Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump Condemns Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Ruling

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today condemned the decision the Supreme Court handed down on Monday reversing part of a pro-life Texas law that protects women’s health and has also saved the lives of thousands of unborn children and closed abortion clinics that can’t ensure adequate protection for women.

The high court ruled 5-3 against the Texas pro-life law with Justice Stephen Breyer writing the decision.

In new comments today, Trump condemned the Supreme Court ruling and said the result would be “the opposite” if he is elected president and can appoint Supreme Court justices, like one to replace pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia. ....

Recently, Trump released a well-received list of 11 potential Supreme Court nominees — a list pro-life groups hailed for having strong supporters of the Constitution. He also told a group of more than 1,000 pro-life leaders and activists that he would appoint pro-life judges.

“We are going to appoint great Supreme Court justices… These will be justices of great intellect… And they will be pro-life,” he said.

If Trump is the nominee, he would present a stark contrast on abortion to pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton. .... Read More

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UN Honors Planned Parenthood Abortion Activist with Population Award

Planned Parenthood executive Carmen Barroso
by Stefano Gennarini, J.D., CFAM: The United Nations awarded longtime Planned Parenthood executive Carmen Barroso for her work promoting “sexual and reproductive health and rights” at a ceremony at UN headquarters last week.

The iconic abortion advocate dedicated the award to doctors and health providers who perform illegal abortions and explained how the motivation for her life’s work was personal. Dancing to a Brazilian tune as she received the UN Population Award, Barroso called these doctors “unsung heroes.”

The head of the UN Population Fund Babtunde Osotimehin praised Barroso for 40 years of advocacy for “sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the right of adolescents to comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services.”

Barroso said she became pregnant early in her marriage. Life under the Brazil’s military regime was “too much to bear,” she said, adding that she and her husband wanted to put off having a family in order to pursue the “small pleasures of life” as well as “freedom and social justice.”

She was “not comfortable with the daily dose” of hormonal contraceptives so she switched to an intra-uterine devise, which led to “copious periods with cramps.” While on the IUD she missed her period.

“I froze with horror,” she exclaimed loudly. “The castle of my future came crumbling down,” adding that she was in such a state that she began feeling as if her husband was a “monster inseminator” who had “lost a mischievous sperm” that was now assaulting her “defenseless ovaries.”

“There was only one way out,” she concluded. “Interrupt the pregnancy.”

Barroso said she found a “very religious” doctor, but one “who saw that I was in serious trouble.” He gave her medication and told her to go to the hospital and say it was a miscarriage, and to avoid questions.

The doctor told her the medication was necessary because the IUD had been dislocated, but Barroso believes to this day that he made all that up “to justify himself to do something against his belief.”

Barroso said her “so-called miscarriage” was “hell” but concluded it was overall necessary. “I will be eternally grateful. My husband and I were able to realize the future we dreamed of.”

The United Nations Population Award is given each year to individuals or organizations in recognition of “the most outstanding contribution to increasing the awareness of population questions or to their solution.”

The first UN Population Award in 1983 went to Indira Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister responsible for implementing coercive population control programs in India, and Qian Xinzhong, the Health Minister of China who created the one-child policy. More recently Bill and Melinda Gates received the award for investing unprecedented sums in fertility policies in Africa and East Asia.

Before directing Planned Parenthood for the Western hemisphere, a post she recently left, Barroso was a director at the MacArthur Foundation, where she worked to link the population control and reproductive health agendas.

She has gone as far as claiming that “Providing family planning for those who want it could provide up to 29 percent of needed reductions in carbon emissions,” even though UN Population experts have shot down similar claims.

Barroso is a member of the Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health, and chairs the Independent Expert Review Group of the Global Strategy on Women and Children’s Health appointed by the UN Secretary General.
Stefano Gennarini is the Director of the Center for Legal Studies at the Center for Family and Human Rights Institute. Stefano earned a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School in Indiana in 2011 and was a Blackstone Legal Fellow in 2009. Before attending law school, Stefano trained to be a priest at the Redemptoris House of Formation in London and attended Hyethrop College, University of London where he obtained a Bachelor in Theology.

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Pro-Abortion Activists Oppose Free Car Seats For Needy Babies

How committed to abortion do you have to be to fight free car seats? Committed enough to be earning a six-figure salary while providing nothing to needy women and children?

In New York City, where four in 10 pregnancies end in abortion, Bridge to Life offers women in all five boroughs a desperately needed alternative. Serving in two locations—Flushing and Astoria—and hopeful of opening a third based on the demand for their care, Bridge to Life’s fully volunteer material assistance program reaches nearly 2,000 women and children every year.

Recognizing the value the organization brings to the community, two New York City Council members—one a Democrat and the other a pro-choice Republican—have pledged $5,000 each in discretionary funding for the upcoming fiscal year. Naturally, “pro-choice” activists throughout the city that never sleeps have come unglued.

Before the ink had time to dry on the two council members’ signatures, NY1 reporter Courtney Gross had filed a story reporting “pro-choice activists” were appalled their fair city should be directing any funds to a nonprofit that gives away car seats, diapers, baby clothes, and—most alarming of all—information on abortion and its life-affirming alternatives. . . .

. . . isn’t it time we revisited using the term “pro-choice” for those, like Miller, who are so vigilantly dedicated to building an abortion-only empire that they alert the media when a government buys a couple of car seats? I think the term we’re looking for here is “pro-abortion,” although “anti-choice” or “anti-car seat” would do just fine, too. . . Read More - By Jay Hobbs on The Federalist

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Supreme Court Reinforces Role As National Abortion Control Board

by Anna Paprocki, The Federalist: This week, five justices on the Supreme Court announced they have every intention of continuing to legislate from the bench about important social issues, especially abortion. Ditching separation of powers in favor of designating themselves as the one-stop-shop for abortion rules, they also proved they take their political cues from the abortion industry.

The result of their controversial decision to strike down duly enacted health and safety standards for abortion clinics is clearly a lowered standard of care for women seeking abortions in Texas. What remains to be seen is how the court’s most recent iteration of its already muddled “undue burden” standards impacts the ability of all 50 states to enact and enforce medically appropriate health and safety requirements.

The court’s opinion in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt troublingly suggests that any language from its prior cases indicating states can regulate abortion to best protect maternal health are merely “feel-good” statements. The real sham against women is the court’s false promises of protection.

‘Undue Burden’ Is Whatever We Think It Is
While the court recites language from the 1973 case Roe v. Wade that states have a legitimate interest “in seeing to it that abortion, like any other medical procedure, is performed under circumstances that insure maximum safety for the patient,” it quickly caveats that “maximum safety” guarantee with a big “but”: its 1992 plurality decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In Casey, the Supreme Court held that laws that admittedly further the states’ valid interest—the legitimate end of maximum patient safety—may be deemed unconstitutional if the court decides the law imposes an “undue burden” or in other words “has the effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of the woman’s choice.”

This unique-to-abortion “undue burden” standard the court created in Casey has been rightly criticized since its inception. Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent in Casey shrewdly foreshadowed that “the joint opinion’s verbal shell game will conceal raw judicial policy choices concerning what is ‘appropriate’ abortion legislation.”

This week’s opinion takes the “undue burden” language to new heights of malleability for courts to engage in future legislative power grabs. In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas describes “[w]hatever scrutiny the majority applies to Texas’ law, it bears little resemblance to the undue-burden test the Court articulated in [Casey] and its successors.”

Significantly, the court retreated from the deferential standard it gave Congress in Gonzales v. Carhart: a 2007 opinion written by Justice Kennedy that upheld the federal ban on partial-birth abortion. It rejected the idea that it meant to put any constraints on its own policy-making, baldly stating that “[t]he statement that legislatures, and not courts, must resolve questions of medical uncertainty is also inconsistent with this Court’s case law.” In other words, the Supreme Court insists on remaining the National Abortion Control Board. It can and will substitute its preferred policy judgment whenever and however it wants.

Bad People Will Ignore Safety Laws, So Why Bother
The Hellerstedt decision was rife with the court’s substitution of its judgment for that of Texas policymakers. Contrary to the consistent testimony in the legislative record, the Supreme Court held there was a “virtual absence of any health benefit” for the health and safety laws.

The court also dangerously rested its “undue burden” judgment on whether an abortion regulation interferes with mere access to abortion clinics or threatens the number of clinics in the state. Notably, “fewer doctors, longer waiting times, and increased crowding”—the rationale the court offered Monday—are all true when predatory providers, such as convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell, close. Clearly, shoddy, substandard, and incompetent abortionists provide mere “access” to abortion.

The court paid lip service to the problem of dangerous abortionists that the Gosnell trial highlighted. It acknowledged that “Gosnell’s behavior was terribly wrong.” However, it bizarrely concluded that “[d]etermined wrongdoers, already ignoring existing statutes and safety measures, are unlikely to be convinced to adopt safe practices by a new overlay of regulations.”

Deterrence is only one purpose of the law. Moreover, the argument that “bad people do bad things, therefore we cannot enhance our laws” is utterly absurd. It is hard to imagine the court would seriously consider such an argument against otherwise-permissible regulation of guns.

The court’s abortion distortion is, of course, not new. Monday’s decision, as Justice Thomas notes in dissent, “exemplifies the Court’s troubling tendency ‘to bend the rules when any effort to limit abortion, or even to speak in opposition to abortion, is at issue.’”

There is no perceptible silver lining to today’s decision, but the pro-life movement has always been resilient and resourceful. Despite today’s troublesome opinion, the pro-life community will remain committed to protecting the lives of both mothers and their babies.

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Senate Democrats Block Bill to Combat Zika Virus Because It Doesn’t Fund Planned Parenthood

In their latest show of allegiance to the abortion industry, pro-abortion U.S. Senators (Democrats) blocked a critical aid bill to combat the Zika virus on Tuesday because it does not give taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.

The bill passed the U.S. House last week to provide $1.1 billion for prevention, research and other measures to stop the virus from spreading. However, The Washington Examiner reports the bill basically died on Tuesday after it failed to get the 60 votes necessary to end a Senate debate. . . .

Abortion advocates have been using the link as an excuse to push for more abortions on babies with disabilities. Some pro-abortion groups even have been scaring women into aborting their unborn babies without knowing if they have Zika or if their unborn baby has a disability. ... Read More

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Supreme Court Allows State to Force Pro-Life Pharmacists to Sell Abortion Pills

Just one day after issuing a major ruling striking down a portion of a pro-life law in Texas saving thousands of babies from abortion and closing unscrupulous abortion clinics, the Supreme Court has made a second anti-life decision.

Today, the nation’s highest court refused to hear an appeal from pro-life pharmacists in Washington state who are challenging a state law forcing them to sell the morning after pull and abortion-causing drugs that violate their conscience as Christians instead of allowing them to refer customers to nearby pharmacies.

A pro-life family that runs pharmacies in Washington State has been at the center of an epic battle over religious rights for years. In 2007, abortion activists convinced the Washington Board of Pharmacy to pass regulations that force pharmacists in the state to dispense abortion causing drugs. . . . Read More

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69 Times More Black People Die From Abortion Than Homicide #BlackLivesMatter

Black pastor Walter B. Hoye II wants to get on board with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but it troubles him how the movement ignores the leading cause of death among Black Americans – abortion.

Hoye, president of the Issues4LifeFoundation, said abortions on Black Americans outnumber the homicides of Black Americans by 69 to 1. Yet, little attention is drawn to ending the genocide of abortion in the Black community.

He uncovered some shocking data by comparing a 2013 report from the Violence Policy Center, which shows that there were 6,217 Black American homicides that year, and national abortion statistics from 2013 showing that there were 429,000 abortions on Black American women.
In other words, for every three Black babies born in America, two will be aborted.

The numbers get worse.

In 2013, there were an estimated 429,000 abortions in Black America.

This equates to …

35,750 abortions per month
8,250 abortions per week
1,175 abortions per day
49 abortions per hour

This amounts to 1 Black abortion every 74 seconds.
. . . Read More

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Senate Democrats Block Bill to Combat Zika Virus Because It Doesn’t Fund Planned Parenthood

In their latest show of allegiance to the abortion industry, pro-abortion U.S. Senators blocked a critical aid bill to combat the Zika virus on Tuesday because it does not give taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.

The bill passed the U.S. House last week to provide $1.1 billion for prevention, research and other measures to stop the virus from spreading. However, The Washington Examiner reports the bill basically died on Tuesday after it failed to get the 60 votes necessary to end a Senate debate.

Zika, a growing problem in Central and South America, has been linked to birth defects in newborns. Several countries have seen an alarming uptick in the number of babies born with microcephaly, a brain disorder that is not typically fatal but can cause health problems throughout the child’s life.

Abortion advocates have been using the link as an excuse to push for more abortions on babies with disabilities. Some pro-abortion groups even have been scaring women into aborting their unborn babies without knowing if they have Zika or if their unborn baby has a disability.

Democrats have been trying to blame the stalled aid bill on Republicans, but pro-abortion Democrats have been the ones blocking it because it does not include taxpayer funding for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Pro-abortion President Barack Obama also said he would veto the bill because it blocked funding to the abortion business, Breitbart reports. The $1.1 billion in funding also is less than what Obama wants, according to reports. . . . Read More

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Rape Culture And Hookup Culture Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Joseph Turner: Rape culture has reared its ugly head in the media once again. The culprit most recently is former Stanford University athlete Brock Turner, caught in a heinous act of sexual assault against an unconscious “Emily Doe” behind a dumpster.

The facts of this case are unambiguous, the victim’s statement heart-rending, Turner’s efforts to dodge justice deplorable, and the judge’s sentence dissatisfying. In no other case has the narrative of a toxic campus rape culture been so compelling.

This incident raises the usual questions. Is this horrendous crime symptomatic of a larger social trend? Or is it an aberration, disturbing but with few implications for decent people? There’s no easy answer to this. But it will help if we zoom out and examine our sexual campus culture as a whole. . . .

Subjective sex leads seamlessly from hookup to rape culture. This is for two reasons. One, an offended party can subjectively define herself as having been violated at any time, during or after a sexual act. In this case, a student may find himself the subject of a sexual assault investigation even when the legal criteria for rape are nowhere in sight. This danger is already much discussed.

Two, less obvious but equally problematic, is it makes no sense to tell someone any sex act he might desire is either innocent and laudable or heinous and deplorable, with nothing in between. Sex can’t be either meaningless or criminal. Sexual morality (yes, it is a real thing) exists on a spectrum. There are plenty of things we legally can do but still shouldn’t. To deny this is to remove a necessary guide to personal conduct. Subjective sexual ethics are hard enough to comprehend even on a theoretical level, and well-nigh impossible to implement in real life.

The ideology of the hookup culture sets everyone up to be a victim by luring students into the vast expanse of sexual gray area, then telling them it’s black and white. The line may be blurry, but trust us: it’s there. Get as close to it as you want, you’re just expressing yourself! But damned if you set foot across it, knowingly or not. Students are invited to frolic near the edge of a cliff. . . . Our youth need to learn that apart from legal and illegal, there are questions of right and wrong. . . . Read More @ The Federalist

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Pro-Lifers on Supreme Court Abortion Case: 'We're Coming Back in Full Force'

Members of the pro-life movement standing outside the Supreme Court on Monday were visibly discouraged by the 5-3 decision striking down a Texas law that imposed health and safety regulations on abortion clinics. But those activists showed no signs that they intend to back down from the battle over abortion in the United States.

“The pro-life generation is stronger than ever before,” Maddie Schulte, a regional coordinator at Students for Life, told The Daily Signal outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. “I’m excited to see what comes next. We’re coming back full force.”

“We believe in life,” added Anja Scheib, a programs intern for Students for Life. “Millennials,” in particular, she said, “are becoming more pro-life.”

The case before the Supreme Court, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, involves a Texas law, known as H.B. 2. The law required abortion facilities to meet the same health and safety standards as other facilities performing similarly invasive surgeries. It also required physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, in the event that something went wrong during an abortion procedure.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that while abortion is legal in the United States, states are allowed to regulate the procedure as long as those regulations don’t pose an “undue burden” on women’s ability to get an abortion.

With Monday’s 5-3 decision, the justices decided that the medical benefits of Texas’ law did not justify the burdens they impose on clinics. . . .

Supporters of the Texas law said it was an attempt to improve the health and safety standards for women seeking abortions.

The law was enacted after the 2013 murder conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist who is serving a life sentence. The trial established that poor health and safety standards at Gosnell’s clinic led to the deaths of multiple babies who survived botched abortion procedures, along with the death of a mother—in part because paramedics could not get a stretcher into the building.

“Abortionists shouldn’t be given a free pass to elude medical requirements that everyone else is required to follow,” Steven H. Aden, a senior counsel at the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, said in a statement after the decision. He added:

We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has ruled against a law so clearly designed to protect the health and safety of women in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell scandal. The law’s requirements were commonsense protections that ensured the maximum amount of protection for women, who deserve to have their well-being treated by government as a higher priority than the bottom line of abortionists. Any abortion facilities that don’t meet basic health and safety standards are not facilities that anyone should want to remain open. . . .  Read More @ The Daily Signal

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Second Thoughts on the First Amendment?

The Supreme Court's definition of marriage may have changed, but the Left's goals haven't. In the year since five justices tried to overturn thousands of years of human history by legalizing gay marriage, liberals were supposed to have gotten what they wanted. Twelve months into this brave new world, nothing could be farther from the truth. Americans have watched in horror as LGBT activists kick their agenda into high gear with fierce fights for transgenderism and against Christianity, religious liberty, parental rights, and free speech. Proving what FRC has said all along, the Left has only moved on to its next target: the First Amendment.

On the one-year anniversary of the Obergefell decision, extremists at the George Soros-funded Media Matters made a desperate pitch for TV networks to stop featuring both sides of the debate, and specifically, FRC experts. "It's time for the media to stop letting anti-gay activists comment..." they argue. "For years, major cable news networks have hosted FRC representatives to comment on LGBT equality without identifying FRC as a hate group... Despite the efforts to stop outlets from letting FRC representatives conflate their extremism with mainstream Christianity, the group continues to have a significant media presence." As usual, the Soros crowd is frustrated because they're trying to steamroll this agenda through -- and the more Christians like FRC's resist and speak up, the more it stalls their agenda.

Of course, nothing about their complaints are new. Without the facts and logic on their side, the Left has no way to win the debate on marriage or sexuality. . . . Read More

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Bathroom Opposition in Full Swing... States

If President Obama was hoping to make bathrooms a campaign issue, he succeeded. Just not in the way Hillary Clinton or any other liberal running for office intended. According to brand new polling from Quinnipiac, three of the most crucial swing states are speaking out on the administration's order for every public school and university to open their bathroom and locker room doors to students of both genders. That may be a popular idea in the White House, but it isn't in the houses of most Americans.

In Florida, voters oppose the transgender mandate 54-37 percent; in Ohio 55-36 percent; and in Pennsylvania 55-37 percent. Obviously, parents disagree that schools should be forced to put students in this uncomfortable situation -- or risk losing their federal funds. Like us, they see what's happening with children from Palatine, Illinois to Howell, Michigan and want no part of the president's outrageous agenda. And the string of incidents at Target stores across America isn't helping.

Since April, when the company announced its gender free-for-all in fitting rooms and restrooms, there's been a spike in peeping tom and attempted molestations at the retail giant. . . . Read More

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Applauds Supreme Court Rejecting Pro-Life Law: “Abortion Should be a Right”

Hillary Clinton wasted no time on Monday applauding the Supreme Court decision striking down a Texas pro-life law responsible for saving thousands of babies from abortion. She hailed the decision as a “victory” and saying “abortion should be a right.

[Greater Fitchburg for Life Editors note: Clinton was not concerned about the women's safety or their living through an abortion.  She was not concerned that the person doing the abortion be qualified and able to handle an emergency for the mother health when killing a woman's child.]

Earlier this month, Clinton told the abortion activists at Planned Parenthood ... “I have been proud to stand with Planned parenthood for a long time and, as president, I will always have your back,” Hillary said. “We need to protect Planned Parenthood from partisan attacks.”

“I will be your partner in the election and for the long haul,” Hillary promised the abortion activists cheering her on.

Clinton praised Roe v. Wade for supposedly helping women avoid dangerous illegal abortions but ignored how the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation was responsible for killing a black woman in a botched legal abortion.

Hillary complained that 10 abortion clinics in Texas that kill unborn babies in abortions is not enough and complained that the Supreme Court might uphold a pro-life law in Texas that makes abortion clinics follow the kind of health and safety laws legitimate clinics do.

. . . During an interview on The View recently Hillary Clinton said an unborn child just hours before delivery should have no Constitutional rights. Her comments came just days after Clinton said unborn children simply do not have any Constitutional rights, which would include the right to life.

. . . Clinton has said more taxpayer money needs to go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and Clinton demonstrated her unyielding commitment to abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business, accepting their endorsement during a pro-abortion rally — saying she would be the abortion business’ president. . . . Read More

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Clarence Thomas Slams Supreme Court “Bending the Rules” to Create “Putative Right to Abortion”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spared no criticism in his dissent today in the Texas case where the high court invalidated health and safety measures (with vote of 5-3) that have protected women from dangerous abortions and saved the lives of thousands of unborn babies.

Thomas said the Supreme Court was doing the bidding of the abortion industry and deciding to “bend the rules” to create a “putative right to abortion.”

Justice Clarence Thomas, who authored the dissenting opinion, wrote, “Today the Court strikes down two state statutory provisions in all of their applications, at the behest of abortion clinics and doctors. That decision exemplifies the Court’s troubling tendency ‘to bend the rules when any effort to limit abortion, or even to speak in opposition to abortion, is at issue.’”

He continued, “… today’s decision creates an abortion exception to ordinary rules of res judicata, ignores compelling evidence that Texas’ law imposes no unconstitutional burden, and disregards basic principles of the severability doctrine. I write separately to emphasize how today’s decision perpetuates the Court’s habit of applying different rules to different constitutional rights— especially the putative right to abortion.” . . . Read More @ LifeNews

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Sad Day At Supreme Court

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author, ARRA News Service A Sad Day At The Supreme Court - Today is a sad day for the pro-life movement. In a 5-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down laws passed by the state of Texas regulating the health and safety standards of abortion clinics. After Texas passed these regulations, more than half of the abortion clinics in the state shut down. Many states adopted similar laws in recent years.

Incredibly, the court's majority opinion, written by Justice Stephen Breyer and joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, claimed that the safety regulations failed "to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes."

For those who recall the 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decision, today's ruling is eerily similar. In that case, Justice Kennedy joined the liberal majority in striking down certain commonsense restrictions on abortion as "undue burdens" on a woman's access to abortion.

It is ironic that the abortion industry is the one business that the left adamantly refuses to regulate. The left wants to regulate guns out of existence, effectively repealing the Second Amendment. It wants to regulate/redefine privacy in public bathrooms. It wants to dictate what kind of lightbulbs you can buy. It wants to regulate whole sectors of the energy industry into bankruptcy.

But when it comes to destroying innocent unborn life in the womb, the left wants no limits at all. Abortion until the moment of birth, paid for by the taxpayers -- that is Hillary Clinton's extreme posi

It is worth remembering that these state laws were a reaction to Kermit Gosnell and his barbaric abortion practices.

Today's decision further highlights the stakes this November. Not only will the next president fill Justice Scalia's vacancy, but he or she could likely make several appointments.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 years old. Justice Anthony Kennedy will turn 80 next month. Justice Stephen Breyer turns 78 in August.

As disappointing as today's decision is, I know the pro-life movement will not give up. Our Founders declared that life was an inalienable right endowed to each man and woman by our Creator.

The Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade is built upon the same injustice as Dred Scott -- that some people (black men and women or unborn babies) can be treated like property and disposed of on a whim. This nation is better than that.

The pro-life cause -- just like the fight against slavery -- is a noble cause. I am confident that one day, we will restore the sanctity of life in America. One day, all of our children will be protected by the law and welcomed into the world.
Gary Bauer is a conservative family values advocate and serves as president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families

Updates: Comments from Other Organizations

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"The Supreme Court's decision to strike down H.B. 2 undermines the health and safety of vulnerable women. This decision is a loss for women and gives the abortion industry a free pass. The need to regulate abortion facilities is necessary to protect women against cut-and-run abortionists at shoddy abortion facilities. Mandating basic and necessary health and safety standards such as trained staff, corridors that could accommodate a stretcher in case of emergency, admitting privileges to a hospital, and up-to-date fire, sanitation, and safety codes should be beyond the politics of abortion. When abortion facilities are not held to the same standards as other facilities, women's lives are endangered. In 2011 alone, 26,500 women experienced abortion-related complications, and close to 3,200 women required post-abortion hospitalization. Hair and nail salons, public pools, restaurants, and tanning centers must meet basic health and safety standards —shouldn't abortion facilities? Abortion facilities cannot be exempt from following basic health standards.

"While the need to protect the health and safety of women failed to remain at the forefront of the Supreme Court's decision, we will continue our work to protect women and children from the predatory abortion industry," Perkins concluded.

FRC's Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity, released the following statement:

"One cannot be pro-woman and stand for the substandard facilities that many abortion centers operate which risk women's lives. Striking down abortion facility regulations leaves the door open for continued and rampant disregard for women's health and safety. Status-quo is not good enough," concluded Grossu.

Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America, released the following statement:

"The Supreme Court handed down a horrible decision today on abortion and I’m angry. Why? Because women lost. Because children lost.

By throwing out commonsense regulations that were meant to protect women from the predatory abortion business, five Supreme Court Justices put access to abortion over the safety of women. They put the bottom line over the safety of women. The Supreme Court put aside the will of the people and a majority of our nation that agrees with these safety regulations and played politics with women’s lives.

This is an injustice.

I’m angry because we know that every time a mother walks into an abortion facility, she is betrayed. She is deceived into thinking abortion is her only option. She is deceived into thinking that her child growing inside of her is not worthy of life and protection.

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt means that parts of the Texas law that we lobbied so hard to pass back in 2013 was ruled unconstitutional. It means that abortion facilities in Texas won’t be beholden to the same safety standards as other surgical outpatient centers. Standards like making sure there are enough soap dispensers and that the hallways are wide enough for EMT gurneys to pass through.

This is a travesty.

The women of our nation have been told once again by the Supreme Court that we are nothing more than our uteruses. That our so-called “right to abortion” is more important that our safety. This should never happen in our nation.

We know that every time a woman has an abortion, one precious life ends, and at Students for Life we are fighting to stop that. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the mother. Her life shouldn’t end because of her abortion. She doesn’t deserve the death penalty too.

For those who say that this law was simply a sham, I have two words for them: Kermit Gosnell. Kermit Gosnell was able to legally operate an abortion facility in Philadelphia for more than four decades. And despite the fact that local doctors had stopped referring patients to him because women were coming back with STDS from dirty equipment, no one investigated him. Despite the fact that numerous inquiries had been made into the PA Department of Health, no one went into his facility. It took the death of a woman and a DEA drug raid to discover the truth about his House of Horrors.

Why? Because years earlier, Planned Parenthood and their allies in the pro-abortion movement lobbied against these types of common-sense regulations in the state of Pennsylvania. Karnamaya Mongar died at the hands of Kermit Gosnell because Planned Parenthood and their allies put their financial self-interests ahead of commonsense safety standards.

Today, we know more women will continue to die, continue to contract diseases from unclean equipment, and continue to be forced into substandard abortion facilities.

However, I don’t want us to be angry for too long. Today we mourn; tomorrow we resume our fight."

Ryan Hite, Communications Director, Eagle Forum said in a released statement:

"By a 5-3 margin, the Supreme Court struck down Texas HB2 and held entirely in favor of abortion clinics, in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt.

The Court's decision relied heavily on amicus briefs filed in support of abortion. Justice Anthony Kennedy, once thought to be leaning towards the pro-life side, has completely capitulated to the abortion industry and did not even write a separate opinion. He fully joined the four Democratic-appointed justices to hold completely in favor of abortion on demand, and against reasonable measures that would improve safety for women.

"This decision demonstrates that our pro-life challenges are as great today as when Roe v. Wade was issued," Phyllis Schlafly observes. "While we have made some gains, particularly among young people, the pro-abortion side remains as determined as ever to impose the scourge of abortion on every region of the United States. Not even sensible rules to protect women, such as prohibiting abortion unless the abortionist has nearby hospital admitting privileges to handle complications, will be allowed by the abortion industry and their allies."

With your help, Eagle Forum will continue to stand for life and will not quit until abortion is eradicated from our country."

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United Way Affiliates Give $3 Million a Year to Planned Parenthood

United Way affiliates provide almost $3 million a year to Planned Parenthood, according to a money-tracking website that examines consumer and political causes.

Among 76 United Way affiliates steering donations to the nation's largest abortion provider, chapters in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin each gave over $170,000 in 2013 and 2014. Read More @ The Daily Signal

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Federal Agency Fails to Protect Churches from California Elective Abortion Mandate

Cardinal Timothy Dolan 
WASHINGTON - On June 21, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared, contrary to the plain meaning of current federal law, that the California Department of Managed Health Care can continue to force all health plans under its jurisdiction to cover elective abortions. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is calling for an immediate federal legislative remedy.

“It is shocking that HHS has allowed the State of California to force all employers – even churches – to fund and facilitate elective abortions in their health insurance plans. Even those who disagree on the issue of life should be able to respect the conscience rights of those who wish not to be involved in supporting abortion,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore said in a statement. Cardinal Dolan is chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Archbishop Lori chairs the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty.

“This administrative ruling fails to respect not only the rights to life and religious freedom, but also the will of Congress and the rule of law,” the chairmen added. “As a remedy to the Administration’s unwillingness to fulfill its responsibilities, we urge Congress to pass the Conscience Protection Act (H.R. 4828, S. 2927) and stop further discrimination against people of faith and against all who respect unborn human life.”

Several churches and other religious organizations had filed complaints with the HHS Office for Civil Rights asserting that California’s reinterpretation of state law violated the federal Weldon Amendment prohibiting discrimination by states against health insurance plans that do not cover abortion. The Conscience Protection Act would provide specific relief for those who decline to participate in abortion rather than relying solely upon HHS to defend their rights.

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USAF Veteran Assaulted for Free Speech

Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin, Family Research Council: The attack on the religious freedom for those who protect our nation has now come down to this: you can't even retire from the military with your freedom of religion and speech intact.

As our friends at First Liberty Institute have alerted us today, retired U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez was invited to recite a traditional flag-folding speech at a retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base for Master Sergeant Charles Roberson. Rodriguez came at the request of Master Sergeant Roberson, who asked him explicitly to give the traditional version of the speech -- which acknowledges God -- instead of the more politically-correct version recently updated by the Pentagon.

Apparently, Roberson's commanding officers thought this speech was much too dangerous to be heard by the audience. The traditional speech ends with these words:

It is this one nation under God that we call, with honor, the United States of America. God Bless our flag. God bless our troops. God bless America.

When Oscar Rodriguez began the speech that contains this perceived-threatening speech, Roberson's commander, Colonel Raymond A. Kozak, had several uniformed men forcibly remove Rodriguez from the room during the ceremony as the U.S. flag was being folded. Rodriguez continued to recite the speech as he was thrown out of the room.

Let me be very clear about what happened here. Retired Senior Master Sergeant Rodriguez was invited by the retiree to give the speech. Upon doing what he was invited to do, he was forcibly removed by uniformed service members who had no authority to assault him. A retired service member not in uniform, an invited guest, was thrown out of a private ceremony upon the mention of the name of God.

Egregious attacks on the faith of our service members like this cannot stand. Master Sergeant Charles Roberson's retirement ceremony should have been about his service, his family and colleagues, and the faith that saw him through it. Instead, by assaulting Oscar Rodriguez as he made this recitation of a long-standing traditional speech, his commander made a mockery of the oath that Master Sergeant Roberson took when he began his career in the United States Air Force. That oath he took ended with the phrase, "So help me God".

Please join me in signing the petition to Colonel Raymond A. Kozak, who is the commander of the 349th Air Mobility Wing at Travis Air Force Base. Let him know that shameful actions like this to stamp out the faith of our service members will not be tolerated. No commander can usurp the religious freedoms of a service member at his or her discretion for any reason.

Petition to Colonel Raymond A. Kozak, commander 349th Air Mobility Wing:

The recent forcible eviction and assault of Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez (Ret.) from the retirement ceremony of Master Sergeant Charles Roberson because he was reciting a speech that mentioned God is shameful, illegal, and cannot stand.

I strongly urge you to apologize to Oscar Rodriguez for assaulting him and infringing upon his First Amendment rights, apologize to Charles Roberson for disrupting his ceremony and hold accountable those responsible for this egregious action that violated the free speech rights of a service member and his invited guest.

Our country has enough enemies. Our military should be united in attacking the real forces that threaten our nation, not those who have served with dignity in protecting it.
If you agree with the above petition, click this link to sign.

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NY Times: Children With Zika-Caused Birth Defects Better Off Aborted

The New York Times pro-abortion propaganda strikes again.

Journalists Donald McNeil and Pam Belluck have written another stunningly one-sided piece – this time about abortions in countries affected by the Zika virus, which according to research, threatens to cause severe birth defects in new children.

Like Belluck’s recent Times article praising websites for selling contraception to 13-year-olds online, this latest article never bothers to interview anyone with a pro-life perspective. . . .

The Zika virus threatens to cause birth defects in the children of pregnant mothers. What conclusion do the authors draw?

“Even more than it [the Zika virus] has increased attention on restrictive abortion laws, the Zika crisis has highlighted the issues of access to contraception and ways that women are ill-informed about birth control or discouraged from using it in some of the countries.”

Translation: Children with birth defects? Better kill them. . . . Read More @ LifeNews:

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pro-Life Group Backs Donald Trump: “He Will Appoint Pro-Life Judges and Defund Planned Parenthood”

Pro-Life Donald Trump
Another state pro-life group has issued a statement supporting Donald Trump. The New York State Right to Life Committee PAC is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States in the 2016 election. The endorsement comes after a pro-life group from Pennsylvania;vania backed Trump.

The pro-life organization says it appreciates Trump’s advocacy for good judges — especially for the Supreme Court — and his willingness to sign legislation to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

“Mr. Trump has met the criteria of the PAC on the life issues and he is running a serious campaign,” the group told in a statement. “He has also said he will appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and will not approve funding for Planned Parenthood as long as they are in the abortion business.” . . .

New York State Right to Life, which is the state pro-life group form where both candidates hail and knows both well, says Hillary Clinton is too pro-abortion for any pro-life voter to consider.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton is a strong proponent of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. She supports Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, and encourages efforts at the United Nations to make abortion a fundamental human right throughout the world.,” the group told LifeNews.

Recently, Trump released a well-received list of 11 potential Supreme Court nominees — a list pro-life groups hailed for having strong supporters of the Constitution. Trump also recently hired a key pro-life advocate has his domestic policy director. . . . Read More

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Planned Parenthood Caught Engaging in $28 Million in Medicaid Fraud - Can't Stop Lawsuit

Just one Planned Parenthood affiliate in Iowa allegedly committed $28 million in medicaid fraud. And now a federal appeals court has ruled that it can’t stop the lawsuit a former Planned Parenthood clinic director filed against it.

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Sue Thayer filed the lawsuit against the abortion giant’s Iowa affiliate accusing it of submitting “repeated false, fraudulent, and/or ineligible claims for reimbursements” to Medicaid and failing to meet acceptable standards of medical practice. Alliance Defending Freedom filed the suit for Thayer in March 2011.

The lawsuit claims that Planned Parenthood’s Iowa affiliate submitted “repeated false, fraudulent, and/or ineligible claims for reimbursements” to Medicaid and failed to meet acceptable standards of medical practice. . . . Read More

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Planned Parenthood Paying People Up to $720 a Week to Promote Hillary Clinton

One sure sign of Planned Parenthood’s struggles is its difficulty finding volunteers who will promote its radical pro-abortion agenda. Instead, it has to pay people.

Currently, the abortion business is advertising paid positions on Craig’s List to go door to door promoting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and abortions in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The abortion group says people can earn up to $720 a week canvassing “in support of access to abortion, Planned Parenthood and Democratic candidates.”

One of the candidates certainly will be pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who received Planned Parenthood’s endorsement and shares its extreme pro-abortion position. . . . Read More

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Planned Parenthood Awards 13 Journalists at 100th Anniversary Gala

Planned Parenthood doesn’t need a PR firm when it has the media who do just as well – if not better – at pushing the abortion giant’s agenda: death.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America bestowed Media Excellence Awards to 13 journalists during its 2016 National Conference Gala earlier this month in Washington, D.C. Since its founding, the taxpayer-funded organization has recognized a total of 270 media outlets and journalists for doing its bidding.

Of the media awarded, Democracy NOW! host and executive producer Amy Goodman received the “highest honor,” according to Planned Parenthood. Goodman repeatedly used her platform to defend Planned Parenthood following the release of the Center for Medical Progress videos last summer that showed, among other things, clinic workers picking apart aborted baby limbs in a dish with tweezers.

Planned Parenthood listed the other winners of the 2016 Media Excellence Awards as:

Sunnivie Brydum and Mitch Kellaway of The Advocate, for “Fighting to Free Ky Peterson on Trans Liberation Tuesday,” “Feds Probe Georgia’s Treatment of LGBT Prisoners” and “We Must Talk About Violence Against Trans Men”

Zuri and Staceyann Chin of Living Room Protest, for “We Stand with Planned Parenthood!”

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow of Call Your Girlfriend

Imani Gandi of Rewire, for “How False Narratives of Margaret Sanger Are Being Used to Shame Black Women”

Dani McClain of The Nation, for “Long-Acting Contraception Makes Teen Pregnancy Rates Plummet. So Why Are Some Women Still Skeptical?”

Alex Morris of Rolling Stone, for “The War on Planned Parenthood”

Caitlin Moscatello of Cosmopolitan, for “How to Have a Safe Abortion”

Raquel Reichard of Latina, for “Planned Parenthood – A Latina Lifeline Under Fire”

Kayla Webley of Marie Claire, for “Mission Critical” or “On the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars”

The abortion giant commended the journalists’ “incredible work” and “commitment to advancing social justice.” Or, more specifically, praised writers and activists who push for abortion and contraception as well as write on racism and the transgender movement. . . . Read More

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Lawmaker Defends Dismemberment Abortions: “I Uphold the Constitution Not the Bible”

State Rep. Brian Sims
A Philadelphia lawmaker stood up in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday to defend state laws allowing unborn babies to be killed in brutal dismemberment abortions and painful later-term abortions.

State Rep. Brian Sims, a pro-abortion Democrat from Philadelphia, was one of 65 legislators who voted against House Bill 1948 on Tuesday. The bill would ban brutal dismemberment abortions that tear unborn babies limb from limb and prohibit abortions after 20 weeks when unborn babies can feel pain. . . .

Sims, however, ignored the medical evidence that the “personal medical decision” of abortion involves two people’s lives, not just one, and an abortion purposefully destroys one of those lives without their knowledge or consent. . . .

The bill passed the state House on Tuesday with support from 132 legislators, LifeNews reported. . . . Read More

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Obama Administration Forces California Churches to Pay for Abortions

Churches in California are officially subject to an onerous state regulation that requires them to pay for abortions, thanks to a ruling by the Obama administration.

The troubling situation began in 2014 when the California Department of Managed Health Care reclassified abortion as a “basic health service” under the Affordable Care Act and ordered all insurance plans in the state to begin covering surgical abortions immediately. Even churches are not exempt from funding abortions.

The churches filed a lawsuit against the regulation last October, and it has been moving through the courts.

They also asked the Obama administration to uphold the Weldon Amendment — federal law that protects conscience rights. But, today, the HHS Office of Civil Rights released the results of its investigation into the California abortion mandate, stating it found no violation and is closing its investigation of the complaints without further action.

OCR’s decision is based on a flawed reading of the Weldon amendment. They argue that the Weldon amendment only protects health insurance plans, and not the purchasers of such plans, and state that the insurance companies have not complained. . . . Read More @ Life News

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Hillary Clinton’s Short List of VP Running Mates Includes Three Abortion Advocates

Hillary Clinton is a longtime abortion advocate who is perfectly fine with abortions up to birth with virtually no limits. So it comes as no surprise that three of the people on the short list for a potential spot as her vice-presidential running mate support abortion.

Those on the shortlist include Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of progressives who has emerged as a blistering critic of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump; Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, a well-liked lawmaker from an important general election battleground state; and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro of Texas, a rising star in the Democratic Party. . . .

Warren is a strong abortion proponent who has a 0 percentage pro-life voting record in Congress, according to the National Right to Life Committee. She led the fight to force religious groups like the Little Sisters and Christian businesses like Hobby Lobby to be mandated to pay for abortion-causing drugs in their health plans.

Kaine is a longtime abortion advocate who has sought to appear moderate on abortion. But he was pro-abortion enough for Democrats for Life to yank its endorsement of him.

“His spokesman and website are now identifying him as a pro-choice Democrat. DFLA, therefore, cannot endorse Governor Kaine,” it said.

Kaine says on his own web site that he doesn’t want to put any limits on the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed virtually unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason and has resulted in 55 million abortions. . . .

Meanwhile, Julian Castro has strong support from Planned Parenthood. Shortly after his confirmation as the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development – abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards called Castro her friend and tweeted congratulations.

Castro supported Planned Parenthood’s effort to derail a late-term abortion ban in Texas. According to the abortion giant, thenMayor Juli├ín Castro joined the radically pro-choice Stand With Texas Women bus tour rally in San Antonio. Castro is also a long time supporter of pro-abortion Gubernatorial Texas hopeful – Wendy Davis. . . . Read More

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Report From Today's Pro-Life Leaders Meeting With Trump

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List: Firstly, I need to thank the hundreds of you who emailed me back committing to pray for the meeting with Donald Trump today. It was so encouraging to know I had so many committed, passionate pro-lifers praying for me at one time. I shared a few of your messages with the rest of the SBA List team and they were also really encouraged. Thank you so much. Your prayers and support are so valued at this critical time in our fight for LIFE.

I know that many of you were anxious to get a report back from the meeting, and I have a few minutes before I get on the train back to our office in Washington, D.C., so I have put together some thoughts on our time with the presumptive Republican nominee.

Mr. Trump was very generous with his time. Before the main meeting, a handful of Pro-Life, Conservative and Christian leaders met with him in a private setting.

Later in the day we gathered with nearly 1,000 leaders, activists and donors from across the country. He related well, coming across confident and comfortable in such a large crowd of thought leaders whose opinions and actions will be so critical as we approach November.

I was encouraged when Mr. Trump reiterated the most important pro-life commitment he has made to date: that he would appoint pro-life judges to SCOTUS. To quote him verbatim, "We are going to appoint great Supreme Court justices... These will be justices of great intellect... And they will be pro-life."

Mr. Trump also spoke about the threats to religious liberty and how the federal government continues to threaten the freedom of speech of people of faith and conscience to speak out in the public square. We both know how fundamental religious liberty is to our fight for life when we consider the anti-life mandates of the Obama administration that seek to force Pro-Lifers and Christians to violate their conscience by paying for life-ending drugs and abortions. And we're not blind. We know that a Clinton presidency would only further such draconian measures.

This is far from the end of the conversation. But it is important the conversation is taking place. Over the next few weeks and months, your SBA List team will continue to encourage Mr Trump to reiterate the important commitments he's made to date:

1. That he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court
2. That he will advocate for and sign into law the Pain-Cable Unborn Child Protection Act that would ban abortions after 5 months - a point by which the science is clear: Unborn babies can feel pain
3. That he will defund Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion business

And we will continue to educate voters in battleground states about Hillary's extreme record on abortion and the unprecedented threat the unborn would face under another Clinton presidency. As you know, we're already on the ground in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Just last week our incredible field team knocked on their 400,000th door.

Thank you once again for your notes of support, and for your many prayers. They are making a difference.

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California Bill Threatens Religious Colleges

by Bill Donohue, Catholic League: The California State Assembly is considering a bill that would gut the religious identity of faith-based colleges and universities in the state.

SB 1146, which has already been passed by the state Senate, is sponsored by Sen. Ricardo Lara, one of seven members of the legislature’s LGBT caucus. It’s ostensible purpose is to protect LGBT students against discrimination. In reality, however, it is a heavy-handed exercise in anti-religious discrimination.

The bill would severely constrict religious exemptions from federal Title IX regulations. Previously applicable to all students in religious colleges, these exemptions would now be restricted to only those educational programs in such colleges that prepare students for clerical ministry or other religious vocations, or for teaching theological subjects pertaining to religion.

For all others students, religious colleges and universities in California would no longer be able to require theology or religious studies classes, attendance at worship services, or corporate prayer in convocations or classes. The schools’ ability to include religious ideas in regular course work could be threatened. And of course, maintaining separate male and female bathrooms and dormitories would be prohibited.

“SB 1146 is a direct and blatant attack on the religious freedom of Catholic and Christian citizens of California advanced by the state’s LGBT legislative lobby,” said Dr. Derry Connolly, president of John Paul the Great Catholic College in Escondido, California. “It severely impacts citizens’ constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion.”

This bill should be defeated, and religious freedom upheld in California for all faith-based institutions of higher learning.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hospital Drops Abortionist After Demonic Rant Saying He Loves Killing Babies

Last week, LifeNews reported on how a California pro-lifer captured his disturbing exchange with a notorious San Diego abortionist on video. Now, a local hospital has terminated its relationship with the abortion practitioner.

Abortionist Robert Santella has a bad reputation with his patients, having faced several disciplinary measures from the California Medical Board. He also has been accused of injuring several patients in botched abortions.

Recently, pro-life advocate Zephaniah Mel stood outside Santella’s Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in San Diego and was approached by Santella. The 72-year-old abortionist’s demeanor and remarks are extremely disturbing. At one point, Santella, in a demonic rant, told Mel that he “loves” aborting babies. . . . Read More

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Number of Teenagers Having Sex Has Dramatically Declined

... On June 9, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the new 2015 data from the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which updates what we know about youth and their engagement in health risk behaviors.

The results show that fewer teens are drinking than before, less are involved in physical fighting, and teen smoking hit its lowest level since the government began tracking it in 1991.

But the big news is the dramatic increase in the percentage of teens who have never had sex. Since 1991 (the first year the CDC began tracking youth risk behaviors), the percent of high school students who have never had sex has increased 28 percent. In real numbers, that means that nearly 6 in 10 teens are making the healthiest choice by waiting for sex—the highest percent to date.

When the CDC released the news a few months ago that teen birth rates are now at an all-time low, few suggested that waiting for sex might be a significant reason. . . . Read More @ The Daily Signal

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Friday, June 17, 2016

David Daleiden: Baby Body Parts Scandal ‘Could Take Planned Parenthood Down’

by Claire Chretien, Life Site News: The revelation that America’s largest abortion provider trafficked in baby body parts is the scandal that “could take Planned Parenthood down,” Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden said in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews.

“Planned Parenthood and their business partners know that the baby parts issue is the biggest scandal that they have ever faced and it’s the scandal that could take them down,” Daleiden told LifeSiteNews.

Daleiden’s investigation has resulted in numerous state and federal investigations into Planned Parenthood and its business partner StemExpress, which procures fetal body parts for research. A Congressional panel recently accused StemExpress and the abortion centers with which it contracted of violating federal patient privacy and informed consent regulations.

StemExpress, Planned Parenthood, and the National Abortion Federation have all pursued legal action against Daleiden.

“I think it’s the biggest mistake that Planned Parenthood made, to bring all of these issues about the veracity of the videotapes and the things that their senior-level leadership have said on camera, and the details of their baby parts program,” said Daleiden. “To bring all of that into courtroom and put all of that under the scrutiny of the tools of the legal system.”

Daleiden also said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if StemExpress withdrew its lawsuit against him because the evidence coming out against the company makes it “no longer worth it to them” to pursue action against the Center for Medical Progress.
. . . read more.

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