion Actress Ashley Judd Not Running for Kentucky Senate Seat Ashley Judd, a pro-abortion actress, is no longer considering a Senate bid against the pro-life senator who is the leader of Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Read More

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CWA @ the March for Marriage!

by Concerned Women for America:

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March for Marriage 2013 Draws Over 10,000 Supporters

by Bethany Monk: About 15,000 people swarmed the streets of Washington, D.C., Tuesday to march in support of God’s design for marriage.

“This (turnout) shows that Americans are realizing that they are going to have to stand up and make their voices heard to take a stand for the definition of marriage,” Thomas Peters, communications director for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), told CitizenLink.

The march, sponsored by NOM, took place the same day the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments in cases challenging a federal law and a California marriage amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Read More

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pro-Life News, March 26, 2013

Kermit Gosnell Drugged Women Having Abortions, Left Them for Hours Monday, testimony resumed in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial with a state inspector testifying about what she found inside Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” abortion clinic in West Philadelphia where he conducted his late-term abortion business for decades without inspection or accountability. Elinor Barsony, a Pennsylvania Department of Health employee, told the court that in 2010, she conducted the first inspection of Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society abortion clinic since the early 1990s. What she found there was appalling. Read More

North Dakota Governor Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed three pro-life bills this morning, including one that would ban most abortions in the state. Dalrymple acknowledged a court battle is expected and asked state legislators to set aside funds to pay for the expenses. The governor’s office released the following statement on the bills he signed. Read More

North Dakota Now First State to Ban Abortions Based on Down Syndrome With the governor’s signature on the ban today, North Dakota has become the first state to ban abortions based on genetic “defects” like Down Syndrome. When diagnosed before birth, such genetic abnormalities prompt couples to have abortions 90 percent of the time. The state legislature approved the measure and Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed it today. Read More

Husband of Chinese Woman Forced to Abort at Seven Months Speaks Out The husband of a woman brutally forced to have an abortion at seven months of pregnancy is speaking out about what happened. As LifeNews reported yesterday, the graphic photograph of a of an aborted 7-month boy is widely circulating among Chinese people on the Internet following a horrifying forced abortion that took place on Friday. Read More

Ex-NARAL Prez Blames Pro-Lifers for Gosnell Snipping Babies’ Necks As we approached the trial of Kermit Gosnell, NRL News Today not only offered loads of background explaining why the West Philadelphia abortionist would be on trial on eight counts of murder, we also talked about how (hard as it would be to believe) that the Abortion Establishment would somehow turn a man accused by prosecutors of slitting the necks of viable unborn babies aborted alive into a kind of martyr. Or, put a different way, that Kermit Gosnell exists and did what he allegedly did not because he cared only for money and was indifferent to the health of women but because—you guessed it—of pro-lifers. Read More

HHS Mandate Draws More Opposition Than Any Obama Admin Policy A new report indicates the controversial pro-abortion HHS mandate has drawn more opposition than any other federal government regulation. A report in The Hill indicates the Obama administration’s rule requiring businesses and organizations to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions has received input from more than 147,000 people — with most of them opposing the mandate. Read More

Company With Motto “Honor God in All We Do” Sues Over HHS Mandate All their corporate offices display a document that reflects their core value, “Honor God in all we do by serving our customers and employees with honesty and integrity.” Karen and Rod Mersinos’ business success is an example of the fruits of hard work and their Christian faith. Rod began as an hourly wage construction worker. He and Karen placed a second mortgage on their home to start their first company which ultimately grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise with 184 employees. Read More

Judge Dismisses EWTN Lawsuit Against Obama HHS Mandate A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit a Catholic television network filed against the HHS mandate that compel it to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions for its employees. Read More

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Gov. Dalrymple Signed the Strongest Pro-Life Legislation In the United States

by Frank Pavone : Priests for Life has strongly supported the three measures that Governor Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota signed into law today (March 26, 2013). Abortionists should be required have hospital admitting privileges, just as they should be required to observe other measures that they routinely resist, but that fulfill what Roe vs. Wade itself said, namely, that "The State has a legitimate interest in seeing to it that abortion, like any other medical procedure, is performed under circumstances that insure maximum safety for the patient." [410 U.S. 113, 150]

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Crash in the Streets Over Marriage

Brain Burch, CatholicVote: There's a showdown on the streets outside the Supreme Court.

Gay marriage supporters interfered with pro-marriage marchers.

Drag queens are scandalizing children.

This morning police had to separate gay marriage supporters from those marching for marriage as a union of one man, one woman.

CatholicVote is a proud co-sponsor of the first March for Marriage. And CatholicVote staff is on the ground helping to organize volunteers today in Washington D.C.

Inside the Supreme Court, attorneys are arguing in front of the Justices over the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and California's marriage amendment.

With your help, the CatholicVote Legal Action Fund submitted an amicus brief in support of the people of California to pass a constitutional amendment in favor of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

During this Holy Week, marriage itself is on trial. And while the Court is not expected to rule until June, we can influence the public debate as the Justices debate among themselves.

Every child deserves a father and a mother.

Pray for Supreme Court Justices.

And pray for the future of marriage in America.

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‘Gay Marriage’ and Religious Freedom Are Not Compatible

by Erick Erickson, Red State: The kids these days on the right are full of a great libertarian notion that “hey, let’s just get the government out of marriage.”

“Rock on,” say other libertarians.

They then all smugly self-congratulate themselves, pat themselves on the back, and move on to other issues.

What they ignore is that the left will never take marriage out of the hands of the government. The left cannot. But it goes beyond that. The left cannot take marriage out of government because for so long it has been government through which marriages were legitimized to the public and the left must also use government to silence those, particularly the religious, who refuse to play along.

Let’s ignore, for the sake of this post, that the Democracy of the Dead has settled for us that in society marriage should be between a man and woman as the best way to propagate the species.

The left has done an admirable job in secular society making the case that gay marriage merely allows a class of people to be happy and have what everyone else has.

The front on which the gay rights movement has failed is the religious and, in particular in the United States, the Christian front.

From Matthew 19:4-6:“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”The Christian Left would prefer to view Matthew 19 as a passage on divorce, which is discussed. But they willfully ignore Christ’s definition of what a marriage is — one man and one woman united to become one.

As much as many would ignore, obfuscate, or try to confuse the beginning of Matthew 19, Christ makes it very clear. The Creator made a male and a female and the two become one. That is marriage in Christianity, despite what a bunch of progressive Christians who have no use for the Bible would have the world believe.

Therein lies the problem for the gay rights movement.

As long as there are still Christians who actually follow Christ and uphold his word, a vast amount of people around the world — never mind Islam — will never ever see gay marriage as anything other than a legal encroachment of God’s intent.

So those Christians must be silenced. The left exerted a great deal of energy to convince everyone that the gay lifestyle is an alternative form of normal. It then has exerted a great deal of energy convincing people that because the gay lifestyle is just another variation of normal, gay marriage must be normalized.

Meanwhile, those Christians are out there saying it is not normal and are refusing to accept it as normal because of silly God dared to say marriage is a union between a man and woman.

Any Christian who refuses to recognize that man wants to upend God’s order will have to be driven from the national conversation. They will be labeled bigots and ultimately criminals.

Already we have seen florists, bakers, and photographers suffer because they have refused to go along with the cultural shift toward gay marriage. There will be more.

Once the world decides that real marriage is something other than natural or Godly, those who would point it out must be silenced and, if not, punished. The state must be used to do this. Consequently, the libertarian pipe dream of getting government out of marriage can never ever be possible.

Within a year or two we will see Christian schools attacked for refusing to admit students whose parents are gay. We will see churches suffer the loss of their tax exempt status for refusing to hold gay weddings. We will see private businesses shut down because they refuse to treat as legitimate that which perverts God’s own established plan. In some places this is already happening.

Christians should, starting yesterday, work on a new front. While we should not stop the fight to preserve marriage, and we may be willing to compromise on civil unions, we must start fighting now for protections for religious objectors to gay marriage.

Churches, businesses, and individuals who refuse to accept gay marriage as a legitimate institution must be protected as best we can. Those protections will eventually crumble as the secular world increasingly fights the world of God, but we should institute those protections now and pray they last as long as possible.

The left cannot allow Christians to continue to preach the full gospel. We already see this in, of all places, Canada. Gay marriage is incompatible with a religion that preaches that the unrepentant are condemned, even of a sin the world has decided is not one. The religious freedom will eventually be ended through the judiciary. We should work to extend that freedom as long as we can.

Now many of you have read through this and you are shaking your head in denial. “No way this is possible,” you say. But then just a decade ago no one seriously considered gay marriage as possible. And we are already seeing signs we’re headed in this direction. It’s coming. Get ready.

Libertarians will have to decide which they value more — the ability of a single digit percentage of Americans to get married or the first amendment. The two are not compatible.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pro-Life News, March 25, 2013

Jury to Hear How Gosnell Coerced Staff to Help Third-Term Abortions For good reason, most of the focus in the case against Kermit Gosnell has been on how he killed a patient in a failed abortion and “snipped” the spinal cords of babies in late-term live-birth abortions. Now, the jury in the murder trial case may hear about how Gosnell abused his staff, treated and paid them poorly, and coerced them to participate in third-term abortions so they could make more money. Read More

Seven-Month-Old Baby Becomes Victim of Forced Abortion in China The graphic photograph of a of an aborted 7-month boy is widely circulating among Chinese people on the Internet following a horrifying forced abortion that took place on Friday. The forced abortion took place in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province as a woman named Lü, a 33-year-old Chinese woman whose husband reported the case and released the photograph, was victimized. (WARNING, GRAPHIC: The extremely graphic picture can be seen here.) hRead More

MSNBC Talking Head Calls Babies “Things That Might Turn Into Humans” During a recent MSNBC show on abortion, talking head Melissa Harris-Perry made a comment that will surely make people wonder whether she has any grasp on the science behind fetal development. Harris-Perry talked about how much it costs “to have this thing turn into a human” when referring to an unborn baby. Read More

40 Days for Life Concludes With 554 Babies Saved From Abortion Before I take a break from email, I do want to thank you for all you’ve done the past 40 days … and to let you know that we are aware of 554 babies spared from abortion through God’s mercy these past 40 days! Those are 554 stories of children — made in God’s image and likeness — who were so close to becoming another statistic. But because of your prayers, and your courage to be there for their moms, they have life.

Gerald was praying at the vigil in White Plains when somebody walked off with his backpack. But before he could get too concerned about that, he noticed two women heading his way – an older woman and a younger one. The older woman told him they had driven two hours from upstate New York. The young woman had an abortion appointment, but now she is “probably going to have the baby.” She asked Gerald for information about pregnancy services.

That information, of course, was in Gerald’s backpack. But he passed along two pro-life pregnancy hotline numbers that he knew, as well as the web address of the Sisters of Life.
The young woman was smiling and said “God bless you” as Gerald waved good-bye. He said he’d been praying about the missing backpack, but “God responded with a much greater blessing!”

Floyd in Kalispell says two babies were saved from abortion. In both cases, the mothers are 16-year-old girls. One of these young women arrived at the abortion center with her mother, her aunt and one of her mother’s friends. Inside, the girl had an ultrasound exam.  The technician was telling her that she had a “tissue growth” that they could take care of for her. At that point, the girl’s aunt snatched the sonogram printout from the technician’s hand. “Look at this ultrasound!” She said. “It’s a baby!” “The aunt convinced the young lady that it was in her best interest to have the baby,” said Floyd. “All the ladies left the clinic and haven't been seen since. We have heard that the young lady went to the pregnancy center with her aunt -- and all is well.” Read More

Campaign April 8th Will Help Abortion Clinic Workers Quit Jobs Abby Johnson made national headlines when she resigned from her position as a clinic director at Planned Parenthood. She explains that she began working there because she genuinely wanted to help women and make a difference. Though she was initially pro-choice, that all changed when she was made to observe a 13-week abortion. She saw the baby fight for his life before he was killed, and with that, her heart was changed. She quit shortly thereafter, causing a firestorm of controversy. Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies demonized her; pro-lifers applauded her. Since then, she’s worked as a pro-life educator, public speaker, and author. Read More

Here Comes Obamacare’s “Expected Life Years” Rationing The researchers are busy creating computer models and testing hypotheses to see if they can predict mortality accurately–as a way, I suspect, of justifying health care rationing. My concern was heightened by a study just published as a letter in the March 6 Journal of the American Medical Association, in which the authors claim that they were able to predict likely mortality 10-years out.
Read More

Company With Motto “Honor God in All We Do” Sues Over HHS Mandate All their corporate offices display a document that reflects their core value, “Honor God in all we do by serving our customers and employees with honesty and integrity.” Karen and Rod Mersinos’ business success is an example of the fruits of hard work and their Christian faith. Rod began as an hourly wage construction worker. He and Karen placed a second mortgage on their home to start their first company which ultimately grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise with 184 employees. Read More

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FOX News: Trial of Kermit Gosnell

by SBA List: FOX News correspondent Molly Henneberg discusses the ongoing trial of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous Philadelphia abortionist charged with murdering seven newborn babies and one young woman in a botched abortion due to overdose of anesthesia. Gosnell killed the babies with scissors after they had been born.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Public school performs gay play mocking Bible and Christ's Birth

Drew Zahn, WND News: A public charter school in Massachusetts turned a deaf ear to protests last week and followed through with performing a pro-homosexual play that mocks the Bible and has been blasted as “blasphemous.”

Students from the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School, or PVPA – which serves 400 pupils, grades 7-12, in South Hadley, Mass. – on March 15-17 performed the controversial play, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”

A 1998 Paul Rudnick comedy that had a run in theaters in New York City, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” alters the biblical Book of Genesis to include homosexual couples Adam and Steve and Jane and Mabel in the Garden; as well as a “horny” rhinoceros that tries to seduce men on the Ark; and Mary, the mother of Christ, arguing she can’t be pregnant, because she’s a lesbian “bull-dyke.”

A New England theater guide, The Theater Mirror, in a glowing review, further explains the play “gets so specific as to be a gay how-to sexbook” and summarizes it as “a goofy gay romp with a serious sting in its tale.”

News of the play’s pending performance prompted protests from several sectors, including students, parents and even the president of the school’s board of trustees, who said he seconded a student opinion that the play is disrespectful to Christianity.

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Mass., however, was even more blunt. According to The Springfield Republican, the Most Rev. Timothy A. McDonnell responded through a spokesman: “I didn’t know it was the responsibility of charter schools to teach religious bigotry.”

Within the community, crowds of protesters showed up at the performances, including Noreen Beebe of Northampton, Mass., who told the Republican she was “insulted” that taxpayer money is being used mock Scripture. “It breaks my heart to see a public school doing a parody of the Bible,” Beebe said.

Pam Rys of Ludlow told the newspaper said she considers the play “hate speech in the form of art.”

The play’s director, however, argued, “It’s not a play that bashes religion, but it does make fun of some religious attitudes.”

During a rehearsal leading up to the performance, he clarified, “Although it’s full of jokes – some of them at the expense of religious fundamentalism – the play, is, at its heart, a thoughtful investigation of the meaning of faith and family.”

William Newman, director of the Western Massachusetts office of the American Civil Liberties Union, also defended the play, stating, “The highest function of art is to make people think and talk and consider and be challenged. This play seems to fill the aspirations and goals of art.”

According to WWLP-TV, in Springfield, Mass., PVPA Head of School Scott Goldman said he had been bombarded with emails and phone calls alleging the play was “blasphemous and hateful,” but that the show would go on. “While we have no control over whether organizations from other states decide to protest the show, it is clear to me that many of the most recent emails are attempts to coerce PVPA into canceling the play,” Goldman told the station.

“Allowing this to happen would very much go against the grain of our unique, artistic and intellectually rigorous PVPA community, and the larger Pioneer Valley community.”

Goldman conceded that while the play may not be appropriate for younger audiences, he believes it suitable for high-school aged students.

Indeed, the play did go on, even over a the objections of a crowd of roughly 50 protesters who reportedly gathered on opening night.

According to minutes of a school-trustee meeting held earlier this month, the board intends to discuss in the future the process of how plays are selected to be performed by the students.

It’s not just schools that are bringing homosexuality into biblical stories. Some churches themselves are.

As WND reported, a Christian church in America’s heartland redefined the birth of Jesus story, as its living Nativity scene in December 2010 featured two women instead of a man and a women starring as Joseph and Mary.

“It’s not very groundbreaking at all to use the youngest baby in the congregation to play the role of Jesus. The parents just happened to be two women,” said Rev. Linda Butler, pastor of St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. “They were playing the role of the Holy Family, not necessarily Mary and Joseph. We never referred to the moms as Mary and Joseph. We referred to them as the Holy Family.”
Drew Zahn is a WND news editor who cut his journalist teeth as a member of the award-winning staff of Leadership, Christianity Today's professional journal for church leaders. A former pastor, he is the editor of seven books, including Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching & Teaching, which sparked his ongoing love affair with film and his weekly WND column, "Popcorn and a (world)view."

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Day 40 - 40 Days for Life

Today, the 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign came to an end. Although I could not be with all the wonderful people who stood, prayed, shared outside of abortion centers, I could pray and vicariously live through the shared reports from Shawn Carney and others. The photos shared over time were fantastic. May God greatly bless your efforts and prayers that were shared 40 Days for Life with the desire of your hearts - the decline and elimination of abortions. And may God have mercy on our country for the sinful practice of abortion carried out in our nation. ~ Dr. Bill Smith, Editor
Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life:  I just got home from closing events in Wisconsin ... where they fed me fried cheese curds (look it up if you aren't aware of these) and bratwurst. But the highlight was meeting a mom who chose life for her baby during a previous 40 Days for Life campaign ... and now goes out to pray at the vigil!

Today is Day 40, and I have just one story -- a very powerful story.
I’ll keep her identity and location confidential … but here’s the story, in her own words, of how hearts are changing ... one at a time.
I found out five weeks ago that I was pregnant.

My immediate reaction was -- have the baby. The pregnancy was unplanned, and the father of that child-to-be was no longer a part of my life. The morning after I found out I was pregnant, I started realizing what bringing a child into this world would mean for ME and MY life and MY future. I wasn't thinking about the life being created inside of me.
I started thinking about abortion.

I have always been pro-choice, and most of the people in my life are as well. When I told the father, he said he could not have a baby -- but he would pay for the abortion. When I started telling other people about my situation, most said I would be insane to have the baby. Logically, I felt like they were right. I am in no position currently to raise a child.But in my heart, I knew having an abortion would scar me forever.

I made an appointment for a medical abortion at Planned Parenthood for the following week. Giving birth to a child would certainly change my life, and I knew I wasn't ready for that. But I started researching what my options were.

If I had the baby, I could keep it or give it up for adoption and give a family the greatest gift of their lives. And I started considering how an abortion would affect me. I knew I would regret it and never forgive myself.

I decided to have the baby and cancelled my appointment at Planned Parenthood; but I didn't tell many people because they would think I was crazy and try to discourage me. I felt so good about my decision.

I started reading “Unplanned,” by Abby Johnson.
[Note: Abby is the former director of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in College Station, Texas, who quit her job after witnessing an ultrasound-guided abortion. She is now involved in pro-life outreach.]

About a week and a half after I found out I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage. I was devastated. I didn't realize how excited I was about the life growing inside of me until it was no longer there. This has been one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. But I realized through it how wrong abortion is. I want everyone to know this too!

I stopped reading the book when I had the miscarriage, but I just picked it up again a couple days ago.

I want to get involved in a big way. I want to help women with their decision. I want them to know they would not be crazy to have a baby, even if they can't be the ones to raise it. What can I do to help your cause?
Today's closing devotional is from Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life:
Every activity we undertake in defense of the sanctity of life is prophetic, inasmuch as it points to the day when "death will be no more."

Every victory we have when an act of abortion is prevented is prophetic of that day when death itself will be definitively conquered.

Every triumph of grace in this world, whereby someone is brought to see the value of life and given the strength to welcome it, is a breaking into our history of that definitive future in which the old order of things will have passed, and all things will be made new.

As pro-life warriors, we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven, and our hearts secure in the hope that the day is coming when all evil will be conquered.

It is the future that shapes the present; it is victory that informs the battle; it is the destination that determines the journey.

Daily, we are called to reflect on heaven.

When we weep, we are to think of the day when every tear will be wiped away.

When we face the destructive power of death, we are to think of the day when death is swallowed up in victory.

When we labor against abortion, we are to think of the day when we will have the rest and peace of the final triumph of life.

Heaven is as real as earth, and its joys will be as real as our present sorrows.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rejoice No Apportions At Some Locations - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Day 39 was frigid in Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday for a closing event that included a march outside the hospital that does abortions in that city.

It’s a cause for rejoicing when 40 Days for Life volunteers learn that no abortions are scheduling during a day the facility is usually open – or even for a whole week. Or even longer in at least one case.
One location that had no abortions this week was a notorious late-term facility in Maryland.

“Two more lives were spared from abortion,” said Andrew in Germantown. “Praise God!”

He also noted that abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who works at the facility where the 40 Days for Life vigil is conducted on the sidewalk outside, had not been seen. “So, no abortions at all this week in Germantown,” he said. “What a great way to end our campaign!”
Vigil participants say they’ve noticed that a particular abortion center employee has not been seen at work in more than four weeks.

“Please pray,” Andrew said, “that she no longer works at Germantown Reproductive Health Services and has found employment outside of the abortion industry.”

There have been no abortions in 40 weeks at the Planned Parenthood location in Columbia where volunteers pray in the public right-of-way outside. Planned Parenthood simply hasn’t been able to find anyone to do abortions there!

“How awesome is our God and what wondrous signs He gives us,” said Kathy in Columbia.

She also mentioned a man who stopped to speak with one of the volunteers. “He said 23 years ago, he encouraged his girlfriend to have an abortion. She refused. The baby was born by C-section--he held his baby as he cried. He could not believe that he had wanted her to abort his own child.”

The man gave the volunteer a donation – two dollars. It may have been his lunch money.

“This man has such a priceless treasure -- a child -- and he gave us his widow's mite,” Kathy said. “People ask us why we stand on the sidewalk. I think you know why.”

Cecelia in Lansing shares the story of Ken, who noticed no one had signed up to pray one evening between 6 and 8. The Michigan State basketball game against Big Ten rival Indiana was going on – but he chose instead to go pray.

At the end of his two hours, two young women drove up. "Is there where they do abortions?" the driver said. "Are you thinking about having an abortion?" Ken replied. "Yes," she said. "Do you know what they do with the fetuses?"

“That's when I told her that we raise alpacas,” Ken said. “Well, we raise them for breeding and when we find out one is bred we celebrate. And the mother protects the alpaca carefully. If she loses one, she goes there and stands in the same spot to grieve.

He said a quick prayer to the Holy Spirit and showed the woman a flyer describing stages of the baby’s growth and when the heartbeat begins.

She started to cry. As tears were streaming down, “I gave her the phone numbers of the various pregnancy clinics,” Ken said. “I told her that something so precious and valuable as a baby alpaca doesn't compare at all with a child."

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pro-Life News, March 22, 2013

Democrats Defeat Cruz Amendment to Repeal Pro-Abortion Obamacare On the third anniversary of the passage of President Obama’s controversial pro-abortion health care bill, Democrats defeated an amendment to repeal Obamacare. Sen Ted Cruz, a pro-life Republican from Texas, filed an amendment to the budget bill to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to provide for the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 and to encourage patient-centered reforms to improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs. Read More

Senate Votes to Reaffirm the Pro-Abortion Obama HHS Mandate Members of the Senate voted today on a mostly party-line vote to reaffirm the controversial HHS mandate, that compels religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs despite their religious or moral objections. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a pro-abortion Democrat from New Hampshire, filed an amendment to reaffirm the HHS mandate authorized under the Obamacare health care law. That amendment passed on a 56-43 vote (see below). Read More

Senate Democrats Vote Against Conscience Protections From HHS Mandate Senate Democrats voted on Friday against an amendment from pro-life Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska to the budget that would offer Americans conscience protections from the controversial HHS mandate. The amendment would establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to protect women’s access to health care, including primary and preventive care, but in a manner consistent with protecting rights of conscience. Read More

Black Pro-Lifers: Race No Defense to Gosnell Snipping Babies’ Necks Black pro-life leaders are upset that the attorney for Kermit Gosnell is using his race, as an African-American, as a defense for the abortion practitioner against multiple charges that he killed babies by “snipping” their necks and spinal cords. They say they are upset the defense attorney for the Philadelphia abortionist, whose abortion clinic earned the title “Gosnell’s House of Horrors,” has tried to reduce Gosnell’s charges to “prosecutorial lynching.” Read More

North Dakota Passes Personhood Amendment Abortion Ban The North Dakota legislature finalized passage of a personhood amendment that backers claim will lead to banning abortions in North Dakota. However, leading pro-life groups are concerned the measure would only entrench legalized abortion further. The North Dakota House approved the bill 57-35 after the Senate already okayed it. Gov. Jack Dalrymple, a Republican, has not said if he will sign the bill into law. Read More

New Mobile App Has Amazing Pictures of Unborn Babies, Helps Women I recently discovered a mobile app on my Smartphone created by the people at WebMD, a website run by doctors that gives medical and health information. It is still another example of how technology is rendering standard pro-abortion arguments utterly obsolete. The app is called “WebMD Pregnancy,” and it is described as “a free pregnancy app…that delivers trusted health information to expectant moms as well as fun features and tools. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline.” Read More

Planned Parenthood Sponsors 40 Days of Prayer for Legal Abortion Lots of people love the peaceful approach of 40 Days for Life and see how God has used this effort. BUT … it comes as no surprise to find out that not everybody is a fan. There are people in the abortion industry who call this campaign “40 Days of Harassment.” No one is being harassed, of course (except maybe the prayer volunteers). Read More

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