Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crock of Ages: Sebelius Plays Ignorant on Abortion Funds

Tony Perkins, Family Research Center Washington Update: If the White House told insurance execs to "keep quiet" about ObamaCare, they certainly listened when it came to abortion coverage. Yesterday, even the boss of the entire system, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, managed a surprised expression when Congressman John Shimkus (R-Ill.) asked her why the agency was hiding coverage details from pro-lifers. Without skipping a beat, the HHS chief insisted she didn't know what she so clearly knew in 2009, which is that ObamaCare is the biggest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion in U.S. history.

"I can't tell you what I don't know firmly right now," Sebelius said. "... I will get that information." Are we really supposed to believe that one of the most zealous abortion supporters in the Obama administration doesn't know which plans cover the procedure she's spent so much of her career advocating? That a woman who fought for late-term abortions in Kansas (and threw a Governor's mansion party for the criminal performing them) would be in the dark after three years about whether the network she oversees is covering her pet cause? Give me a break.

Meanwhile, FRC's Anna Higgins, whose new column confirmed what Sebelius would not, made such a splash in the media that D.C. officials called FRC to clarify their stance! In the piece, Anna, a resident of DC, talks about calling the exchange programs in the District and asking if their plans cover abortion. "Yes," they all replied, because it's listed as an "essential benefit" under ObamaCare. "So, there's nothing I can do?" Anna asked. "I'm going to have to pay for abortion no matter what?" "Yes," the woman told her.

Just hours after Anna's piece started lighting up the web, a representative from the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange called Anna and profusely apologized for the "incorrect information" (which, interestingly enough, had been confirmed by every coverage supervisor Anna spoke to). He told her that all of Aetna private plans on the exchange are pro-life, as well as four other multi-state plans. Elective abortion coverage, he emphasized, is not -- as Anna had been told -- an "essential benefit." The office was so intent on correcting their mistake that it even tweeted pro-lifers on the #BeTransparent hashtag to get everyone's attention -- even including a link to the updated FAQs on the website.

But just because there are pro-life plans in the District doesn't mean there aren't pro-abortion plans funded by taxpayers like you and me. The good news is that pro-lifers have choices, but the bad news is that those same pro-lifers are still funding abortion in the 27 states that haven't opted out of abortion insurance. As nice as it would be to wall off the states that block abortion coverage, the reality is that the government's money goes into a big health care pot that's parceled out to all the states. That means a pro-lifer in Alabama may be funding abortions in Rhode Island -- even if their own legislature outlawed it.

At the very least, Americans deserve to know which plans cover the procedure before they enroll. That's the kind of clarification that Rep. Shimkus asked for -- but never got -- from Secretary Sebelius. And let's face it: the onus shouldn't be on citizens to force the government to comply with its law on taxpayer-funded abortion, it should be on HHS. (And don't forget, funds are sure to flow to abortion through those "community health centers" too.)

If Secretary Sebelius won't be forthcoming, Congress will be. To call the administration's bluff, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) filed a bill, The Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act, that demands HHS provide all the insurance details to exchange shoppers up front. He understands that when it comes to ObamaCare, what you don't know can hurt you -- and hundreds of thousands of unborn children too. Contact your congressman and ask him to cosponsor Smith's bill!

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Pro-Life News, Oct. 31, 2013

Sixteen States Tell Supreme Court: Uphold Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks A group of 16 states have filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court this week that encourage the high court to reverse a federal appeals court decision overturning a ban the state of Arizona passed to ban abortions after 20 weeks because unborn children feel pain. The states are among the parties that filed briefs asking the high court to reverse a U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision against an Arizona law restricting non-emergency abortions after 20 weeks. Arizona legislators enacted the law based on evidence that shows children experience pain beginning at least at that stage and that women can experience increased physical risk and significant psychological trauma from late-term abortions. Read More

Pro-Lifers Set Up Hundreds of Crosses at U.S. Capitol to Remember Aborted Babies The lawn outside the U.S. Capitol has been adorned with hundreds of crosses to remember the 56 million babies abortion has victimized since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Today, Students for Life of America and the Christian Defense Coalition are holding the “Exposing the Abortion Trifecta” activism event and press conference on Capitol Hill. The activism event includes a display of 915 “Pink” crosses on the lawn of the Capitol Building. The 915 crosses honor the 915 preborn babies Planned Parenthood aborts daily nationwide. Read More

Baby Samuel: Only Alive for 24 Hours But Every Hour Was a Blessing Baby Samuel was the recipient of prayers from tens of thousands of people in the last 24-48 hours. The tiny baby from Charleston, South Carolina Polycystic Kidney Disease, whom doctors diagnosed after he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Doctors told Samuel’s mother and father the baby would die within five minutes of the umbilical cord being cut. Life in the womb had safely kept her baby alive. From there, it was truly in God’s hands. Read More

Mother Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gave Birth, Threw Baby in Dumpster The rash of infanticides Americans are seeing across the country continues — this time in Wisconsin. According to a local media report, a 33-year-old woman who did not know she was pregnant gave birth, wrapped the baby in a plastic bag and threw the infant in the dumpster. WSAW has more information on what happened. Read More

Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks Heads to the Senate A long-time pro-life member of the Senate will introduce a bill next week that bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth. In June, the House approved the legislation and the vote for the bill broke down on mostly partisan lines with Republicans supporting the ban on late-term abortions and Democrats opposing it. Leading pro-life organizations issued statements praising the House for the vote. Read More

Chinese Village on “Lockdown” After Couple Reveals Officials Abducted Their “Illegal” Baby The Chinese people have been dealing with a wide range of human rights abuses associated with the one-child policy in China. Whether it’s forced abortions or sterilizations, loses of jobs or government benefits, labor camps, prison sentences or home detention — those who violate the policy have illegal children face the kind of ramifications most people will never experience who have a child anywhere else in the world. Now, because a couple in one village dared to speak out about how family planning officials confiscated their “illegal” child, their entire village is on lockdown. Read More

Sebelius Hosted Event for Late-Term Abortionist, Yes She Knows if Obamacare Funds Abortions Yesterday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and testified under oath that she did not know if Obamacare paid for abortions. Can we seriously believe that? We know Sebelius to be a radical abortion activist who, as Kansas Governor, invested the better part of her two terms covering up criminal abortions and blocking legislation that would have supplied oversight to abortionists who were running amok over the health and safety of women. Read More

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DAY 37: It's Getting Cold! - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Autumn usually means beautiful days and crisp evenings. But during the last week of the campaign, it can get downright chilly in many North American locations - with some already getting snow!

Of course, weather has never deterred faithful volunteers from going to the vigil and warming the front lines with the love of Christ.
Colorado Springs, Colorado: At the invitation of Catholic Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, 40 Days for Life national director David Bereit was keynote speaker at a large respect life dinner with 700 attendees.

During his talk, David encouraged the guests to join him on the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center … and more than 100 people braved the chilly mountain air to participate in a 40 Days for Life candlelight vigil.

The campaign itself has seen many blessings. "A few days ago, we learned of a young, pregnant woman who was in need of a place to live," said Michele in Colorado Springs. "Numerous families came forward wanting to help and offer their homes." This reminded her of the early Christians and how they gave all they had to help others less fortunate. "God is bringing us back to the basics," she said, "loving and taking care of each other, and it is truly beautiful to see!"

Calgary, Alberta: One of the volunteers in Calgary had a chance to show the warmth of Christ's love to a man who sounded like he really needed it.

She was praying on the sidewalk with a sign that read "you are loved" when a truck pulled over ... and a man started cursing at her. "So all life is precious?" he bellowed.

"Yes," the volunteer answered.

"Even an unwanted kid in foster care who is facing a lifetime of poverty?" he shouted back.

"Yes. Absolutely," she responded. "Their life is precious."

He continued cursing while he questioned her. "The abused? Children conceived by rape? Children whose parents use drugs? The unwanted? The neglected? Are they all precious?"

"I couldn't stop smiling as he questioned me because it felt like he was preaching a sermon," she said. "After each scenario, I answered affirmatively. YES, the disabled! YES, the unplanned! YES! Amen and amen! Each life is indeed precious."

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pro-Life News, Oct. 30, 2013

Sebelius: “I Don’t Know” if Americans Forced to Fund Abortions Under Obamacare HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Congress today she didn’t know if Obamacare health care plans force Americans to pay for abortions, despite evidence that many plans will force enrollees to fund abortions. Although Americans will definitely fund abortions under Obamacare, the top health care official didn’t know that was the case. Read More

Obamacare Abortion Coverage Coverup: Demand Sebelius Tell the Truth Ever since the roll out of the healthcare Exchanges at the beginning of October the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a train wreck. Not only does the website not work, but pro-life Americans are unable to identify abortion-free plans on the Exchange. Wednesday October 30, Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the implementation failures of the ACA. Read More

It’s Not Just the Website: Obamacare Funds Abortions, Guts Religious Liberty Moments ago, Secretary Sebelius apologized to Congress…for a malfunctioning website. But the problem is not just the website. The problem is Obamacare itself! Obamacare is a disaster for American families coast to coast. We don’t need a website fix. We need real healthcare reform — starting with an end to Obamacare. Read More

Parents Told Their Disabled Baby Will Live Five Minutes, Hours Later He’s Alive But Needs Prayer I remember each pregnancy like it was yesterday. The first trimester always brought me the most anxiety, if anything was going to happen it was likely to happen then. The second trimester always brought a sigh of relief and, of course, a much needed boost of energy. And the third trimester? Baby showers, busy preparations, excitement and a little, okay maybe a lot of, impatience for the big day. At 34 weeks, I wouldn’t have expected life-changing news. Yet for one woman, currently in a hospital in Charleston, SC, that is exactly what has happened. It is called Polycystic Kidney Disease and her unborn child was diagnosed with it after she was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Read More

Does Obamacare Make Us Pay for Abortions? “I Don’t Know” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius didn’t have many answers today during a Congressional hearing on the abject failure that is Obamacare. When asked about whether or not she could provide Americans with any answers about abortion funding in Obamacare, Sebelius told a congressman, “I don’t know.” Read More

When Doctor Told Mom of New Catholic Bishop He’d be a “Freak,” She Rejected Abortion Freak becomes a bishop. That’s the quick and easy storyline describing the path Father Andrew Cozzens took to becoming the next auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. But, here’s the strange part — the person who called him this name was a doctor. And, he pinned this label on Father Cozzens, called Drew throughout his childhood, without even seeing him. Read More

Planned Parenthood Was Shocked When I Sought the Ultrasound Photo of the Baby I AbortedFor nearly three years after I had an abortion at 6 weeks gestation in February 2009, I had a strong desire to return to the abortion clinic to obtain my records. I hoped to find out something, anything, I could about my first baby, though I honestly don’t know what I thought I would find. I just knew I needed to go. At times, it felt as if this child didn’t really exist because I had nothing tangible declaring he did. What I hoped more than anything else was that they would have an ultrasound photo on record. I remember having an ultrasound before the abortion, but I never saw the screen and I don’t remember them printing anything off. Read More

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Oklahoma Supreme Court Says Pro-Life Law Protecting Women Unconstitutional

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: The Supreme Court of Oklahoma on Tuesday reaffirmed its earlier decision that a law protecting women from dangerous abortion-inducing drugs violates the state Constitution. The ultimate outcome is now up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which could hear the case or let the ruling stand.

"Oklahoma legislators acted to curb the dangerous misuse of life-ending drugs by requiring physicians to follow FDA protocols that better protect women’s lives and health," said Americans United for Life Action (AULA) President Charmaine Yoest. “This decision places women’s lives at risk while siding with an abortion industry bent on pushing women in and out of clinics quickly, without regard to their health or best interests.”

In 2011, state lawmakers passed a law modeled after AULA's "Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act." It requires the abortionist to administer RU-486 only by FDA-approved standards. It also requires the abortionist to determine how far along a woman is in her pregnancy; to rule out ectopic pregnancies; and other factors that might put the woman in danger. . . . The court’s decision is a thinly veiled attempt to shield its original opinion from further review,” Yoest explained. “This kind of legal maneuvering now exposes women to the increased dangers of life-ending drugs when misused by abortion profiteers.” Read More

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It's Not Just The Website

Brain Burch, Catholic Vote: Moments ago, Secretary Sebelius apologized to Congress.

...for a malfunctioning website.

But the problem is not just the website. The problem is Obamacare itself!

Obamacare is a disaster for American families coast to coast. We don’t need a website fix. We need real healthcare reform -- starting with an end to Obamacare.

In her testimony to Congress this morning, Sebelius did her best to best minimize the problems, pledging to fix the website. But no amount of spin can change the nightmare just now beginning.

In just over a year, a third of the Senate and the Congress will face the voters. We must keep the pressure on every elected official. We don’t want a website fix. We want real healthcare reform.

As the country continues to debate the botched rollout, I have included 5 simple reasons to share with your family and friends why Obamacare is bad for America.

Don’t be fooled. Website ‘glitches’ are just the beginning.

1) Taxpayer-funded child killing
When shopping for health care plans, Obamacare's exchanges will not tell you which plans include abortion. And in at least two states (CT and RI), every plan pays for abortions. Only after enrolling in a health care plan will pro-life Americans discover if their insurance plan has a $1 surcharge that goes into a fund that only pays for abortions. Separately, in a shocking report recently released by the research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List, experts estimate that

Obamacare will fund an additional 115,000 elective abortions a year - And this is only the start. Our money is being used to kill children. This is an unspeakable attack on the conscience of every American.

2) Assault on religious liberty
From the founding of our Republic, religious liberty was recognized as our “first freedom.” The freedom to believe in God and follow Him is foundational But with the HHS mandate now in effect, every business owner with more than 50 employees, including thousands of religiously affiliated organizations, are being forced to pay for insurance that covers abortion drugs, contraception, and sterilization. This is just the start. What will they force us to pay for next?

3) An end to privacy
Even the left-wing magazine Mother Jones admits that is vulnerable to attack. Web security experts say the website has a security flaw which would could allow hackers to use “clickjacking” – where invisible links are placed on a legitimate web page. This would allow hackers to grab personal data, like Social Security numbers, putting Americans at risk of identity theft. And this is just the website. Once you turn over all your personal health information to government, you can kiss your privacy goodbye.

4) Slow road to single-payer, socialized medicine
Obamacare is just the latest example of government using a sledgehammer to fix a problem that required a scalpel. When government intervenes, all too often the very problem politicians aim to solve only gets worse. Everyone shares the goal of providing healthcare to the uninsured. Yet, Obamacare will not even accomplish this goal, and will create many more problems in the process.

The so called “glitches” with are a perfect example. A takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy is an enormous undertaking that will inevitably fail… requiring more and more government “fixes” which lead to more and more intervention and problems. It’s a downward spiral and we are watching it unfold before our eyes.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked in August if his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system (single payer means the federal government is the only health insurance provider). His answer? “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

5) Millions losing their current coverage. Lower quality care, fewer doctors, rationing of care
Remember the President's line about if you like your plan, you can keep it? We now know it was a lie -- and he knew it was a lie. The numbers are now rolling in: 800,000 people in New Jersey lost their healthcare plans because of Obamacare. In California, 119,000 people on Blue Shield and 160,000 on Kaiser have to look for new plans. Nationwide the total is 1,492,000 far. That doesn't include Americans who lost their coverage when businesses dropped spousal coverage or dropped coverage for their part-time workers. The White House is finally admitting that the law forces Americans to pay more money to purchase plans that cover more things (even if the customer doesn't want the coverage!). Family budgets are imploding.

Meanwhile, reports are surfacing that doctors are leaving the healthcare profession, or building boutique practices to care for people willing to pay outside of the insurance marketplace. For the rest of us, doctor shortages, rationing of care, and lower quality are next. Don’t believe me? Go visit your local DMV, Post Office, or Social Security Administration office. Now imagine going there with chronic pain or a life threatening illness.

There's a better way. Obamacare is not the answer.

Spread the word.

It’s not just the website. It’s the whole Obamacare law.

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Obamacare and Abortion

Kerby Anderson
by Kerby Anderson, Point of View: Representative Chris Smith says that Americans “deserve to know if their health plan will be subsidizing a culture of death.” He is concerned that now that the state exchanges are online, pro-life citizens may end up supporting abortion because they aren’t able to determine which plans exclude abortion.

The Affordable Care Act requires premium payers to be assessed an abortion surcharge every month to pay for abortions. Pro-life Americans “may unwittingly purchase pro-abortion plans because of a marketing secrecy clause embedded in Obamacare.” They may only discover it at the time of enrollment, and that is assuming that are able to read and understand the fine print.

Representative Smith believes that pro-life citizens should know what they are purchasing. They should not be misled by this highly deceptive practice. They should know before they sign up whether their premiums are funding abortion on demand.

That is why he and other members of Congress have introduced the Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (HR 3279). The bill requires information “regarding either inclusion or exclusion of abortion coverage as well as the existence of an abortion surcharge to be prominently displayed in all marketing or advertising materials.”

These last few weeks have illustrated why this is so important. Go on the government website. If you are able to get to the description of policies, you will discover that there is no explanation of abortion coverage. The official word is that you would have to wait until you pick a plan before you could find out if it covers abortion. That’s not how the government website should work.

Pro-life Americans should not have to spend so much time to discover whether their premiums might go to a procedure for which they have moral objections. We live in a society where we believe that people have a right to know how their money is spent. We expect full disclosure in most areas of our lives. Pro-life citizens need to have this information so their dollars don’t go to support abortion.

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DAY 36: Here Come The Protesters - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Only a few 40 Days for Life locations are "blessed" with active opposition. However, when it does happen, it really isn't a surprise. After all, Christ did alert us to the prospects of persecution when we act in His name.

Here are a few instances in which 40 Days for Life volunteers are responding to protesters ... with grace and love.

Columbia, Missouri: It appeared that Planned Parenthood was trying to organize a protest that would coincide with a 40 Days for Life rally on the sidewalk outside. But it didn't exactly work out the way they'd hoped.
There's a fairly regular protester in Columbia. She arrived right at the start of the 5 pm event and started to make phone calls.

"Very quickly," said Kathy in Columbia, "Planned Parenthood workers were sent out with signs to stand in a place across the driveway from us."

As soon as the hour ended, the Planned Parenthood protesters left the sidewalk and gathered for their group picture. And then they left.

The 40 Days for Life event that was going on at the same time was a totally different story. "I've got to tell you," Kathy said, "having the young people on the sidewalk was one of the best parts of the rally. The sight of all of our dear friends ... was something I will always cherish.”

Halifax, Nova Scotia: A few demonstrators from the "Womyn's Centre" at a local university turned out to protest the 40 Days for Life vigil in Halifax.

"Thankfully, the protesters were civil and polite," said Julie, the 40 Days for Life leader in Halifax, "and the police cooperated by coming to survey the scene as things were getting underway. The protesters stayed for about four hours, and each hour we had more people praying than there were protesters."

The 40 Days for Life vigil continued with prayer for the babies ... the mothers ... and yes, the protesters. "God can change hearts," Julie said, "even of the most hardened protester."

Dallas, Texas: The Dallas vigil was visited by around 15 pro-abortion protesters. "We have a great relationship with the police," said Lauren in Dallas, "so they asked the protesters to stay on the sidewalk across the busy road from the vigil site."
The protesters shouted at the teens who were praying outside the abortion center during a Dallas campaign youth day event. But Lauren said group leaders were able to use the distraction as a teaching moment.

"In addition, several of our folks went to talk to the protesters," she said, "and I really pray they were able to plant some seeds."

Here's today's devotional from Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans for Life.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pro-Life News - Oct. 29, 2013

Obama’s Political Group Behind Opposition to Late-Term Abortion Ban in New Mexico Operation Rescue has learned that the pro-abortion Respect ABQ Women Coalition, which is the main opposition to the Albuquerque “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance,” is actually an affiliate of Pres. Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action,” which encourages activism for radical leftist causes. The two groups are working together under the banner of “Stand With Women,” which is coordinating a national effort against the municipal ordinance through Read More

Texas Law Wendy Davis Filibustered Goes Into Effect Today, Bans Abortions After 20 Weeks Abortion activist Wendy Davis was unsuccessful in her bid to stop a pro-life law in Texas that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Despite her efforts to keep abortions legal in the Lone State State up to the day of birth and a destructive mob bent on keeping late-term abortions in place, Texas lawmakers sided with unborn children. Today, that law will go into effect that will protect unborn children in Texas who are capable of feeling pain. Read More

Obamacare Rules Force Pregnant Woman Off Her Health Insurance Plan During the 2012 presidential elections, abortion activists and the Obama campaign concocted all sorts of phony “War on Women” stories to make it appear pro-life organizations and pro-life candidates somehow didn’t care about women. Now that the election is done and Obamacare is in place, the real perpetrator of the War on Women is getting exposed. Exhibit A is Jennifer Harris of California, who is three months pregnant, is losing her current insurance thanks to the Obamacare rules. Read More

Toddler Nearly Beaten to Death, Abandoned by Her Mother at a Motel In Montgomery county, just outside Houston, Texas, Lisa Martinez got a desperate call from her 19-year-old son Gregory, who was with his 23-month-old daughter at a nearby Motel 6. When Lisa arrived, Gregory led her to the bathtub, where the baby was lying, barely conscious. Lisa picked her up and discovered a severe blow to the baby’s head. Read More

Mom Who Birthed Baby in Bar Bathroom, Stuffed Body in a Toilet to Face Trial The mother involved in the brutal murder of a newborn baby boy will face trial. A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman is headed to court after she gave birth to a baby boy in the restroom of a sports bar in Allentown, suffocated him, then stuffed his body in a toilet tank before returning to the bar to finish watching a wrestling match in her bloodied clothes. Read More

Mechanics Find Toddler Force to Live in Car Trunk, Parents Face Prison Time Parents in France face prison time after officials discovered they had subjected their toddler to living in the trunk of a vehicle. Authorities discovered a an underfed and dehydrated baby girl who had been forced to live hidden in the trunk of the car, possibly since birth. An AFP report on the girl suggests she was anywhere between 15 and 23 months-old and she was found when mechanics in Terrasson were working on the vehicle. The report says police were contacted when a mechanic heard “bizarre noises, like moans” coming from the vehicle’s trunk and the mechanic discovered the little girl, naked, inside and lying in her own feces. Read More

Army Secretary Halts Training Programs That Called Pro-Lifers a “Radical” Threat A mother in Missouri and her baby are both healthy after a rare and undiscovered ectopic pregnancy. Jonna Snodgrass, 36, delivered Jatelyn Snodgrass at Heartland Regional Medical Center’s New Beginnings Unit earlier this month. Doctorsdiscovered the baby girl was ectopic and didn’t implant in the uterus. Read More

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Love Forever

Silent Not More Campaign: The common thread that runs through most these testimonies is that of feelings of shame and total unworthiness to be forgiven and set free from the burden of guilt we carry. The part of the story that you rarely get to hear is the confession we all make to our children concerning our decision to abort them. In many of the post abortion healing programs those who attend are given an opportunity to name their child or children and write to them or about them. This is part of my letter to our son Ben.

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Fall 2013: Medical Students for Life Tour

Medical Students for Life of America is proud to announce our 2013 Spring Medical Students for Life Tour! We will be traveling to medical schools across the country with pro-life doctors who will provide medically-accurate lectures on issues such as perinatal hospice, embryo adoption, counseling patients with an medical ethics, things you should know as a pro-life ObGyn, and conscience rights. Partnering with doctors from around the country, we will be working with Medical students to prepare them for a career as a pro-life physician. Every lecture will either be live broadcast or recorded and available at More information and tour dates.

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DAY 35: Huge Impact In England - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: When 40 Days for Life first arrived in the UK, pro-abortion forces were convinced it was "too American" and this "Texas-based" concept would never take root in England.

Well, the evidence seems to suggest that the critics miscalculated both the faith in England ... and the courage of the man who now serves as our international outreach director, Robert Colquhoun.

When Robert visited Canada a few years ago, he was introduced to 40 Days for Life -- and brought the campaign back to his home in England.

Since leading the first campaign in London, Robert has been instrumental in 40 Days for Life's expansion across Great Britain. He's also been featured in major media such as the Guardian and the BBC.

Here is a fresh report from Robert:

London, England: Every time a 40 Days for Life campaign has been run in London, we see the same results: lives saved that would have otherwise been aborted, tangible help offered to women and prayer making a huge difference in communities, helping to build a growing consciousness of the humanity of the unborn child.

We have heard a beautiful story of one of the saves from the Ealing campaign ... a mother who gave birth to twins last week. Amazing! We are also delighted that pro-abortion advocates in London have been referencing 40 Days for Life in their fundraising this autumn. This is the number one indicator that we are having a huge impact and is a clear sign of desperation!

Leeds, England: I had the privilege of seeing a fantastic new campaign in Leeds, where the faithful witness of volunteers had a powerful influence on inaugurating new change in the community. Pat Sammon, the local leader, has done tremendous work in starting a new campaign there.

A post-abortive man recently shared his testimony after 25 years of hurt and joined the prayer volunteers. Hearts and minds are changing one person at a time!

Manchester, England: I also met the leaders of the 40 Days for Life Manchester effort, outside Marie Stopes - where there are 5,000 abortions a year. The campaign had seen nine women choose life for their babies during this campaign, their fourth campaign.

Their witness has been a tremendous hope for the city and clearly amazing things have happened. We have heard stories of lives saved from around the country. God is working powerfully through the campaign!

More pictures of events!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pro-Life News, Oct 28, 2013

Texas Judge: Planned Parenthood Can Put Women at Risk From Dangerous Abortions A Texas judge today issued an opinion striking down two parts of a Texas pro-life law that protects women from dangerous abortions. The judge blocked part of the law that required its doctors to have the right to admit patients to local hospitals. Texas became one of several states that require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals so women can be treated when they are victimized by botched abortions. Read More

Texas Abortion Chain Running Filthy Clinics: Rusty Blood Stains on Suction Machines A new report on a chain of abortion clinics in Texas shows that they have been running filthy abortion clinics that would give Kermit Gosnell a run for his money. The “suction machines which were being used on patients” had “numerous rusty spots” which had “the likelihood to cause infection.” That’s just one of the shocking updates from a state department report. < Read More

Obamacare Rationing: Seniors’ Doctors Get Booted From Medicare Advantage Obamacare opponents warned about death panels and health care rationing under Obamacare as the president and his Democratic allies pushed the legislation through Congress. Now that the implementation of Obamacare is in full swing, some of those concerns are coming to fruition. Leading pro-life advocates predicted Obamacare would limit doctor and specialist choices. Read More

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott Will Appeal Ruling Striking Part of Texas Pro-Life Law No sooner did a Texas judge declare a portion of a pro-life Texas law unconstitutional than Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott indicate he will appeal the decision. As LifeNews reported today, a Texas judge today issued an opinion striking down two parts of a Texas pro-life law that protects women from dangerous abortions.The judge blocked part of the law that required its doctors to have the right to admit patients to local hospitals. Texas became one of several states that require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals so women can be treated when they are victimized by botched abortions. Read More

Late-Term Abortion Doc Ordered to Stop Doing Abortions, Made Women Pay Extra for Anesthesia The Maryland Board of Physicians issued a “cease and desist” order on Friday, October 25, 2013, to Harold O. Alexander, of Forestville, Maryland, ordering him to stop performing abortions and stop administrating certain drugs, including sedation. Operation Rescue investigations confirmed that Alexander was operating an unlicensed abortion clinic, Integrated Ob/Gyn, last June. A recorded undercover phone call made to Moore ObGyn, which shares an office with Integrated ObGyn, revealed that Alexander was conducting abortions four days per week – mostly in the evenings – and that he was charging women an extra $100 per abortion for pain relief. Read More

Projections of Shortfalls in Social Security, Medicare Ignore Massive Impact From Abortion Political discussions commonly assume there are two separate sets of issues. There’s a social agenda – issues like abortion and marriage. And there’s an economic agenda – issues like federal spending, debt, taxes, and government programs like entitlements. It’s usually assumed that these two agendas don’t have anything to do with each other. Read More

Mom Delivers Healthy Baby After Rare Undiscovered Ectopic Pregnancy A mother in Missouri and her baby are both healthy after a rare and undiscovered ectopic pregnancy. Jonna Snodgrass, 36, delivered Jatelyn Snodgrass at Heartland Regional Medical Center’s New Beginnings Unit earlier this month. Doctors discovered the baby girl was ectopic and didn’t implant in the uterus. Read More

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Legal Firm: Air Force Academy Oath Constitutional

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: After receiving legal threats from an anti-Christian organization, the U.S. Air Force Academy has made optional the phrase "so help me God" when cadets take an oath to uphold the Honor Code.

That code affirms: "We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, so help me God."

"Mikey Weinstein, who leads this group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is getting unbelievable access to military leaders," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). "It's incredible to me how they are kowtowing to this organization."

Earlier this month, Weinstein wrote a letter to the Academy demanding the phrase be removed. He claimed it violates the U.S. Constitution.

And last week, the ACLJ wrote a letter to Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, superintendent of the Academy, defending the constitutionality of “so help me God.”

Focus on the Family Judicial Analyst Bruce Hausknecht said the inclusion of the phrase in various oaths can be traced at least back to the authors of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

“The First Congress of the United States in 1789 passed the first Judiciary Act, which included the phrase ‘so help me God’ in the oaths administered to federal judges,” Hausknecht explained. “It would be ludicrous to assume that the drafters of the First Amendment would go out of their way to violate the very clause they had so recently drafted.”

The letter also reminds Weinstein that cadets are not forced to recite the phrase — that those who choose not to face no penalties.

“The primary purpose of such a phrase,” according to the letter, “is to remind the oath taker that what he/he is doing is of utmost importance and that it is not to be undertaken lightly or flippantly.”

Retired Air Force Col. Bill Spencer agrees.

“There is something to be said for military people volunteering and holding themselves accountable to be part of something greater than themselves,” said Spencer, a national representative of family policy councils for Citizenlink.

“If we’re going to go ahead and sign up for military service, to be part of something greater than ourselves, then why not allow us to hold ourselves accountable to something greater than ourselves — like our God?”
Read the ACLJ letter supporting “so help me God.”
Listen to “Jay Sekulow Live: Atheists Attack ‘So Help Me God.”

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DAY 34: 371 Babies - And Mothers - Spared! - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Are you ready for another serving of Monday morning good news? Here it is! So far during this 40 Days for Life campaign, we now know of ...

... 371 babies whose mothers decided to reject abortion! Here are the stories of two of those babies ... their parents ... and grandparents.

Little Rock, Arkansas: On a typical Saturday morning, there are around two dozen people praying outside the abortion center in Little Rock. But the volunteers have a new obstacle now.

"Water sprinklers were installed on top of the privacy fence and constantly spray the sidewalk and driveway," said Mary in Little Rock. That makes it much harder to talk to women entering the building.

"We have suggested the sidewalk counselors wear rain gear now," she said.

The sprinklers can't stop the prayers. A woman walked through the curtain of water to tell Mary that her 16-year-old daughter would not be getting an abortion.

"She hugged the three of us praying and I directed her to the pregnancy care center across the street for help," Mary said. "Praise God!"
Mary asked the abortion center's security guard "if he really thought a little water would keep us away. He did not respond."

Newburgh, New York: A young lady arrived at Planned Parenthood along with her boyfriend and sister. "Although her boyfriend and sister did not support her decision to have the abortion," said Wendy in Newburgh, "her mother was pressuring her."

The boyfriend was upset over this decision, but felt he had no say in the matter. "He said that she was nine weeks pregnant and she even had an ultrasound picture of the baby," she said. "He couldn't bring himself to look at that picture knowing the fate of his baby."
The prayer volunteers encouraged him to go inside Planned Parenthood and get his girlfriend out. They told him to not give up on that baby because they certainly refused to do so. As he went inside, they prayed fervently.

Finally, they all came out. "This young man looked like he had the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders," Wendy said. As he drove off, he smiled and gave a thumbs-up.

"Don't ever doubt that your prayers and presence make a difference," said Wendy.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pro-Life News, Oct. 27, 2013

Millions of Americans are Losing Their Current Health Care Policies Under Obamacare Hundreds of thousands of people have received notices from their health insurance companies cancelling their current policies. It turns out that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Millions of Americans are going to lose their existing coverage. The Weekly Standard reports that health policy expert Bob Laszewski has analyzed the impact of Obamacare’s complex regulations on the individual health insurance market. According to his findings, 85% of existing individual plans do not comply with Obamacare. Translation: 16 million people will lose their current policies. Read More

Pro-Life Movie “Doonby” Will Hit Theaters on November 1 A modern take on It’s a Wonderful Life, the spellbinding thriller, Doonby, is set to release in theaters nationwide on November 1, 2013. Written and directed by Irish filmmaker Peter Mackenzie, Doonby examines how much one man’s life can affect those around him while answering the larger questions of what one life is worth. Starring John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville) as Sam Doonby, alongside Will Wallace. Read More

Scientists Show Unborn Children Begin Anticipating Touch in the Womb Researchers from Durham and Lancaster Universities in the U.K. recently discovered a connection between a baby’s ability to predict its own facial touching and its level of physical and psychological development. The discovery was made possible by 4D imaging technology, which shows 3D ultrasounds in real time. In later stages of gestation, namely in the third trimester, the pre-born child begins to anticipate his own actions by opening his mouth while his hand is traveling towards his face.Read More

Your Tax Dollars Will Fund Abortions and Planned Parenthood Under Obamacare, Here’s How On a Friday night back in December 2009, Senate Majority Leader Reid was in tense negotiations with then-Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, as Reid desperately needed Nelson’s vote to secure Senate passage of ObamaCare. Finally, Nelson had what Politico described as a “breakthrough” that lead to a deal, as Politico reported a few days later. Part of the deal, Politico wrote, was that “people who receive federal subsidies would need to write two separate checks as a way to ensure that none of the federal dollars went toward the abortion premium.” Six days later, Senator Nelson took to the Senate floor to explain in detail the deal he had negotiated. With respect to the two check requirement, Senator Nelson said: “In the Senate bill, if you are receiving Federal assistance to buy insurance, and if that plan has any abortion coverage, the insurance company must bill you separately, and you must pay separately from your own personal funds–perhaps a credit card transaction, your separate personal check, or automatic withdrawal from your bank account– for that abortion coverage. Read More

Obama’s Abortion Pill Mandate is Currently Losing in Court 32-5 According to Alliance Defending Freedom, the Obama HHS mandate is currently losing 32-5 in federal courts from all of the lawsuits ADF and other pro-life legal groups have brought. “The Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties by the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies if the mandate’s requirements aren’t met,” ADF says. Read More

13 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful From its very beginning, life has value. Here are just a few reasons why life is so beautiful! Read More

Are You Subsidizing Abortion Coverage Under Obamacare? Starting this month, uninsured Americans have the option to purchase health insurance through their state exchanges. What you may not know is that many of the plans being offered include elective abortion coverage! Twenty-three states have exercised their right under Obamacare to exclude abortion coverage, but for the remaining twenty-seven, that decision has been left to insurance companies. If you are receiving this alert, it is because you live in one of the states that allow elective abortion on their state exchange. Read More

Tweetfest on Wednesday Will Demand End to Hiding Abortion Funding in Obamacare Being forced to pay for abortion because of the secrecy of coverage is anti-choice., and, really, it’s also un-American. A new social media event seeks to highlight this and bring about change. “Tell @Sebelius to #BeTransparent. Why won’t #Obamacare tell us which plans include #abortion?” says the sample tweet that is one of many for the Oct. 30 event, TweetFest: Tell Sebelius to #BeTransparent about Abortion Coverage in Obamacare, which takes place at a computer, tablet or smartphone nearest to you between 9 a.m. and noon next Wednesday. Read More

95% of Women Having Abortions: Planned Parenthood Told Me Nothing About My Baby David C Reardon conducted one of the most extensive interviews of postabortion women ever done. He asked them questions about their abortion experiences. The women he interviewed were involved in pro-life ministries that help postabortion women, and most of them, at some level at least, regretted their abortions. Here are the ways that many of the women answered his questions. 24% took a week to make the decision to have an abortion, 12% 2 to 3 weeks, 6% 4 to 6 weeks , 7% seven weeks or more Read More

Archbishop Chaput: Right to Life is Still the Foundational Human Right It’s not a secret to anyone that I am a huge admirer of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput. He is a graceful writer who is able to pack an amazing amount in insight into his weekly columns for “Catholic Philly.” I particularly enjoyed his thoughts and reflections this week on “Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics.” Read More

“I Made a Mistake” – Heartbreaking Signs Tells of Woman’s Abortion Pain Abortion promises relief … that for around $500, your worries and fears will go away with a 15-minute surgery. It is sold and encouraged by many as the “responsible” solution. That may be the promise before an abortion. But afterwards, a woman’s face tells a very different story. That’s why it is so important that we stand vigil — before the abortion, to be a sign of hope … and after the abortion, to represent our Lord’s mercy. Read More

Terry McAuliffe: I Will Never Compromise on Promoting Abortion During Thursday’s third and final Virginia gubernatorial debate at Virginia Tech, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe once again pledged to never compromise on the issue of abortion. His pro-choice vow comes after revelations that an abortion clinic in Falls Church, VA was rife with safety violations. Mollie Hemingway, writing in The Federalist, provides the horrific details of the clinic in question. Read More

Abortion Backer Throws Coffee Cup at Pro-Lifer Praying at Abortion Clinic Our North American outreach director, Steve Karlen, calls Wisconsin home … but he’s traveling from coast to coast during this campaign, speaking and praying at many 40 Days for Life locations. Steve has met many great, salt-of-the-earth volunteers in his travels. But he’s also run across an occasional critic. Usually, the opponents just toss angry words. But one time … they tossed a coffee cup! Read More

Redefining Beauty to See Beyond the Disabilities Rick Guidotti’s life has been all about beauty and the power of images since he spent years as a fashion photographer. His life was changed forever while photographing a woman with Albinism. Those medical pictures changed his life forever and he now reserved his talent to the disabled. Read More

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