Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 31, 2015

Doctor Saves Premature Baby’s Life, Who Becomes Paramedic and Saves His Life 30 Years Later On March 29, 2011, Dr. Michael Shannon was trapped in a burning car after a car accident with a semi-truck. California’s Orange County Fire Department arrived at the scene and among them was Chris Trokey, a young paramedical. Read More at LifeNews.com

IRS: Abortions are Eligible for a Tax Deduction, Stillborn Babies are Not It’s tax time and millions of Americans are looking for extra deductions to get the maximum refund possible. Some Americans may be surprised to know that, if they aborted their baby last year, they’re eligible for a deduction.   Read More at LifeNews.com

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Abortion Groups Spend More than a Billion of Your Tax Dollars

by CitizenLink Team: More than a billion tax dollars were spent over a three year period on groups that promote abortion. In a report released from the Government Accountability Office, six abortion sellers, including Planned Parenthood, received $1.5 billion.

Planned Parenthood and its affiliates received $344.5 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion from Medicaid, which includes federal and state funds. That’s a total of $1.5 billion over the three year period.

The new data is part of a records request made by United States representatives in 2013. The report covers funding from 2010-2013.

“This report confirms what we suspected all along: Hard-earned taxpayer dollars continue to be used to promote abortions,” said Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee. “As a nurse for more than 40 years, I know that abortion is not health care. In light of this report, Congress should act swiftly by passing the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which would help cut off federal funding of organizations like these that promote the destruction of unborn life.”

The six organizations researched are Planned Parenthood; Population Council; International Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Guttmacher Institute; Advocates for Youth; and Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for killing more than 6 million unborn children,” Rep. Chris Smith explained, “and it is unconscionable that this organization continues to be subsidized by the American taxpayer.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Read the report.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 30, 2015

Woman Who Killed Her Unborn Baby at 25 Weeks, Threw Infant in Dumpster Gets 20 Years in Prison Purvi Patel was arrested after she took abortion pills to take the life of her viable unborn baby. Patel later admitted to police that, after taking the baby’s life, she had placed the newborn in a dumpster behind a local restaurant, which her family owns.
Read More at LifeNews.com

Luxurious Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Gives Customers Robe, Cup of Tea as They Kill Their Baby Apparently making an abortion facility look more like a spa is going to “destigmitize” killing unborn children. The Washington Post reports that a new abortion business is opening in DC and its goal is to make abortion more glamorous. Read More at LifeNews.com

Chris Christie: “I’m Proudly Pro-Life,” Endorses Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks Chris Christie is a potential 2016 presidential candidate on the Republican side and, like the others who are mentioned as possibly seeking the GOP nomination, he is pro-life. Now, Christie has endorsed a national bill pending in Congress that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Read More at LifeNews.com

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Apple CEO: Bill Clinton Is A Bigot

Brian Church, Catholic Vote: Last Friday, I warned that LGBT activists will not stop at marriage.

The current uproar in Indiana is proof.

Last week Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed their state ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ into law. The law is nearly identical to the federal law introduced by Senator Charles Schumer, passed 97-3 by the Senate, and signed by President Clinton in 1993.

The law protects the freedom of all people of faith to live, breathe, and practice their faith as they see fit. No person of faith can be discriminated against unless the government can show that it has a compelling reason to do so.

The LGBT backlash is now in full throttle. Corporations like Apple, Yelp, Salesforce, PayPal and others are threatening to stop doing business in the state unless they repeal the law.

Openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook essentially said: unless Indiana law allows discrimination against people of faith, he and his Silicon Valley bullies will destroy them.

Some facts you need to know about the fight in Indiana:

Indiana’s new law is nothing new. The federal government and 19 other states have similar laws.

The law does not allow anyone to discriminate against gay people for any reason. If a gay person were to order a pastrami sandwich, a deli owner could NOT deny him service under this law.

People of faith that wish to abstain from morally cooperating in gay weddings can do so, and gay people are free to take their business to the thousands of other photographers, florists and banquet halls. It’s called freedom. It’s what we do in America.

Can you connect the dots? Gay marriage is just the start. What irks LGBT activists so much about this new Indiana law is that it strips them of the right to IMPOSE their agenda on you!

Next month the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the question of whether to legalize gay marriage across all 50 states. This week the Justices will receive our amicus brief.

And you can still get a commemorative copy of CV’s amicus brief with your donation by midnight tonight (Pacific Time).

Marriage is not the end game for the sexual liberation left. Their radical goal involves dismantling the nuclear family and annihilating the Judeo-Christian understanding of human sexuality, and even religious freedom itself.

I never thought I would say this, but Bill Clinton was right.

Religious freedom for all.

Please Read:

Indiana Protects Religious Liberty. Why That's Good Policy!


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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 41: Wrap-Up - 402 Babies Spared - It Worked!

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Children who were scheduled to be aborted are alive today ... because over these past 40 days, God blessed your prayers and peaceful vigil.

In fact, we know of ...

402 babies saved from abortion during this 40 Days for Life campaign!

As we enter what’s often called “the week that changed the world,” we journey through the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior’s victory over death is the source of our hope – hope for ourselves ... and hope for our culture.

Thank you for being that witness of hope in a culture of death! This campaign showed how brightly light can shine when it is courageously brought into the darkness.

We have a final devotional for this campaign today … and, as always, a few stories to share.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
It worked!” Those were the words of a young woman who had been sitting in her car in the parking lot of the abortion center in Grand Rapids, talking with a friend who had an abortion appointment.

Lisa, the local coordinator in Grand Rapids, said this woman then went to tell the sidewalk counselors that her friend was not going to keep her appointment. “After picking up a baby gift bag,” she said, “they simply drove away … which was the answer to so many prayers.”

What exactly was it that worked? “The prayer volunteers were praying, the sidewalk counselors were standing by, the friends were talking in the car … and the Holy Spirit somehow used it all to touch the heart of this young mother,” Lisa explained. “What joyful news and what an awesome God!”

Montgomery, Alabama
Michelle, the 40 Days for Life leader in Montgomery, said prayer volunteers witnessed two saves on one day. One of them did not come easily.

This had to be the hardest fight I think I had fought here,” a sidewalk counselor said. “This young woman kept going in and out as her boyfriend tried to stop her, only to end up crying at the side of his car. You don’t see many dads this brave at this place.”

Eventually, the woman walked out to the car where her boyfriend was crying. “Facing each other,” Michelle said, “he gently reached for her hands.”

As they talked quietly with the counselors, a man whose child was being aborted inside the building angrily approached the couple and insisted that she go through with the abortion.

“We have no idea why he was interfering and so adamant,” Michelle said. “All we know is that when the sidewalk counselor said ‘in the name of Jesus, get away,’ he fled immediately.” Finally, the couple drove away. They did not have the abortion.

“Continue to pray for this new family,” Michelle said, that they may “love their baby … and be not afraid.”

Roanoke, Virginia
Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending. But God is in control.

Sean in Roanoke says the 40 Days for Life team was asked to pray for a woman planning to abort twins. But a few days later, the woman went through with the abortion.

I am mourning this great loss,” he said.

But there is hope in the fact that God turns mourning into joy. “Though the sorrow may last for a night, God’s joy comes in the morning. Even in the midst of darkness,” Sean said, “we celebrate the light.

On that note, we end this campaign but continue the battle, knowing in the end that Christ has already claimed the victory.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple Sunday Message: In Case You've Forgotten . . .

No Prayer Too Small for Our Lord To Handle.

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 40: Only God

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Ten years ago ... after we held the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign ... we thought it was just going to be a one-time effort.

But since then, God has taken this campaign from Bryan/College Station, Texas to places no one could have imagined. It has seen blessing after blessing ... with lives saved from abortion, abortion centers closed ... and even the hardest hearts touched and transformed.

Only God could do this!

We wrap up this campaign with a look at three countries where 40 Days for Life is growing rapidly – Mexico, Romania and Croatia.

Steve Karlen, the North American outreach director for 40 Days for Life, describes the Mexican campaigns in one word: “intense!

“The local leaders are keenly aware that abortion isn’t something Mexico City wants,” said Steve, who is attending closing rallies. “It’s been imposed through significant pressure from other countries.”

The response to 40 Days for Life has been amazing. At a Friday night event, Steve said “it was raining, and there were still more people than we could count. People took a two-hour bus ride to come pray.”

This vigil is at outside a Marie Stopes abortion facility in Coyoacan, which mysteriously shut down about three weeks ago. The leaders hope the closure is permanent … but their vigil continues.

This campaign has recorded five saved babies ... including a set of twins.

The other vigils are just as strong. Tere, the leader in Iztapalapa, said there are often as many as 30 people praying, and the local bishop has asked every church to participate.

Dan and Julia are the campaign directors for a first-time campaign in Cluj-Napoca, one of the largest cities in the country.

“The leader of the pro-life movement in Romania is astonished they achieved such an amazing task of doing a campaign in a textbook fashion and wants to know how they did it,” said Robert Colquhoun, the international outreach coordinator for 40 Days for Life.

Around 600 volunteers have participated so far in 40 Days for Life … and there are 10 different cities interested in hosting their own campaigns.

“There are many shy Christians in Romania,” Robert said, “so 40 Days for Life is certainly counter-cultural and counter-intuitive for them. Many people are amazed that the Orthodox believers also came to pray and they have had a real talent encouraging Christians to pray together, ecumenically.”

He said they’ve run an excellent campaign, “which sets a great precedent for the country ... and I expect many spiritual fruits and blessings as a result.”

Ante Caljkusic, who brought the first 40 Days for Life vigil to Zagreb, has watched as the outreach has now spread to ten cities in his country in the past year … and it could expand to 16 or 17 for the next campaign. It may be spreading to adjacent countries as well.

The campaigns must be touching consciences. There were protests reported in two cities, Pula and Split. In Pula, volunteers continued their peaceful prayer as women chanted insulting slogans. In Split, a few people showed up to demonstrate … but they were surprised to find around 100 people in prayer!

The 40 Days for Life project, Ante said, is “very simple and very effective. And that’s why we chose it.”

The next campaign runs from September 23 to November 1. Will your community be part of it? Please pray about it as this campaign draws to a close.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

TX: Pro-Life Prayer Volunteers Attacked With Molotov Cocktail

Pro-life advocates in Texas report they were assaulted by a woman with an incendiary device on Monday night.

According to LifeSiteNews.com,
“Eyewitnesses say Melanie Maria Toney, 52, threw the explosive out of her car window at pro-life advocates as they prayed as part of the 40 Days for Life vigil, but they were able to stomp out the fire before the bottle exploded.

“The Central Texas Coalition for Life reported the attack – and the fact that the woman had been arrested – last night. Toney has been charged with aggravated assault.”
The article states the woman allegedly hurled a Molotov cocktail at a group of volunteers outside an abortion clinic; the group was praying as part of 40 Days for Life, a prayer campaign underway right now.

You can read more about this story here and here.

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 39:

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Your prayer presence hurts the bottom line of the abortion industry ... especially on Saturdays.

Saturday is the busiest day of the week at many abortion facilities … so please find a campaign location and join the vigil!

You never know what God may have in store. You may see your prayers answered as a mother turns away from abortion. Or you may even see a closed sign on the abortion business’s door!

That’s happened several times during this campaign. Here’s one example:

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Toni in Winston-Salem says the Planned Parenthood center has been closed several days during the campaign, including at least one Saturday … which is usually an abortion day.

“This campaign is definitely affecting business for them,” Toni said. She mentioned a couple driving into the parking lot who looked at the prayer volunteers … but did not stop to talk. After about five minutes, though, they turned around and drove out. They never went inside.

“They honked at us before they headed off,” Toni said. “We hope that means another child’s life was saved.”

She stressed the need for more prayer … even when the abortion center is closed. Those prayers, she said, get applied according to God’s will. “That part is for God. We just keep up the prayers and witness and He will take it from there!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I just found out that a young woman who had an abortion scheduled at Planned Parenthood did not go through with it,” said Nikki, the local 40 Days for Life leader in Pittsburgh.

“She didn’t want an abortion, but finally succumbed to the steady pressure of her boyfriend, made the appointment and went to Planned Parenthood,” she said.

But when this woman saw the volunteers praying, she decided not to do it.

One of the people praying was a priest, who was joined by several members of his parish. “I believe seeing clergy and religious at our vigil sends a powerful statement to reach people’s consciences,” Nikki said. “Thank you to all the pastors who have made the time in their busy schedules to witness at our vigil!”

Tucson, Arizona

Matt in Tucson tells of a woman who parked her car near the prayer volunteers … and got out with a huge smile on her face. At first, she just asked, “What are you doing out here?”

The volunteers said not everyone is aware of this, but the building they’re in front of is an abortion center. “We are praying for everyone going in there today … and for an end to abortion.”

“I actually just came from the clinic,” she said, “and I had a sonogram. I am about eight weeks along and my fiancĂ© doesn’t even know I’m here.” He was very much against the abortion, she said. “I’ve changed my mind now and I’m going to keep the baby!”

The volunteers gave her information about local pregnancy resources and told her to get in touch if they can help in any way.

“This reminded us of the importance of being out there,” Matt said. “Let us continue to pray for her.”

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pro-Life News, Mar 27, 2015

Woman Who Cut 7-Month-Old Baby Out of Mother’s Womb Won’t Face Murder Charge After an examination of the 7-month-old unborn baby who was cut out of a Colorado woman’s womb this week, county officials say they will not charge the woman who cut the baby out of her mother’s womb with murder for killing the baby. Read More at LifeNews.com

Prosecutor Who Won’t Charge Woman for Killing Unborn Baby Had Planned Parenthood Backing As LifeNews has reported, the Colorado woman who cut out a 7-month-old unborn baby from a mother’s abdomen, resulting in the death of the infant, will not be charged with murder. Read More at LifeNews.com

Blind, Autistic Boy Leaves Viewers in Tears as He Sings “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord” In May 2001, Christopher Duffley was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound and 12 ounces with cocaine in his system. He was blind, autistic, and suffered from a host of other medical ailments. Read More at LifeNews.com

Abortion Clinic in Kansas Botches Abortion, Tries to Hide Victim With No Lights or Sirens
An ambulance was called to South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, for a woman experiencing a medical emergency on March 26, 2015.
Read More at LifeNews.com

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Pro-Life Victories!

Abolish Human Abortion : An Abolitionist takes a walk around an abortion clinic that was shut down by pro-life legislation!

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 38: It's not too late!

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Have you gone to pray at your local 40 Days for Life vigil yet?

For some, the answer is, “I really wanted to ... but just never made it out there.” If that’s you, then I have good news – it’s not too late!

You still have today, tomorrow and Sunday to go out and make a difference. Here’s the link to the 40 Days for Life locations.

Find one … and please go pray. You just may see a life saved. That’s what happened to me during my stop in St. Louis!

St. Louis, Missouri
I had a great visit at the St. Louis 40 Days for Life campaign in front of the only abortion facility in Missouri.

The leader, Brian Westbrook, also leads the St. Louis Coalition for Life. Brian courageously left his job as an engineer to do full-time pro-life work and has helped save many lives in St. Louis.

The local Thrive pregnancy center has a mobile ultrasound bus outside this large Planned Parenthood center. As all of us were there praying, a mom left Planned Parenthood and went into the bus.

Praise God!

Louisville, Kentucky
While a handful of people prayed at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Louisville, a young woman and her male companion went into the abortion center. As they walked towards the building, a counselor was offering to help them. But still, they went inside.

Before too long, though, they returned to the sidewalk and met the counselor … who walked the young woman to the nearby pregnancy help center, where she received positive, life-affirming assistance.

God is so very good,” said one of the vigil participants.

Springfield, Illinois
“At our Springfield Planned Parenthood, a young woman came out and gave me a hug and said she was going to keep her baby!” said Claudia, the local coordinator.

“She thanked us for being there and said that our prayerful presence there caused her to change her mind and not have an abortion,” she said. “This experience has made the effort all worthwhile for me.

Claudia said that just knowing one life has been saved is a tremendous blessing. “I can only imagine how many more women have the same experience but never say anything.”

San Fernando Valley, California
“We had a pretty good prayer presence during the morning hours,” said Patti, who leads the San Fernando Valley campaign, “and our sidewalk counselor at the back driveway watched closely as a couple drove into the back parking lot, parked … and talked for about ten minutes.”

Patti said after they had wrapped up their discussion, they started their car and drove away.

She’s praying that this couple, like many others before them, have chosen life.

“Just our prayerful witnessing is enough to change so many hearts … and save so many lives!” Patti said. “If you haven’t devoted any time yet to this 40 Days for Life vigil, please consider doing so.”

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 26, 2015

Meet 10 People Who Changed Their Mind About Abortion Some of us start off as pro-life, but not all. Those who converted offer a certain kind of perspective. They saw the truth and the light, and they became pro-life! Here’s a list of just some who have been on the incredible journey towards accepting life. Read More

NAACP Continues Battle to Silence Black Pro-Lifer Who Bashed It’s Pro-Abortion Stance The NAACP is continuing its battle to silence a black pro-life writer who parodied it’s pro-abortion stance by referring to the NAACP as the “National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.” Read More

CBS Promotes Putting Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger on $20 Bill The journalists at CBS This Morning on Wednesday promoted as uncontroversial the idea that Andrew Jackson should be removed from the $20 bill and substituted with the likes of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger or radical environmentalist Rachel Carson. Read More

He Tried to Convince His Girlfriend to Abort. When She Didn’t, He Threw Her Daughter Off a Cliff Prosecutors are trying for a third time to convince a jury that Cameron John Brown threw his 4-year-old daughter off a 120-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes nearly 15 years ago. Brown’s attorney said Lauren Sarene Key’s death was an accident. Read More

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 37: There goes the neighborhood

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Many people are unaware that abortions happen on their own streets ... until 40 Days for Life campaigns shed light on this reality.

As more people find out ... the abortion business is not always viewed as a welcome neighbor.

Here’s one 40 Days for Life location where Planned Parenthood’s facility is becoming more and more isolated.

Vancouver, Washington
The 40 Days for Life vigil in Vancouver takes place outside a Planned Parenthood center in a small shopping center. This business is practically surrounded by empty storefronts with “for lease” signs in their windows.

One morning recently … the Planned Parenthood office was unoccupied as well. “I arrived about 7:30,” said Ed, the local leader in Vancouver. “Usually, the Planned Parenthood staff arrives about the same time.”

But on this day, a small sign was posted on the door: “Sorry for the inconvenience, but our health center is closed.” The sign listed shortened office hours later in the day.

“We are hoping and praying hard that this is an indication that they might be considering closing this facility permanently,” Ed said.

Tampico, Mexico
Abortion is not legal in Tampico ... and the volunteers there are praying and working hard so it remains that way.

“We have had more people each day,” said Carla, the local leader. They are raising awareness, she said, “and finally people in Tampico are starting to speak and are willing to defend life.”

They’ve heard about a local woman who was considering abortion (it’s legal only in Mexico City), but has now changed her mind. “We have several people that have had abortions years ago and they told us they feel they have started to heal.”

On a personal level, Carla said, “I can tell you my life can be divided before and after 40 Days for Life. I can’t even describe what I’m feeling right know. I’m really, really thankful for the opportunity to be doing this.

Norman, Oklahoma
“We had a miracle today!” said Connie in Norman. “A young mother was at the abortion clinic with her toddler son … and proved to be the perfect testament.”

As this mom prayed, she watched as a young couple went in and out of the abortion center several times. This all ended when the woman came storming out. The volunteer saw an opportunity to talk to her, and asked if she needed assistance.

After a bit of discussion, the mom drove an emotional young woman to the pregnancy help center. After talking with the counselors there, she decided to keep the baby.

“The girl left without the guy,” Connie said, “and the volunteer drove her about two hours to meet her family so she could move back home.” The baby is safe, but this is a difficult situation. Please keep this family in your prayers!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 25, 2015

Report Shows Americans Forced to Send $1.5 Billion to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business A new governmental report shows American taxpayers have been forced to send $1.5 billion in federal funds to the nation’s biggest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. Read More at LifeNews.com

Pro-Lifers Arrested as They Demand Congress Vote to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks A group of pro-life advocates went to the halls of Congress today to ask members of the House of Representatives to hurry their work on repairing a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks. The measure has the strong support of Speaker John Boehner and pro-life groups but more than a dozen members of the use sabotaged the bill back in January when Boehner attempted to bring it up for a vote. Read More at LifeNews.com

Pregnant After I Was Raped, I Hated My Baby and Wanted an Abortion. But Something Changed "I was raped on my way to a professional exam. After the incident, I kept telling myself that it didn’t happen and I had to move on. I almost believed myself — until I found out a month later that I was PREGNANT, then everything that happened came rushing back." Read More at LifeNews.com

New York House Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them The New York state House proved that promoting the best interest of women doesn’t include pushing late-term abortions. Read More at LifeNews.com

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OFL’s Facebook page helped rescue an unborn baby in West Africa

A young mother in West Africa was contemplating abortion…until she came upon our page.

Brian Fischer, Online for Life: When Online for Life launched its Facebook page, we never imagined that in just a little over four years we’d grow to nearly 635,000 followers. All we knew is we had a unique pro-life message to share—a message that by and large was not being presented.

From day one, we wanted to be known as a nonprofit organization that presents the raw truth about abortion, but does so in a compassionate and loving manner. As a result, the Online for Life Facebook page has become one of the most active social media sites in the pro-life space. Our formula is simple: we pair beautiful graphics with powerful truths and post them to our page every day. The result is a dynamic and active page where people of all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities freely respond with their thoughts and ideas. Our Facebook posts often garner at least 5,000 Likes, with more provocative posts reaching as many as 15,000 Likes!

But we’re not about achieving big numbers. Our ultimate goal is to move the pro-life conversation forward so we can change hearts and minds. Just recently, we heard from a young mother in West Africa who was contemplating abortion…until she came upon our Facebook page. This is her story:
“Bali” contacted Online for Life via Facebook on February 12. In her final year as a university student, “Bali” discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, her boyfriend of four years denied any responsibility for their child and pressured her to abort. With no family or friends willing to support her, “Bali” felt completely alone and believed abortion was her only solution.

While searching online for abortion-related information, an ad guided “Bali” to the Online for Life Facebook page. Captivated by the stories of abortion-determined women who ultimately chose life for their children, “Bali’s” heart began to soften toward choosing life as well. “I began to think that maybe I could have the baby on my own.”

After hours spent sitting in front of her computer, reading stories and studying the Facebook graphics, “Bali” decided to keep her baby. She immediately emailed our team and described the impact our Facebook page had made in her decision to choose life for her child. Inspired by the life-saved stories featured on the Online for Life wall, “Bali” was able to stand up to her friends, family, and boyfriend who were pressuring her to abort.

“Even though my boyfriend and my family have turned their backs on me, I know I could never abort this baby.” With firm conviction, “Bali” added, “I know God will see me through.”
Online for Life has remained in constant communication with “Bali,” doing what we can to support her in her courageous decision. After making several calls to local charities, we were able to find her housing and employment after she graduates in May.

“Bali’s” story reminds us of the power of social media in changing hearts and minds regarding life. Regardless of time zone or continent, Online for Life can reach people all over the world with the compassionate message of life.

We invite you to join our Facebook page and become a part of this important conversation that’s changing the face of the pro-life community on social media.

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 36,

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: At the beginning of a 40 Days for Life campaign, those driving by are often judging the prayer vigil.

At first, the reactions vary from supportive honks to perhaps a distasteful shout or gesture. As the campaign goes on, those passing by see you in all sorts of weather conditions ... and even if they disagree with you, over time they come to respect you.

Their attention may turn from you ... to the reality of abortion in their community. We have seen people who mock the vigil during the first week of the campaign actually join the prayer participants in the final week.

Here are some stories from three different countries.

Auckland, New Zealand

“The majority of the time we will not know the fruit of our prayer or work to promote and save lives,” said one of the leaders in Auckland. But occasionally, God will reveal His blessings.

A woman approached the prayer team outside the abortion center. They recognized her. At last year’s 40 Days for Life vigil, she was one of the most vocal opponents.

“But here’s the thing,” said the 40 Days for Life team member. “Our presence affected her so much that she realised she needed healing!

They learned that her vocal abuse was a manifestation of the deep hurt she experienced after being forced to abort three children. Finally, this mother went to God in prayer. Today she is praying for the 40 Days for Life effort, with plans to join the vigil if she is able.

“From vocal abuser … to healing … to praying in solidarity with us,” the volunteer said. “God is so good!

Calgary, Alberta
Michele in Calgary was a bit concerned. She was alone at the 40 Days for Life vigil, holding a sign with the message “Women need support, not abortion.” As she prayed for the women entering the abortion center, she cried and wondered if her prayers were making a difference.

The police had been called earlier in the day after someone complained about a sign. Now, Michele saw a woman outside the building, talking on her phone. She stopped in the driveway and pointed directly at Michele.

“I thought she was calling the police again,” she said. “Then she crossed the street and came towards me. I braced myself for a tongue lashing.”

But that was not what happened! “She hugged me and said, ‘Thank you, just thank you!’ Then she immediately walked away,” Michele said. “I was stunned. I then cried even harder in thanksgiving.”

Michele said she really didn’t do anything. “I just stood there with a sign, praying … I was just privileged to be a witness to God’s love and mercy. Our presence and prayers do make a difference ... and we must keep doing it.”

Baltimore, Maryland
“God uses every encounter we have at the abortion clinic,” said Julia in Baltimore, “no matter how seemingly small.” Such was the case in an exchange between one of the 40 Days for Life volunteers and a passing driver.

The vigil participant was holding a sign with the message, “My heart was beating 18 days from conception.”

“A woman got out of her car, approached me and handed me a dollar,” the volunteer explained. “She pointed to the sign and indicated that it was for the baby. I asked if she wanted me to donate it to Pregnancy Center West, and she nodded her head.”

She isn’t completely sure the woman understood her. “But I’ve got that dollar in a Pregnancy Center West envelope that I’m about to send out,” she said. “God is at work!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 24, 2015

Democrats in Congress Would Rather Fund Abortions Than Help the Poor The pro-abortion lobby loves to call pro-lifers who support abortion regulations extremists; however, we’re not the ones filibustering late-term abortion bans and bipartisan legislation to stop human trafficking, or throwing fits about the non-controversial Hyde amendment Read More at LifeNews.com

Abortion Activist Throws Firebomb at Pro-Lifers Praying at Texas Abortion Clinic An abortion activist drove by a group of pro-life people peacefully praying at a local Austin, Texas abortion clinic and threw a firebomb at them. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. Read More at LifeNews.com

Bill Maher Tells Guest She’s “Super Selfish” for Having Five Children Schlapp, incredulous — “That’s horrible, Bill. …. I’m the mother of five kids!” Maher — “Well, you shouldn’t be!” (huge reaction from the audience). Schlapp — “My poor children! They’re awesome!” Maher — “Well, that’s super selfish in a world …” Read More at LifeNews.com

CNN Host Sally Kohn is Raising Funds to Pay for Abortions in the Most Disgusting Way Not content to simply hold a position in favor of abortion on demand, CNN host Sally Kohn is going out of her way to spearhead a fundraiser for pregnant women. No, the fundraising event isn’t going to help pay for baby clothes or bottles or even support delivery costs or education for women after having their baby. Read More at LifeNews.com

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 35, It's no coincidence

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: This has been a cold 40 Days for Life campaign in northern climates -- especially in Moscow, where volunteers are hosting their third vigil.

Despite the cold, the campaign in Moscow continues to grow ... and save lives from abortion. Whether it’s in the cold of Russia or the warmth of Florida, God is answering prayer ... and sometimes in suprising ways.

Yesterday, we shared the video celebrating 10,000 babies saved from abortion during 40 Days for Life campaigns. That video shows there are no coincidences. When you have faith, when you trust God and when you defend what is good ... God responds. And that’s not a coincidence!

Every life is sacred in God’s eyes. And He created each of us out of love, not by coincidence. Here are a few examples …

Moscow, Russia
Some unexpected events unfolded at the 40 Days for Life campaign in Moscow. We sometimes hear complaints about vigil participants’ signs. But in this case, there were complaints about the abortion center’s sign.

Arevik, one of the leaders in Moscow, said city employees arrived at the MedService facility … and took down the sign advertising the business! “It turned out,” she said, “the banner had not been registered.”

No one knows who initiated the removal – or why. “But we do realize that this is the work of our prayers,” Arevik said, adding that the campaign has seen several other “amazing results.”

The volunteers heard the abortion center’s doctors no longer do abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy – a change from previous practices. That’s at least a step.

The team also knows of two babies saved so far. One was the child of a married couple. “They already have a 4-year-old,” Arevik said. “The father didn’t want the abortion, but the mother did.” She didn’t think she could raise two young children.

Another woman spoke to one of the prayer volunteers … and she too changed her mind.

College Park, Maryland
Tom in College Park reminded the 40 Days for Life volunteers that they themselves are often a sign – a sign to the women arriving for abortions, of course.

But they also “join fellow Christians in group prayer as a sign to the community that what goes on inside Metropolitan Family Planning … begs the community’s action to see the place shut down.”

The campaign has set aside special vigil hours where local clergy lead the volunteers in prayer. Tom put out the call for as many people as possible to “renew your hope and vision for the days to come. Pray more frequently and more fervently for an end to abortion in our time!”

Lakeland, Florida
A prayer volunteer told Maryanne, the local leader in Lakeland, that as she and her daughter were praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Lakeland, they watched a car drive up to the abortion center – with another mother and daughter inside.

The younger woman went into the building for a while … then came back out. She and her mother sat talking for some time.

Eventually, the young woman called out, “I’m going to have a baby!” There was a lot of noise and traffic … and the volunteer wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. So she spoke a bit louder: “I’m having a baby!”

She had tears in her eyes as she told her story and explained her decision. The volunteer recommended the local pregnancy help center, which could offer just the sort of assistance she was looking for.

“This is our first save of the campaign,” Maryanne said. “Praised be God!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Pro-Life News, March 23, 2015

Pro-Life Ted Cruz Launches Campaign for Republican Nomination for President With a rousing speech today at Liberty University, Ted Cruz is announcing is bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. The strongly pro-life U.S. senator from Texas has been an articulate defender of life and has had a consistent pro-life voting record in Congress. Read More at LifeNews.com

Will Woman Who Cut 7-Month-Old Baby Out of Mother’s Womb be Charged With Murder? Formal charges against the woman who cut out a 7-month-old unborn baby from a mother’s stomach will be delayed until Friday. Boulder County courts indicated today that the filing of formal charges will be pushed back until Friday pending a closer look at the autopsy of the baby girl. Read More at LifeNews.com

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40 Days for Life, Mar 2015, 1st Campaign, Day 34, Video - - 10,000 Lives Saved!

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: We start off the final week of this 40 Days for Life campaign with HUGE news!
Since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign in 2007, we have now received cumulative reports of 10,000 babies who are alive today because their mothers rejected abortion and chose life!

10,000!! To God be the glory … great things He has done!

Watch this beautiful two-minute video to see many of the children who have been saved by the grace of God … and through your prayers and efforts

Video Source

Tempe, Arizona
A young couple had just left Planned Parenthood when a 40 Days for Life prayer volunteer caught their attention. As they talked, they explained that they didn’t think they could afford another child.

It turns out they couldn’t even afford the $75 Planned Parenthood wanted to charge them for an ultrasound.

That’s when the vigil participant said they could get a free ultrasound at a nearby pregnancy help center. When the center’s director heard this couple was on the way, she dropped everything and headed back to arrange the ultrasound.

All this time, the young man and woman smiled as they read a brochure about the development of the baby – and talked about what they were seeing.

As they left for the pregnancy center, the woman said, “We hope it’s a boy.”

Houston, Texas
The Houston team tells of a woman who was going to Planned Parenthood to schedule an abortion. But when she got there, the place was closed.

But even though Planned Parenthood was locked up for the day, there was a man praying on the sidewalk. She spoke to him, and he gave her a coupon for free services at the Big Blue Bus – the mobile pregnancy help center that spends many hours every week parked outside the abortion center.

A few days later, she returned and told the counselors on the bus she was there to redeem her coupon. She had changed her mind and chosen life for her unborn child!

“When she saw her baby on the ultrasound,” said one of the volunteers, “she called this man an angel sent from God. If we hadn’t been there with our Big Blue Bus, chances are she would have gone into Planned Parenthood.”

Sharonville, Ohio
The 40 Days for Life vigil in Sharonville takes place outside a business that stopped doing surgical abortions … but still offers chemical abortions.

“From what we understand,” said Mary Jo in Sharonville, “the cost of this is close to what an early-term surgical abortion costs. The abortion clinic continues to make a lot of money even though it is not doing surgical abortions.”

So the volunteers keep praying … and learning that their prayers are being answered.

A young woman who was entering the abortion center accepted some information from volunteers, but went inside anyway. She left … and returned a few days later. But this time, when she came out, she told the volunteers she had changed her mind and was keeping her baby.

“The weather is getting better,” Mary Jo said. “Please consider coming to pray!

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