Monday, December 21, 2015

Abortion Activist: “No Uterus? No Opinion:” If You’re a Pro-Life Man, You Should Shut Up

Ananya Saha wants pro-lifers to be quiet, especially men. The young, Indian abortion advocate uses the typical rhetoric from the pro-abortion playbook to accuse pro-lifers of denying a woman “her right over her body.” Writing for the youth opinion website Youth Ki Awaaz, Saha argues for the legalization of abortion across the world, especially in Ireland and India. Read More

Tags: Abortion Activist, No Uterus? No Opinion, Pro-Life Man, You Should Shut Up
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Anonymous said...

Fathers of children should never be silent when their child is being abused.

Jennifer Chan said...

A man have every right to speak up about his unborn child...anaya Saha is the one who should SHUT UP