Friday, January 31, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan. 31, 2014

Nancy Pelosi Will Receive Planned Parenthood’s Top Margaret Sanger Award Nancy Pelosi will receive the Margaret Sanger award — the top honor given out by the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced today that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will deliver remarks at the organization’s Annual Gala in Washington on march 27, where she will receive the award. Planned Parenthood is awarding Leader Pelosi the Margaret Sanger Award, the organization’s highest honor, “in recognition of her leadership, excellence, and outstanding contributions to” the pro-abortion movement during her career. Read More

Baby Born at 27 Weeks Via C-Section After Mother Declared Brain Dead With so many expressing disgust over a Texas hospital maintaining a brain dead woman named Marlise Munoz because she was pregnant, I became aware of a remarkably similar case last year that had a much happier ending. (See You Tube imbed below.) From the 11/13/13 Daily Mail story: A baby which was 15 weeks old when its mother was declared brain-dead was delivered by Caesarean section at 27 weeks, after doctors kept the mother alive on life support. The Hungarian doctors who delivered the baby in July believe the birth is one of only three such cases in the world… Read More

Abortion Activist Sandra Fluke “Strongly Considering” Run for Congress Abortion activists Sandra Fluke, best known for pushing the HHS mandate that forces religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs, is “strongly considering” a run for Congress. From The Blaze: Sandra Fluke said she’s “strongly considering running” for Henry Waxman’s House seat after the longtime California Democrat announced he would retire from Congress this year. Read More

Police Had to Form Human Shield Around Pro-Lifers to Protect Them From Abortion Activists This Saturday, we took some of our new student leaders into chaos. After an exhausting week here in Washington, our team headed to San Francisco to distribute 5,000 I am the Pro-Life Generation signs and meet hundreds of our student leaders at the 70,000-person Walk for Life. Read More

Planned Parenthood Billboard Near School Tells Kids: “Getting It On Is Free” A Planned Parenthood billboard near a school in Memphis, Tennessee is drawing heavy criticism from local parents, who are upset by the message it’s sending their kids. The billboard has the message “Getting It On Is Free” and a picture of a condom — something residents of a south Memphis neighborhood don’t like. The billboard has only been up one week and is already generating controversy. Read More

Deaf Seattle Seahawks Player Gives Super Bowl Tickets to Deaf Twins Earlier this month, Duracell produced a commercial featuring the deaf Seattle Seahawks player, Derrick Coleman. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must watch. And if you have seen it, watch it again. We filled you in on Coleman’s back-story when the Duracell ad was initially released: The 23-year-old California native defied the odds by pursuing sports despite coaches who couldn’t communicate well with him, and people who picked on and didn’t understand him. Coleman completed incredible football careers in both high school and college (UCLA), but his first try at the NFL after college didn’t work out. Read More

An Accidental Tale of the Beauty and Selfless Love that is Adoption “Adoption is real–and it’s forever.” – Dr. Bill Platypus, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: Season 16, Episode 4: “Families” I’ll talk to anyone. No, really. I chat up the other shoppers in line at the grocery store, then carry on a conversation with the cashier and the fella bagging the groceries. I’m Facebook friends with a couple I met on the four-hour bus ride home from last year’s March for Life. So it was this year. Read More

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Reports On Girl Scouts Controversy

American Life League: FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly covers the controversy over the Girl Scouts and its promotion of pro-abortion activist Wendy Davis (January 8, 2014).

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Day of Purity Launches New Video “I Choose”

Liberty Counsel: Today, Day of Purity is releasing I Choose, a short video that examines the culture that bombards youth with what relationships should look like and asks, “What would happen if we shut off all the noise and decided to make the choice for ourselves?”
Using Facebook and Twitter, Day of Purity encourages and supports self-respect and committed relationships. “What if I choose to stay committed to my future wife before we even meet,” I Choose, the video, asks. “What if we decide to strengthen our future by the decisions we make today?”

Celebrating its eleventh year, Day of Purity promotes abstinence by encouraging young people to look past casual sex to lifetime intimacy.

Day of Purity is a project of Liberty Counsel. “I am stunned by the cultural pressures put on young people today to trade lifelong relationships for one-night stands,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Sadly, many young people feel isolated in their decision to wait for marriage. Day of Purity is standing in this gap and encouraging their choice to stand up against cultural expectations and to strive for something superior.” #IChoose #IWantMore
Liberty Counsel is an international nonprofit, litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan 30, 2014

I Was Conceived in Rape But I Didn’t Deserve Death in Abortion Because of the circumstances concerning my conception–by RAPE–I, and all those who will be conceived in the same manner have been marked for death by a great number of people. We are called the “demon seed,” who are unable to contribute to our society, unable to bring our mother’s joy. Unprotected, sadly, even by some individuals and organizations who refer to themselves as “pro-life”. How sad that so many who purport to champion the cause of the unborn, consider me “an exception”. But I’m NOT an exception…I am a human being, just like any other preborn human being. Read More

Abortion Activist: “I Want to Rip the Uterus Out of Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Eat It” WARNING: Graphic language… A pro-abortion “comedian” on Twitter is getting negative national attention today for tweeting a graphic and disgusting tweet saying she wanted to “rip out of the uterus” of pro-life Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and eat it. lauralevitesFeminist comedian Laura Levites posted a tweet in response to Rogers’ touching pro-life State of the Union response, saying, “I want to rip out the uterus of that pro life C--- Cathy McMorris Rodgers and eat it, so I can see the surprised look on her frigid face.” Read More

Al Gore Promotes Population Control: Africans Must Have Their Fertility “Managed” Al Gore is coming under fire for promoting population control in Africa, saying that citizens of African nations must have their fertility “managed.” Tim Graham of Neswbusters blogged on what was said: Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, former vice president Al Gore asserted that it’s crucial for global philanthropists to impose “fertility management” on Africa. No one called that racist. Read More

National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies Highlights Ties to Planned Parenthood The Pro-Life Action League is joining a nationwide boycott being organized by John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco, in Waco, Texas, who has been battling the Girl Scouts for years over their ties to abortion giant Planned Parenthood. This year’s nationwide boycott was triggered by the Girl Scout’s glowing praise last year for two of the pro-life movement’s greatest foes: Texas state senator Wendy Davis and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Read More

Southwest Airlines Funds Conference Promoting Abortion, Planned Parenthood Southwest Airlines is coming under fire from a pro-life group for funding a conference that promotes abortion and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion company. Southwest’s has a role as a major funder of the annual “Creating Change” conference put on by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Abortion and Planned Parenthood will be heavily promoted at the conference and Planned Parenthood is a prominent underwriter. Read More

Pro-Life Video of the Day: Twins Saved From Abortion at Planned Parenthood Rebecca Rizzi, 24, decided to make an appointment for an abortion at the Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona. “I just felt I had to do it,” she said. When she arrived, she walked past a group of protesters with the nagging feeling they were in the right. She could hear them every time the door opened and closed. Finally, after waiting more than an hour and leaning toward not going through with it, she went outside for some fresh air. Read More

Congressman: Seeing My Son Respond to My Voice in the Womb Made Me Pro-Life Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina gave a moving speech during the debate leading up to passage of a bill that would ban taxpayer financing of abortions. During the debate, Meadows shared a personal story of how he had said nothing on the issue of abortion until seeing and interacting with his son in the womb cemented his pro-life views. Read More

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan, 29, 2014

Pro-Life Groups Launch National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies Over Abortion Ties National pro-life groups have banded together to launch a boycott of the sales of Girl Scout cookies over the ties the organization has to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and how it has promoted pro-abortion groups and activists. The pro-life movement has been concerned for a number of years about the ties between the Girl Scouts and the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Although the Girl Scout organization maintains that it takes “no position” on the issue of abortion, parents, churches, and pro-life activists have long complained of the pro-abortion slant of the Girl Scouts’ resources, role models, and affiliations. Read More

Obama Would Veto Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions The House of Representatives yesterday approved legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions that ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department. The White House says President Obama would veto it. The legislation combines several policies that must be enacted every year in Congressional battles and puts them into law where they will not be in jeopardy of being overturned every time Congress changes hands from pro-life lawmakers to those who support abortions. Read More

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Gives Pro-Life SOTU Response: Children Are a Gift From God While President Barack Obama defended Obamacare, which has taxpayer-funding of abortion and has rationed health care already by canceling Americans’ health care plans, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave a compassionate pro-life response. Rodgers, representing the State of Washington, is another high-profile mother in the political realm, who also chose to give life to her son with Down Syndrome. Cole was born in the spring of 2007. She talked about him when she said that children are a gift from God. Read More

Nurse Sees Baby Survive Failed Abortion, Left to Die at Hospital “There are other people who are haunted by abortion, too. Nurses and doctors.” No sooner had the woman in the crowd after a recent event quietly spoken these words to me, when the tears began to fall down her face. Without even saying another word, I knew that she was speaking from personal experience. Read More

Supreme Court Briefs Favor Hobby Lobby 3-1 Over Obama Administration Groups on both side of the debate over the HHS mandate, which forces religious groups and businesses to pay for birth control and abortion drugs, filed dozens of briefs for or against Hobby Lobby in its case against the Obama administration. As Hobby Lobby’s attorneys inform LifeNews, those briefs favored Hobby Lobby almost 3-1. When the clock struck midnight, 81 briefs flooded in the U.S. Supreme Court, 56 supporting Hobby Lobby and outnumbering the Government’s position almost 3-1. Read More

MSNBC Host Attacks Pro-Lifer Cathy McMorris Rogers: “Where’s the Needlepoint?” On Tuesday night, Alex Wagner gave the latest example of “if it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all” (a regular saying of conservative talk show host Chris Plante). msnbc6The MSNBC host took to Twitter to slam Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s fireside setting, where she delivered the official Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union: “Living room. Lady on a settee. Where’s the needlepoint?” Conservatives struck back at this condescending attack from one of MSNBC’s resident uber-feminists.’s Kevin W. Glass pointed out what would have happened if the roles were reversed. Read More

Mother to Give Birth to Her Own Granddaughter Next Month In early February, a 58-year-old woman is due to give birth. Her age is not the only factor that makes the birth unusual, however. The baby she is carrying is her grandchild. Julia Navarro’s daughter, Lorena McKinnon, has had roughly twelve miscarriages since she and her husband began trying to get pregnant about three years ago. Realizing that carrying their children to term did not appear to be a viable possibility, they sought a gestational surrogate. Read More

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National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life Of America: Save lives on Thursday, February 6, 2014! Leave no sidewalk untouched! Thursday, February 6th is National Pro-Life Chalk Day, the day when thousands across the nation gather in their communities to share the pro-life message in the public square.

Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk, all your pro-life friends, and find the most trafficked sidewalks on campus. Then create big bold pro-life messages that show the dignity and value of the human person in the womb. With minimal time and resource investment babies can be saved and an entire campus can be impacted for Life.

Read More at!

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Fr. Frank Pavone Preaching at Believer's Bible Christian Church in Atlanta, GA

Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life preaches on Sanctity of Life Sunday at the Atlanta, GA's Believer's Bible Christian Church. The church is the home church of Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Director of African American Outreach of Priests for Life.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan. 28, 2014

Pro-Life Groups Tell Supreme Court: Don’t Make Hobby Lobby Obey HHS Mandate Leading pro-life groups have submitted amicus briefs to the Supreme Court supporting Hobby Lobby in its case against the Obama administration and its HHS mandate, which forces religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs. Americans United for Life’s legal team filed an amicus curiae (or “friend of the court”) brief today in the U.S. Supreme Court defending pro-life Americans from the mandate. Read More

House Passes Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions The House today approved legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions that ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department. The legislation combines several policies that must be enacted every year in Congressional battles and puts them into law where they will not be in jeopardy of being overturned every time Congress changes hands from pro-life lawmakers to those who support abortions. The House voted 227-188 for the bill with 221 Republicans and 6 Democrats voting to ban taxpayer funding of abortions under HR7 while 187 Democrats and one Republican voted against it. Read More

Pro-Life Groups Tell Supreme Court: Don’t Make Hobby Lobby Obey HHS Mandate Leading pro-life groups have submitted amicus briefs to the Supreme Court supporting Hobby Lobby in its case against the Obama administration and its HHS mandate, which forces religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs. Americans United for Life’s legal team filed an amicus curiae (or “friend of the court”) brief today in the U.S. Supreme Court defending pro-life Americans from the mandate. Read More

Tax-Funded Ban Holds Obama Accountable for Funding Abortions in Obamacare Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States stood just 10 feet from where I stand in September 2009 and told a joint session of Congress that “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.” On March 24, 2010, President Obama issued an executive order that said the Affordable Care Act “maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to newly created health insurance exchanges.” Read More

Woman Hemorrhaged Half Her Blood After Botched RU 486 Abortion Operation Rescue has obtained a 911 recording of a medical emergency at Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion clinic in Downey, California, that indicated an abortion patient had suffered massive hemorrhage. The incident took place two days before Christmas. The FPA employee who placed the call initially indicated that they simply needed to transfer a patient to the hospital. When the dispatcher questioned further, the abortion clinic employee responded, “It’s a patient who’s no longer bleeding, but her hematocrit’s off to 19. So we want to transfer her for a – to Downy Regional to get a transfusion.” Read More

19 Democrat Senators Tell Supreme Court to Force Hobby Lobby to Obey HHS Mandate Nineteen pro-abortion senators today banded together to file an amicus brief with the Supreme Court telling it to force Hobby Lobby to obey the HHS mandate that forces religious groups and businesses to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs. Fox News reported that pro-abortion Sen. Patty Murray is the ringleader of the effort to force Hobby Lobby to comply with the mandate. Read More

Erick Munoz is Not a Monster, But Baby Munoz Had a Right to Live On Sunday, as you probably heard, Marlise Munoz was removed from life support under court order. This eliminated any chance that unborn baby Nicole, a few weeks short of viability, might survive to birth. Secular Pro-Life issued a brief statement mourning the loss and stating our disagreement with the court’s decision. A long comment thread ensued. Pro-choice facebook followers expressed the view that Secular Pro-Life’s position is anti-woman (e.g. wanting Marlise to be an “incubator”); that the logic behind keeping Marlise on life support would also justify grave robbing; that the right to die supercedes the right to life; and that the fact that Marlise did not address the possibility of pregnancy in discussing her end-of-life wishes is irrelevant because, as one commenter put it, ”she was still a person, whether she was pregnant or not.” Read More

Abortionist Hid Ultrasound From Patient, But Her Friend Saw It And Was Haunted Forever On January 9, Slate came out with an article about a study that was published in Obstetrics & Gynecology which addressed the question of whether or not women who viewed ultrasounds at abortion clinics were less likely to go through with the procedure. The study claimed that the vast majority (over 95%) of women who elected to see the sonogram (they had a choice whether or not to see it) chose to have abortions anyway. This seems to fly in the face of everything that pro-lifers have experienced. Crisis pregnancy centers around the country have written about the difference that ultrasound makes. Read More

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House Passes Bipartisan, Pro-Life Legislation: H.R. 7 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement regarding House passage of H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act:

“Ending taxpayer funding of abortion is the will of the people, and ought to be the law of the land.  While there is a patchwork of policies like the Hyde Amendment that prohibit taxpayer subsidies for abortion, none are permanent.  This bipartisan measure codifies the Hyde Amendment and applies it across all federal programs, including the president’s health care law.  I’m proud to be part of the pro-life bipartisan majority in the House, and I call on the United States Senate to give this legislation a vote.”

Comment by Catholic Vote:
This legislation, H.R. 7, does the following:
1. Writes into permanent law the Hyde Amendment banning federal funding of nearly all abortions.

2. Rids Obamacare of its massive expansion of public funding for abortion in insurance plans.

3. Ensures that customers like you and me are fully informed about abortion coverage and surcharges in health care plans sold on the exchanges.

This legislation has been updated to deal with the horrible expansion of abortion that began with the implementation of Obamacare.

The House has lead. Now that the House bill is passed, we need to put pressure on Senate Democrats up for election this year in red states like Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Momentum continues to build for real change for women and children.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan 27, 2014

Death of Unborn Baby Girl in Texas Similar to Judge-Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo The debate continues to rage over the life of death of little Nicole Machado Munoz, whose life ended when her father won the right from a judge to remove her “brain dead” mother from life support. The debate over Erick Munoz’s decision to remove his wife’s life support and terminate his baby’s life has sparked disagreements even within the pro-life community. Some pro-life people believe Erick Munoz is essentially responsible for an abortion of his daughter — needlessly taking her life when she was days away from being viable enough to live outside her mothers womb with a good chance of surviving. Read More

House Votes This Week on Bill to Stop Hidden Abortion Fees in Obamacare The House will vote this week on legislation that will put in place a complete ban on taxpayer funding of abortions and ensures abortions are not directly funded in any federal governmental program or department. But the bill also would stop hidden abortion fees most Americans probably don’t know are a part of Obamacare. Insurance companies working under the Obamacare umbrella have secretly added a surcharge to cover the cost of abortions, an apparent violation of federal law that forbids the practice, congressional leaders charge. Read More

Family Cares for Son in Coma for 31 Years Before Dying This story is important because it shows a vivid contrast between two approaches dealing with severe human disability–one based on the equality/sanctity of life, and the other a utilitarian “quality of life ethic–currently vying for predominance in the West. As I see it, the former remains the default approach of “main street,” while the latter is advocated with increasing intensity by our betters in the emerging medical technocracy and ivory tower bioethics. Read More

Baby Nicole Munoz Was Never Given a “Right to Choose” The life of a 23 week-old fetus was aborted in the state of Texas yesterday, and ironically, the child’s mother wasn’t involved in the choice. In fact, had her mother still been conscious, a newly passed Texas law prohibiting the abortion of pain-conscious fetuses (beyond 20 weeks gestation) would’ve protected her life today. But Baby Munoz was not your average “unwanted” fetus. Neither was the pregnancy that carried her, nor her eventual death anywhere near typical. Baby Munoz’ mother Marlise became brain-dead on November 26th when her wanted fetus was only 14 weeks old. Read More

60,000 Pro-Lifers Line the Streets of San Francisco During West Coast Walk for Life Some 60,000 pro-life people lined the streets of San Francisco on Saturday for the West Coast Walk for Life — a way for pro-life Americans in the western United States to show their opposition to abortion. Starting in 2005, with 7,500 participants the Walk has grown in both attendance and diversity each year, until it is now the second largest pro-life event in the United States. Last year’s attendance was estimated as high as 50,000 people and more people showed up yesterday. Read More

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Rey Flores - American Life League at the 2014 March for Life

American Life League: Rey Flores, Director of Outreach, appears during EWTN Espanol's coverage of the March for Life to explain who and what American Life League has planned for 2014.

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The Path Of Healing

Shawna, Silent No More Campaign: I grew up in a very dysfunctional home where I experienced physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. As a teenager I made poor choices and numbed out the pain of my home life with drugs and alcohol. During this time I was placed in juvenile jail twice.

At nineteen I became pregnant and had an abortion. I knew nothing about fetal development and the consequences abortion would have on me.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is Abortion Murder? Why Abortion is Baby Killing

State of Daniel: Today, I respond to the common perception that abortion is about a woman's "choice." The reality, though, is that abortion is the intentional killing of unborn children. Quite frankly, we allow legal child killing because we've called it something else. But these are just my opinions and I'd love to hear yours.

If you're still reading this, use the word "jaunty" in your comment. It'll be our wink to each other ;)

What would you like for me to talk about in my next video? Leave a comment below and maybe you'll see a future video dedicated to it!

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American Life League STOPP Report

Defending our children: How to respond to demands for Planned Parenthood classroom sex education. American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International has developed a new resource to give parents who find themselves in the trenches and in need of help articulating arguments before school boards. This is another handy tool to fight Planned Parenthood and its comprehensive sex education programs. Read More

Hawaii legislator: Pono Choices sex ed curriculum not medically accurate, age appropriate, or complete on STD risks After fighting for 45 days for a chance to privately examine Planned Parenthood’s Pono Choices curriculum designed for 11-year-old middle school children, Hawaii state representative Bob McDermott received and reviewed the curriculum. He takes on the curriculum in a January 9  media release. The representative’s comments touch on some very important aspects of Planned Parenthood sex education seldom brought to the forefront, and form an important basis for discussion that must surface about these programs. Quoting the press release: Read More

Phoenix respect life leaders conference—The Blessed Mother is key to stopping Planned Parenthood STOPP national director Rita Diller was the featured speaker at the Arizona Catholics United for Life Leadership Conference at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix on January 18. Bishop Thomas Olmsted made an appearance at the conference and stayed to visit with and encourage attendees. Read More

American Life League at the east and west coast ‘Roe’ memorial marches Representatives from American Life League joined thousands of pro-life advocates at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., and the West Coast Walk for Life this week, in remembrance of the millions killed by abortion in our nation. ALL representatives delivered thousands of resource packets to marchers free of charge, to be taken back to their communities and utilized there in fighting Planned Parenthood and the culture of death. Thanks to all who made the trip to stand in solidarity with the preborn and who faced the crippling cold weather to stand for life!

Arizona parents unite to oppose Planned Parenthood sex ed in Tempe Arizona parents, beware! Planned Parenthood has begun what will be an incessant, deadly charge to get its sick sex education into Arizona schools, beginning in Yuma and Tempe.
STOPP has received reports from those present that more than 165 opponents of Planned Parenthood were present at a January 7 meeting at the Tempe Union High School district headquarters where a Planned Parenthood representative was given the lion’s share of the time to discuss proposed high school sex ed curricula for the district. Read More

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Healing Journey

Anita, Silent No More Campaign : I grew up believing in the value of chastity. However, there came a time in my life where I suffered some serious rejections and gradually pushed those values away. I became promiscuous in an effort to please men and be accepted. The inevitable happened and I got pregnant in my early 20s.

I wanted my boyfriend to marry me but he refused and started pushing for abortion. I believed I had no one to turn to and felt like I was backed into a corner...

I can't change what I did all those years ago but what I can do now is be silent no more to let others know that abortion is a very short-sighted quick fix that causes far reaching problems.

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'March Madness': Media Bias Snubs Pro-Lifers

Tony Perkin, Family Research Council: The media didn't need a sub-zero wind chill to freeze out pro-lifers. Most networks have had a lot of practice perfecting their greatest magic trick: making hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers disappear! If you weren't at yesterday's March for Life and missed the photos from Twitter, you'd probably never know the event took place. As usual, the outlets vied to deliver the least March coverage possible -- with some refusing to acknowledge it at all.

"NBC Nightly News" fared slightly better than CNN and MSNBC (who ignored the March altogether) -- but even its coverage, a whopping 22 seconds' worth, and ABC's (24 seconds) were barely a blip on the media's screen. With the exception of Fox, most networks (the same ones who spent days covering the Occupy movement) didn't think a few hundred thousand people on the National Mall were worth mentioning. Even the President, who never misses an opportunity to celebrate Roe v. Wade, managed to write an entire statement sidestepping the most important word in his vocabulary -- abortion. "We reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman's access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom. And we resolve to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children. Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams." (Everyone, apparently, but the unborn).

While the President might have been shy about using the word "abortion," his party's committee chairman certainly wasn't. Debbie Wasserman Schultz not only embraced the significance of the day, but blasted conservatives for using it to save lives. There "are so many pressing issues facing our country that deserve our attention," she said. "But still, the GOP places blocking women's access to health care at the top of their agenda, insisting we continue to spend... taxpayer dollars, refighting these battles." Of course, she'd rather spend those tax dollars on abortion -- over the objections of the people paying them.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus hit back, calling it "pathetic" that anyone, regardless of their views, would bash Republicans for using the event to highlight the alternatives to abortion -- like adoption. Fox News's Brit Hume took it from there, in an emotional appeal on his "Special Report," taking aim at the Left for using "absurd euphemisms" to describe what they support. "They're not really pro-abortion, they've long said, they're 'pro-choice.' This isn't about killing unborn babies, it's about reproductive health. And the biggest chain of abortion clinics in the country refers to itself as Planned Parenthood. In 2012, this organization says it carried out 'abortion procedures' 329,445 times. Whatever that number represents, it's not parenthood."

Although the March never seems to get the attention it deserves, FRC's ProLifeCon caught the eye of plenty of reporters, including the Washington Post and Slate's David Weigel. Both outlets seemed impressed with the subtle shift in pro-lifers strategy. "Pro-lifers are trading bloody fetus photos for a kindler, gentler message," Weigel wrote. "Will it work?" Judging by the sea of young people at yesterday's March, it already has. As former Senator Rick Santorum pointed out at ProLifeCon, the movement is making a key transition to be more about "love, not judgment." We believe it always has been about love, but we must be ever-mindful of perceptions and tone. And thanks to the influx of young people, Weigel explains, the March for Life "is friendlier and more media-ready than ever." Now, if we could just get the media to take notice.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan. 24, 2014

Powerful Video Documents How Hundreds of Thousands Marched for Life < The mainstream media, as usual, provided little coverage of the March for Life and the hundreds of thousands of people who lined the streets of the nation’s capital to mourn the loss of 56 million unborn children who have perished from abortion since Roe v. Wade. However, a powerful new video produced by Katie Yoder of the Media Reseach Center provides compelling pictures and footage of the sea of pro-life people who jammed the streets in Washington to raise awareness of the plight of unborn children. Read More

Court Will Decide if Husband Can Kill His Unborn Child by Removing Mom’s Life Support A hearing will be held today at 3:15 p.m. to decide the fate of Marlise Munoz and her pre-born baby, now 22 weeks gestation. Her husband, Erick Munoz, will ask the court to order John Peter Smith Hospital to terminate life support for his wife and baby. JPS Hospital is complying with a state law that requires hospitals to maintain life support for pregnant women in order to give their children a chance at survival. Read More

New York City Mayor Agrees With Cuomo Booting Pro-Lifers, Calls Them “Extremists” One week ago today, Governor Cuomo railed against what he called “extreme conservatives” who are “pro-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay.” He said such persons “have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” Yesterday, Mayor de Blasio said he agrees with Cuomo’s comments “100 percent.” He explained, “I interpret his [Cuomo's] remarks to say that an extremist attitude that continues the reality of violence in our communities or an extremist attitude that denies the rights of women, does not represent the views of the people of New York State.” Read More

GOP Urges Pro-Life Candidates to Stand Their Ground Against Abortion The national Republican Party today approved a resolution led by RNC Committeewoman Ellen Barrosse of Delaware urging its pro-life candidates to stand their ground against abortion. The resolution urges its candidates to fight back against deceptive “War on Women” attacks by going on offense and exposing pro-abortion Democrats as the real extremists on abortion. The resolution specifically condemns the strategy of “staying silent” on the issue, as so many Republican candidates have done to their own detriment. Read More

CNN Slams Pro-Lifers: “They Want Women to Have No Control Over Their Own Bodies”
On the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, CNN’s senior legal analyst smeared the entire pro-life movement in saying on Wednesday’s AC360 Later, “They want women to have no control over their own bodies.”eff Toobin was referring to the Texas case where a hospital, claiming that it is following state law, has kept a brain-dead woman on life support against the family’s wishes in order to bring her unborn child to term. Read More

Actor Mark Ruffalo Still Proud of His Mother for Aborting His Sibling Last year, actor Mark Ruffalo, famous for playing The Hulk and appearing in many other top movies, caused a stir with a column he wrote defending abortion. Ruffalo went further than merely defending legalized abortion — he apologized for and defended his mother getting an illegal abortion of his own sibling. Now, in a new video specifically recorded for a top pro-abortion group that has taken out numerous pro-life laws protecting women and unborn children with expensive lawsuits, Ruffalo again defends his mother aborting his own sibling in an illegal abortion. Read More

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Group Releases #Pro-Life Playbook

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: Caution: Graphic subject matter.

A national pro-life group on Wednesday released its annual ‘playbook’ to help equip advocates and their elected officials with model legislation that would protect mothers and pre-born babies.

Each year, “Defending Life” addresses issues overlooked by state laws. It also offers comprehensive legal tools to help protect life from conception to natural death. Americans United for Life’s (AUL) 9th edition of the book includes something new: an enforcement model.

“In light of Kermit Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ in which women and newly born infants suffered and died, this year’s ‘Defending Life’ is dedicated to the Women’s Protection Project,” said AUL President Charmaine Yoest.

Gosnell was found guilty last year on three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of babies who were born alive. The Philadelphia abortionist delivered live babies in the 3rd trimester and then severed their spinal cords with scissors. He was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a pregnant woman.

“Among its many tragedies, the Kermit Gosnell case highlighted the abject failure of some state officials to adequately enforce abortion laws,” Yoest explained. “To remedy this problem, AUL has developed a statutory enforcement module providing criminal, civil, and administrative remedies that can be used to ensure compliance with and enforcement of any abortion-related law or regulation.”

“Defending Life 2014” also includes:
  • Scholarly articles highlighting the need for the Women’s Protection Project
  • Seven pieces of AUL model legislation
  • Report cards for the 50 states and the District of Columbia that report on law-affirming laws and policies
  • Thirty-seven additional pieces of AUL model legislation covering abortion; legal recognition and protection of the preborn; bioethics and biotechnologies; the end of life; and freedom of conscience.
The book’s release coincides with the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in all states. More than 50 million preborn babies have been killed by abortion since the ruling.

In his forward, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said every state needs to consider the Women’s Protection Project.

This will help them “fight back against an abortion industry intent upon increasing its profits and political strength at the expense of the health and well-being of the women in our country.”

Read: AUL’s “Defending Life 2014: The Women’s Protection Project.”

Watch: “CitizenLink Report: America Becoming More Pro-Life.”

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Standing Strong to Right What's Wrong

Tony Perkins' FRC Washington Update: After a night of brutal cold, the sun rose over Washington, lighting up the national mall and the crowds of people who braved the snow to promote life. Even the frigid temperatures couldn't keep pro-lifers away, as hundreds of thousands spilled out into roads that could barely contain them for the 41st annual March for Life. "Unless Roe v. Wade is cancelled due to weather," one leader tweeter, "the March for Life won't be either."

In the four decades since Roe v. Wade, the March has led millions up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court -- where the decision of seven unelected judges has led to the largest loss of life in all of U.S. history. It's the kind of loss that can take the form of grisly abortion clinics in Philadelphia or multi-trillion dollar legislation in Washington, D.C. It's the loss that can exploit women and destroy families. Or it's the kind of loss that can raise up a generation to say "enough!"

As somber as the event was, you couldn't help but be encouraged to look across the vast crowd and recognize that our movement is thriving through thousands of young people. Although the teenagers at today's march weren't even born when Roe v. Wade was handed down, they are all witnesses to it. And they reaffirmed with each step that every person, no matter how small, is endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights. In the end, though, we're all pro-life because we can be. Fifty-six million children will never have that luxury. And until they do, we'll keep standing and fighting.

This month, that fight takes the form of H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. During the March for Life rally, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) announced that his chamber would be pushing for a vote as early as next week. For this bill, which the House passed three years ago, the stakes have never been higher. Unfortunately, the health care law has only entangled taxpayers deeper in the web of abortion. With ObamaCare barreling down the track, FRC and our pro-life allies are racing to build a wall between taxpayers and the bloody business of abortion. From the government's abortion surcharge to the abortion-heavy D.C. plans (which FRC's own Anna Higgins exposed), Americans are more implicated than ever in the procedure that a majority oppose.

Liberals insist the country doesn't need H.R. 7 because it has the Hyde Amendment (which prevents taxpayer-funding of abortion in federal appropriations bills). But unlike H.R. 7, the Hyde Amendment has to be reauthorized every year to stay in effect. The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act would save Congress from that annual fight and political "horse-trading" that takes place just to keep taxpayers mostly out of the abortion business. H.R. 7 will create a permanent, government-wide ban on abortion funding -- not just for appropriations bills, but health care bills, overseas aid, and anything else that Congress subsidizes. And, as the National Right to Life report points out, that doesn't just save money -- it saves lives! They estimate that since 1976, the Hyde Amendment alone has saved well over one million unborn children. Just imagine the impact of an across-the-board ban: an entire generation, spared.

In the meantime, the pro-life movement continues to change and adapt its message to reach more people with the truth about the unborn. From mom-bloggers to public figures (and everyone in between), the internet has transformed the way we lift our voices for the cause of life.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan. 23, 2014

Networks Covered Baby Panda Six Times More than March for Life Is it too much to ask for Americans to get their news from serious adults? Yes, there’s always been bias in media reporting, but it’s hard to imagine journalists who once crossed Europe with Patton cooing “Pandas are magic” into the camera while a real story of genocide is being told in the streets. But that’s where we are. On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands braved freezing temperatures to join the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. to protest and commemorate the 55 million human babies who have been legally killed since 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision. Read More

Wendy Davis Backers Caught on Tape Making Fun of Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed A new undercover videotape may spell further doom for the campaign of Wendy Davis, the pro-abortion candidate for governor in Texas whose sole claim to fame is having filibustered against a bill to ban late-term abortions. The tape has the Davis campaign mocking her pro-life opponent, Greg Abbott, for being paralyzed. This is the second time the Davis campaign has come under criticism for mocking Abbott’s disability. Read More

11 Inspiring Signs From the March for Life This year, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers gathered for the March for Life held in Washington, D.C. every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Here are 11 of the most inspiring signs at the March: Every year, a significant portion of the Marchers are teens and young adults, many of whom come with their college classmates. Read More

Why Pro-Lifers Braved the Cold to Attend the March for Life Temperatures were frigidly low, but spirits were uncompromisingly high today at the March for Life in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from across the country arrived at the National Mall on this 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade to defend the right to life of unborn children – taking their feet and their message all the way to the Supreme Court. Read More

MSNBC Shows Six Abortion Advocates and Zero Pro-Lifers on Roe v. Wade Anniversary The annual March for Life took place yesterday in our nation’s capital, and MSNBC marked the occasion by inviting a slew of pro-choice guests onto its daytime programming to slime the pro-life movement without giving any pro-lifers a chance to respond. Between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, MSNBC featured six pro-choice guests and zero pro-life guests. During the 11 a.m. hour of MSNBC Live, host Brian Shactman brought on Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, to offer her predictable insight on the march and abortion rights in general. Shactman began by attempting to marginalize the march — attended by tens of thousands of mostly young people — asking, “I mean, what’s the impact of the March for Life? Does it have one?” Read More

Religious Group’s Training Event Teaches Clergy to Promote Abortion A pro-abortion religious group in Minnesota is putting on a training seminar to teach clergy how to support women’s abortions. While Biblical principles fully affirm the worth and dignity of human life, the Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice apparently thinks the Bible instructs clergy to promote abortion.godisprolife2“Clergy & faith leaders know that the lives of women & families in our congregations are often complex & challenging, especially around issues of reproductive health and loss,” a promotional for the event says. “Let MNRCRC equip you to be present with your people on these tender pastoral care issues.” Read More

Activist: People Oppose Abortion Because “Their Sex Lives Are So Miserable” One of the derogatory statements some abortion activists say about pro-lifers is that somehow they oppose abortion because they hate sex. Yet, at the same time, they also condemn many pro-life people who decide to have large families. The pro-abortion side sometimes has a hard time with science and facts but it doesn’t take rocket scientist that you can’t blast pro-lifers for hating sex and then also criticize some pro-life couples for having large families. Read More

NARAL President: Having an Abortion is “What Religious Liberty” is About During a debate with Lila Rose on CNN’s Crossfire last night, NARAL president Ilyse Hogue made an outlandish claim. Read More

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