Friday, March 31, 2017

We Save Babies AND Restore Families

by Brian Fischer: At Human Coalition, we know that in order to save preborn babies, we must first help rescue the parents from making an abortion decision.

That’s why we share compassion, truth, grace, and help with abortion-minded parents and other decision makers involved with an unplanned pregnancy. Whether it’s an agent at our in-house Contact Center or a caregiver at one of our seven Human Coalition women’s care clinics, the members of our team work to ensure that every woman feels heard without judgment or condemnation.

Once we understand the root of a woman’s fear about having a baby, we then create an individualized care plan with real-life, practical solutions.

Recently, our Pittsburgh team met with a young woman named “Kara” who was abortion-determined. She visited our clinic with her boyfriend and her mother. As we met with Kara, provided an ultrasound, and educated her about her pregnancy, we were also able to talk with her boyfriend and her mother. As it turned out, only Kara wanted the abortion.

However, once we listened to Kara’s reasons to abort – unemployment, lack of insurance, financial limitations – our Continuum of Care Coordinator was able to build an individualized plan that would assist her in all of these areas. Both Kara’s mother and Kara’s boyfriend were encouraged by the plan. And in the end, all three decided to choose life. Kara has since given birth to twin boys!

This is just one of many examples where a family’s change of heart ultimately rescued a child – or in this case, two children – from death in the womb.

I often talk with people who believe that abortion is here to stay in America and that it’s impossible to end it in our lifetime. I don’t believe that’s true. Many, many times parents will choose abortion due to ignorance, pressure from others, or panic. Yet, when they are given accurate information and a nonjudgmental place to express their concerns, and when they’re connected to others who can genuinely help them – they very often choose life.

One aspect of Human Coalition’s approach that sets us apart in the pro-life movement is our Continuum of Care, as described in Kara’s story. When we dismantle the various obstacles that would prevent a woman from choosing life – financial, material, or emotional – and replace them with practical solutions such as assistance with obtaining affordable health insurance, or job résumé enhancement, or even housing assistance, we also replace fear with hope. And hope is one of the greatest motivators for choosing life.

Another reason why I believe abortion will be ended in our lifetime is because as we rescue children from abortion, we often end a vicious cycle of abortion that plagues a family’s legacy. I can’t tell you how many of our clients have a history of abortion in their family. In many cases, it’s a generational sin that has been passed from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter. But if we can speak life into a family and rescue the next at-risk baby, then we can restore a family legacy and protect future generations.

We’ve also discovered that our former clients make some of the most effective advocates for LIFE. In fact, Kara and her mother now volunteer at our women’s care clinic to help other abortion-determined women understand there are options besides abortion.

Human Coalition is deeply committed to the unborn, but we are also deeply committed to the family. And if you reach a family with the proper help at the proper time, then you may be able to save not only the baby, but also a family’s legacy.
Brian Fischer is Co-Founder and President, Human Coalition.

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Shocking Video: Planned Parenthood Director Caught Admitting Babies Born Alive After Abortion are Killed

A shocking new undercover video exposes a Planned Parenthood medical director admitting that babies born alive after abortion are sometimes killed.

The top Planned Parenthood official is caught on video essentially admitting that it “depends on who is in the room” as to whether or not a baby who is born alive after a failed abortion is taken to the hospital or left to die.

The new undercover video shows DeShawn Taylor, previous Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and longtime abortion practitioner at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, graphically describing how to deliver intact fetuses in late-term abortions to harvest high-quality body parts, and indicating possible cover-up of infanticide. . . . .

Taylor explains to the investigators, “In Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it. To the hospital.” When one investigator then asks, “Is there any standard procedure for verifying signs of of life?”

Taylor replies, “Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?”

Taylor then laughs as she repeats what the Arizona law requires, and says, “It’s a mess. It’s a mess.”

The Planned Parenthood medical director also admits that Planned Parenthood does its best to obtain intact fetal organs to sell — essentially the body parts of aborted babies.

Taylor confirms she does elective abortions on healthy fetuses and pregnant women up to 24 weeks. When the investigators ask her about obtaining intact fetal organs, Dr. Taylor replies, “It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I gotta worry about my staff and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.”

Additionally, the Planned Parenthood official says she doesn’t like it when people call and born children babies because she considers that “creepy.”

She continues, “We have the people who do our paperwork for the fetal death certificates, they email us calling them ‘babies’. Baby this, baby that, baby so-and-so, and I’m like, that’s creepy!” . . . Read More

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

DAY 30 - 40 Days for Life: Miracle in California

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: If I could ask you to read only one email this campaign -- it would be this one!

This is the best sight I’ve seen since being part of 40 Days for Life.
This little girl is Milagros – her name means “Miracle.”

I wrote about her in the 40 Days for Life book. Her mom Rosa had experienced a number of difficult circumstances in life … and she was now pregnant. Then on top of that, doctors told her to get an abortion because her baby was “severely handicapped.”

Reluctantly, Rosa went into one of the largest abortion facilities in Southern California … where she met volunteers from the 40 Days for Life campaign in Orange. And they went to work.

They found new doctors – some of the best (and most pro-life) specialists in the Los Angeles area. They told Rosa that yes, there was a problem with the baby’s legs. But she was a healthy child and there was no reason in the world to abort her.

With ongoing support from the local community, she had her baby … and named her Milagros. Milagros was born with no legs.
Fast forward almost six years … and Milagros and her mom came out to the 40 Days for Life rally in Orange … and signed the 40 Days for Life bus!

Milagros may not be the first child saved during a 40 Days for Life vigil to add a signature to the bus … but just like her name suggests, she may be the most miraculous.

When you are frustrated at the state of our culture — keep going. You may not see results instantly … but in time God will reveal His miracles.

This is the result of your prayers, so … keep praying!

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Massive Pro-Life Pro-Family Victory At UN . . .

. . . Left Wing Goverenments Furious & Anti-Life Groups Continue To Attack C-FAM

by Austin Ruse: I wrote in desperation as the UN Commission on the Status of Women approached. I wrote to practically every day asking for your help in going up against those who practically worship abortion and irregular personal relationships.

I am here to tell that we won. We won. We beat them. We stood up for life and family and we won.

Here is what happened.

After years of suffering through the most pro-abortion pro-death Obama administration, the United States returned to the pro-life fold.

When the final document was gaveled closed, the Trump administration delivered a poignant pro-life statement. The U.S. insisted that “sexual and reproductive health” does not “create new international rights, including a right to abortion.”

Trump negotiators also insisted that the United States is the “largest bi-lateral donor of maternal, newborn, and child health assistance…” Note that none of that includes abortion!

The final document omitted every reference to abortion, but qualified every reference to “sexual and reproductive health”, a phrase used by radicals to promote abortion.

The leftist governments of the European Union tried to remove the pro-life caveats to the term “sexual and reproductive health” but this failed thanks to the brave delegates from Africa.

The document dealt a deathblow to the nasty phrase “comprehensive sexuality education” which is used to promote all manner of exotic, and perverted sexual practices to little children.

C-Fam was at the center of all of this. I cannot report on the work of Lisa Correnti as a member of the U.S. delegation except to say that she worked long and hard hours monitoring every minute of negotiations and through her remarkable diplomatic skills and deep knowledge of the issues, had a very positive impact on the U.S. position.

I will just point out that Lisa, C-Fam and I were attacked by leftist Democrats who are insistent on telling the Trump administration what to do. They told all manner of lies about C-Fam and I. But we held firm. As did the Trump administration who deserves our praise.

In the coming days, we will embark on yet another journey. Yet another UN commission commences in five days. The UN Commission on Population and Development will start on April 3rd and runs for five days.

Negotiations are already underway. We are analyzing documents, lobbying delegates, and ensuring that this new document DOES NOT ADVANCE A RIGHT TO ABORTION, AND WILL NOT MAKE SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY A NEW PROTECTED CLASS.

But we cannot do this without your help. We are up against rich and powerful organizations and governments, not to mention powerful UN agencies, all set on spreading their gospel of death.
Austin Ruse is President of the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam). Ruse or his team have participated in every major UN social policy negotiation since 1997 including the multi-year negotiations that created the International Criminal Court.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Court Zaps Pro-Life Free Speech, Blocks More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

In another blow to the Center for Medical Progress this week, a U.S. appeals court let stand a gag order that blocks the group from releasing more undercover videos.

The Center for Medical Progress called the decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday an “attack on the First Amendment,” and vowed to continue fighting the gag order.

The order involves undercover footage filmed at National Abortion Federation meetings. The pro-abortion group asked a court to block the Center for Medical Progress from releasing the footage, arguing that the undercover investigators violated a signed pledge to not distribute information from the NAF meetings without its consent, according to Politico.

On Wednesday, the 9th Circuit panel let stand an earlier decision by a federal judge to prohibit the release of the videos. The 9th Circuit panel argued that the videos “contain no evidence of criminal activity” and “the preliminary injunction carefully balances the interests of NAF and law enforcement.”

One of the three judges on the panel dissented. Judge Consuelo Callahan said law enforcement and state prosecutors should not be blocked from receiving the undercover footage, according to Politico. . . . Read More

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Arkansas Becomes 10th State to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions Targeting Girl Babies

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson today signed into law a bill to prohibit sex-selection abortions on unborn babies.

Sponsored by state Rep. Charlie Collins, Arkansas House Bill 1434 would make it illegal for abortion practitioners to knowingly abort an unborn child solely because of the child’s sex.

“The bottom line is it’s just the right thing to do to have this in the law,” Collins said, previously.

The bill would require abortion practitioners to make a reasonable effort to obtain medical records and information related to the pregnancy to help determine if sex-selection is the reason for the abortion. Abortion practitioners who violate the legislation could face misdemeanor charges, fines and a license suspension or revocation, according to the report.

A top pro-life group hailed the governor.

“Arkansas’s governor and legislative leaders are to be commended for addressing the shocking problem of sex selection abortions which disproportionately target baby girls,” said Americans United for Life Vice President of Legal Affairs Denise Burke, following Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s approval of Arkansas House Bill 1434, the Sex Discrimination By Abortion Prohibition Act.

The new law is largely based on AUL model legislation and includes legislative findings about the impact of late-term abortions on maternal health. Sex selection abortions are typically performed later in pregnancy when abortions are indisputably much more dangerous for women.

Burke said Arkansas is now the 10th state to prohibit sex-selective abortions. Currently, seven of these protective laws are either fully or partially in effect. The Arkansas law is slated to go into effect on January 1, 2018. . . . read More

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bill Protecting Minor Girls and Increasing Parental Rights Passes Indiana House Committee

Indiana State Rep. Peggy Mayfield
Today the Indiana House Public Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Ben Smaltz amended and passed Senate Bill (SB) 404 by a vote of 8-4. A slightly different version of the bill passed the Senate last month.

Rep. Peggy Mayfield presented the bill to the committee. Sue Swayze Liebel, Indiana Right to Life Vice President of Public Affairs, gave the following statement:

“There are many good measures in the newly-amended Senate Bill 404 and we’re pleased to continue advocating for it. Even with changes with the judicial bypass process, SB 404 still increases parental rights when a minor seeks an abortion.

“New requirements on abortion providers will help ensure the party giving a minor girl permission for an abortion is truly her parent or guardian. Parents and guardians will also have a civil recourse if they learn someone pretended to be them in order for their minor daughter to get an abortion. Parents have a valid interest in their minor daughter’s health and wellbeing and they deserve the additional provisions afforded to them in SB 404.

“SB 404 also provides protections for victims of sex trafficking and for those being coerced into an abortion. It protects young pregnant girls by changing reporting requirements to the Indiana State Department of Health and the Indiana Department of Child Services from ‘less than 14 years to age’ to ‘less than 16 years of age.’ Finally, it updates Indiana abortion facility licensing provisions to account for the growing number of chemical abortions in the state.”

Liebel concluded, “Indiana Right to Life urges the Indiana House to pass SB 404. This bill will protect minor girls, increase parental rights and help victims of sex trafficking.”

(If SB 404 passes the House, it would return to the Senate where senators could accept the changes or made additional changes.)

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DAY 28 - 40 Days for Life: She Had Ten Abortions

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: God uses little actions to save lives.

He did it recently in Houston, Texas where a baby was just saved from an abortion ... and all it took to change a young woman’s mind was seeing one prayer volunteer holding a sign.

The sign read: “Pray to end abortion.”

“However,” said one of the Houston leaders, “we don’t always see results right away.”

Houston, Texas
It is often family members who relentlessly pressure their younger relatives to have abortions. One young woman came to Houston’s giant Planned Parenthood abortion facility with her aunt because her mother was totally against the abortion.

A sidewalk counselor warned the young woman that abortion can cause lasting damage to a woman’s body. The aunt responded that abortion had not hurt her.

At this point, the volunteer turned to the aunt … and talked about post-abortion healing programs in which mothers are encouraged to name their aborted babies.

The aunt responded: “All ten of them?”

The two women eventually walked away. But a week later, the younger woman spoke to the counselors at the mobile pregnancy help center parked outside Planned Parenthood.

She did not want an abortion … but she did want their help.

“Please keep all of the pregnant mothers and their unborn babies in your prayers,” said the Houston team member, “especially those who are considering abortion.”

Santa Teresa, New Mexico
One of the 40 Days for Life vigil participants in Santa Teresa said that while she was praying, a couple pulled up outside the abortion facility.

But they didn’t get out of their car. They just sat there talking. While they remained in the car, the volunteer prayed fervently for them. Imagine her joy when after about ten minutes, the driver started the engine – and they backed up and drove away without ever getting out of the vehicle.

“While we can't be 100% certain this was indeed a save,” said one of the Santa Teresa team members, “it very likely is, as this is a common response when there is a peaceful, prayerful witness of 40 Days for Life volunteer praying in front of an abortion facility.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
At the 40 Days for Life vigil outside the abortion center in Milwaukee, it was sunny but bitter cold.

“I’ve always thought it the coldest spot in Milwaukee,” said one of the team members, “but your prayers warmed the hearts of four women who did not keep their appointments to abort and chose life instead!”

While the abortion center’s escorts were busy telling a couple they didn’t need to talk to the vigil participants, one of the volunteers asked the couple if they’d been able to see their ultrasound. They said “yes.”

“Then I asked if they were going to keep their baby … and they said ‘yes!’ I told them free help was available at the pregnancy care center if they needed it. Praise God! Baby saved!”

One of the abortion facility workers made fun of two of elderly vigil participants who use canes to help them walk. “He must have known deep down how effective their prayers are,” said the team member. “Keep your prayers coming, everyone!”

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Trump Blasts Republicans Who Voted Against Defunding Planned Parenthood, “They Saved Planned Parenthood”

President Donald Trump is blasting those Republicans who voted on Friday against the measure to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal portions of Obamacare.

Some Republicans voted against the bill — with more Liberal Republicans opposing the portion that would defund the major abortion business in the country and conservative Republicans wanting to repeal Obamacare entirely as opposed to repealing portions of it. . . . Read More

Editor, Greater Fitchburg For Life: Of course there were other reasons conservative voted against the repeal bill while most were for defunding planned parenthood.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

DAY 26: A Little Nudge From God

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life, Spring 2017: While praying outside an abortion center can be a source of blessings … sometimes it’s just hard to get out of bed and go do it.

One of our 40 Days for Life campaign leaders shared a note from a volunteer that was overcome by a feeling of ambivalence about going to pray at Planned Parenthood.

This volunteer makes a note on her calendar on the days she’s scheduled for the vigil – PPP. It stands for “Pray at Planned Parenthood.” Remember that!

“So this particular day I was going to pray,” she said. “Driving, I found myself distracted, grumbling, questioning if it really makes a difference.”

Right about that time, a car cut right in front of her. She couldn’t help but notice the car’s license, which included the letters PPP – yes, the very same as her shorthand for “Pray at Planned Parenthood.”

“I was dumbfounded and overcome by a quiet conviction that God was speaking directly to me,” she said – at the very moment she needed “His gentle encouragement. God is good!”

This volunteer also recalled her own struggles. “I wish someone would have been there for me when I went for my abortion. It could have made all the difference. Even so, it makes a difference now.”

You can be the difference for someone. So go pray!

Virginia Beach, Virginia
“It was a cold and windy day -- but a wonderful visit,” said Tibor Baksy, a 40 Days for Life board member, who prayed with 40 Days for Life volunteers in Virginia Beach.

“My daughter Isabel joined me and we met Cheri, the coordinator,” Tibor said.
“She just received news that the fourth baby has been saved since the spring campaign started. She continues to pray, hand out literature to mothers offering free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds … motivated by God’s call and her love of children.”

Tibor also met Pete, who has prayed outside abortion centers since 1973. “He shared a story of a mother coming up to him and telling him that her daughter decided to have her baby as the result of their presence and prayer. The mother is now a proud grandparent of a saved baby.”

As for the latest mother to choose life, Cheri said the young woman was shocked when her pregnancy test showed positive … so she rushed to Planned Parenthood for another pregnancy test and to “make her decision about the pregnancy.”

Her biggest fear was how the father would take the news and feel about the baby. One of the volunteers said “he is shocked as well … but they will parent the baby.”

Des Moines, Iowa
North American campaign director Steve Karlen joined volunteers in Des Moines for their 40 Days for Life midpoint rally.

“Geneveve, the local leader, brought together a great group for the vigil—including three pastors,” Steve said. “We met at a local church, and the intention was to conduct a candlelight procession to Planned Parenthood. The strong winds blew out the candles, but the procession continued nevertheless.”

While in Des Moines, he learned that Iowa has closed more abortion businesses than any other state except Texas over the last few years. “The number of abortions has decreased by about 40% -- from more than 6,000 to fewer than 4,000 -- in the last decade.”

The Des Moines vigil takes place at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s flagship location in Des Moines.

The local volunteers reported that—in spite of the many abortion centers that have closed in Iowa—the parking lot doesn’t usually seem very busy,” Steve said -- proof that “we can save lives and advance toward the end of abortion.”

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Ben Shapiro to be Opening Speaker at NRLC 2017 Convention

NRLC 2017 Convention: If you need detail, please go to where you can register online.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

DAY 25 - Spring 2017: Persecution & Courage

Shawn Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: Persecution of 40 Days for Life volunteers is on the rise.

Our Lord doesn’t suggest that the world will persecute us; He promises that it will ... and gave us His own life as the example to follow.

At most of the 340+ campaign locations, there is a quiet simple prayer vigil. Our peaceful approach begets a peaceful response -- which is why so many moms choose life at the last moment.

At other locations, we are seeing an angry and sometimes vile response. Such hostility is being met with a Christ-like behavior that is always the expectation at 40 Days for Life vigils.

There have been a few pro-abortion demonstrators who’ve tried to drown out the prayers ... and others who have accused us of being “gender supremacists.” There have even been attempts to silence 40 Days for Life by having the vigil removed from the public right-of-way.

What hasn’t been silenced is the courage of participants ... and the women they’ve helped.

Aberdeen, Scotland
With the first 40 Days for Life vigil in Aberdeen in progress, some student groups at Aberdeen University have tried to raise a ruckus about the Catholic chaplaincy on their campus.

It seems there are 40 Days for Life posters on the building. And some of the students are complaining, circulating petitions – and trying to drum up media support for having the posters removed.

As the Aberdeen Feminist Society put it, “it is deeply inappropriate to display posters encouraging people to take action outside maternity clinics. Our campus is a place for discussion, but displaying material that appears to condemn those who have had abortions is actively harmful.”

The “harmful” posters? Merely the standard 40 Days for Life message of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion.

A spokesman for the local Catholic bishop refused to budge. “The decision by the Catholic chaplaincy to display a poster advertising a peaceful pro-life vigil cannot in any way be deemed harmful or distressing,” he said. “The 40 Days for Life vigils are peaceful, yet poignant reminders of the tragic reality of abortion.”

Despite the complaints, the university administration said it could do nothing. The chapel building belongs to the Catholic diocese, “and as such, is not a university-owned or managed facility.”

Iztapalapa, Mexico
“I'm excited to let you know that God has listened to our prayers,” said Lupita, the 40 Days for Life leader in Iztapalapa, which is part of the metro Mexico City area.

“This week more volunteers have arrived,” she said, including a group of children who prayed “with great fervor for the babies who have been aborted. It was a very emotional moment and it filled us all with strength by the example that we received from these little ones.”

Lupita was also grateful for a priest from one of the area churches who has offered tremendous support and has brought members of his parish to pray at the vigil.

“God is always surprising us and strengthening us with his goodness,” she said.

Pozega, Croatia
“Pozega is city in Slavonija, in the eastern part of Croatia,” said Petra, who is part of the 40 Days for Life leadership team in Croatia, “and it is the biggest surprise this campaign.”

A few faithful volunteers tried to get a 40 Days for Life vigil started in Pozega last autumn, but it was a tremendous challenge. The prayers were fervent but the number of vigil participants was small. Still, the leader was determined and persistent.

At times, Petra said, “the leader, Ljubica, was the only person who was praying in front of hospital.”

For this campaign – there has been a much larger turnout. “We are saying there is spring awakening in that city,” Petra said. They are striving to fill vigil hours, “and there are more and more people coming to pray in front of the hospital.”

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Neil Gorsuch is NOT another Scalia

by Steve Jalsevac, Life Site News: I have been holding my opinion on Neil Gorsuch. From the time he was announced as Trump’s highly lauded Supreme Court nominee and then more information started to come out about him, there have been growing uncomfortable feelings about the nomination. And now, as the confirmation hearings have been underway, I am worried.

Despite effusive praise from numerous pro-life and pro-family leaders, this man is NOT, as Trump has repeatedly been told, another Scalia. In my view, the President has been misled – although Gorsuch does have praiseworthy characteristics as a justice and has made some excellent, major rulings.

But can we trust that he will courageously rule as the nation desperately needs him to rule on all of the most crucial issues? I think there are now legitimate doubts, although on many issues he will likely rule well.

During day three of the Senate confirmation hearings, Gorsuch was asked by Senator Dick Durbin whether the intentional taking of unborn life is wrong.

Gorsuch on Obergefell
Also during the confirmation hearings, in response to a question about same-sex “marriage” and the results of the Obergefell decision – which many consider an even more outrageously corrupt, activist Supreme Court decision than Roe v Wade — Gorsuch stated it “is absolutely settled law."

He did not just call it “settled law,” which one could say, well, yes, in legal terms that is what it could be said to be … for now. But he unnecessarily and disturbingly added the word “absolutely.” Why did he go to that length?

That comment seemed to indicate Gorsuch is not a full constitutional originalist. No originalist would ever make such a comment that appears to betray the Constitution and the intentions of the Founders – considering the travesty of the Obergefell decision.

Now we likely know why Trump also called Obergefell “settled law” in response to a question during a 60 Minutes interview. He had likely been talking to Gorsuch.

Justice Scalia had ripped the Obergefell decision to shreds for its inventions of nonexistent rights out of thin air, as he did with many other judicial activist decisions by his peers on the court and in lower courts. He described the decision as the "furthest imaginable extension of the Supreme Court doing whatever it wants." He added, "Do you really want your judges to rewrite the Constitution? I don't know how you can get more extreme than that."

Scalia even went so far as to argue that legalizing same-sex "marriage" was a “threat to American democracy.”

Gorsuch's criticism of Trump
It is understandable that Gorsuch would be circumspect during his confirmation hearings in response to questions about particular cases, but he has seemed to exhibit a pro-judicial arrogance, deferring too much to the reputations and status of justices who in very many cases in these times do not at all deserve such deference.

Many deserve harsh criticism, if not condemnation and censure. It is long overdue.

I was taken aback by Gorsuch’s publicly expressed rebuke of Donald Trump’s legitimate criticisms of the court ruling that rejected his first immigration Executive Order.

Trump accused the appellate court of being “so political.” He labeled a judge who ruled on his executive order a “so-called judge” and referred to the ruling as “ridiculous.”

Perhaps Trump should not have used the term “so-called judge,” but the ruling was indeed “ridiculous” and totally out-of-order. It clearly violated established presidential privilege and was a raw abuse of the powers of the court for partisan and ideological intentions.

It was about time someone in high authority called judicial activist justices to account. They have been destroying the rule of law in America and trashing the Constitution. For years they have been far overstepping their Constitutional authority.

Gorsuch told a senator that the president’s comments were “demoralizing and disheartening.” Did he really have to go that far? Why could he not have acknowledged that yes, there have been many very questionable rulings by activist judges in recent decades?

The Washington Post wrote that “Gorsuch ‘stated very emotionally and strongly his belief in his fellow judges’ integrity and the principle of judicial independence.”’ Really? All judges, given the many outrageous decisions we have seen?

Justice Scalia never held back and had no regard for popular opinions, political correctness or what the other justices thought about him. As well, his solid Catholic Christian formation taught him about right and wrong and his serious duty to the American people and to God to honor the Constitution and the intentions of the Founding Fathers. He was not perfect, but he frequently issued highly prinicipled legal opinions.

Gorsuch’s comment that Obergefell “is absolutely settled law" could be seen to have been insulting to judicial conservatives. I would go so far to say it indicated clear danger about how he would rule on the court – on certain issues. . . .

. . . Serious questions about Gorsuch and homosexuality
There have also been other signs about Gorsuch that too many have tended to pooh-pooh as being significant. Well, they are important signs.

A Feb. 11 New York Times article indicated that Gorsuch is pro-homosexual. This may explain his excessively accepting comment on the Obergefell decision.

In a LifeSite article on the Times report, we noted,“in his personal relationships with homosexual friends and co-workers, Judge Gorsuch has been very approving of homosexual relationships.”

Gorsuch also attends a socially liberal Episcopal church in Boulder, led by a pro-LGBT female pastor, Rev. Jill Springer, who reportedly supports homosexual “marriage.”
Matthew Hoffman, in his in-depth report on Gorsuch expands on Springer's liberal excesses,"According to an exposé published by the Daily Mail, she openly supports homosexual “marriage” and conducts blessings of same-sex couples, and attended the ultra-feminist “Women’s March on Washington” to protest the Trump presidency. She also denounced “criticism and disrespectful rhetoric” regarding Islam following the San Bernadino terrorist attack in 2015. The Washington Post’s own investigation of the parish also found that the pastor engages in leftist political activism."And yet, Hoffman reports, "Gorsuch and his family are far from being mere passive participants in the church. Gorsuch himself serves as an usher, and his wife as a lector, and his two daughters have served as acolytes during worship services."

And. "The Episcopal Church has also issued statements opposing any legal restrictions on the killing of the unborn, and holding that abortion can be justified in cases of risks to the physical or mental health of the mother, rape, incest, or fetal malformation."

There is no way that Justice Scalia approved of homosexual relationships. He would never have regularly attended such a liberal Church as Gorsuch has and Scalia would have run from a parish with a pro-LGBT pastor that strongly supports homosexual “marriage” and opposes any legal restrictions on abortion.

Scalia, from his orthodox Catholic Christian formation and affiliation, knew right from wrong and was frequently outspoken about such matters when circumstances demanded it. He did not deprive those who needed to hear uncomfortable truths from the charity of those truths. . . . Read More

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Pro-Life Pro-Family Turn Rocks Europeans at UN Commission on Women

by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. (C-FAM): The world witnessed the United States returning to the pro-life fold after years of abortion advocacy from the Obama administration yesterday during the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

After the gavel fell signaling the adoption of the annual agreement of the commission, known as Agreed Conclusions, the United States delegation delivered a poignant pro-life statement.

International consensus on UN policy on “sexual and reproductive health” is that “it does not create new international rights, including a right to abortion,” the U.S. said.

The turn rolled back gains for abortion supporters, such as explicit mentions of abortion without the full spectrum of caveats from previous UN agreements that cast abortion in a bad light.

This year, the agreement not only omitted abortion, but qualified all references to “sexual and reproductive health,” “sexual and reproductive health-care services” and “reproductive rights” by referring to UN previous agreements saying abortion is not a right, committing nations to help women avoid abortion, and precluding them from promoting it as a method of family planning.

The United States said it, “does not support abortion in reproductive health assistance” and emphasized that “the U.S. is the largest bilateral donor of maternal, newborn and child health assistance and family planning.” This was a response to critics of the recently restored Mexico City Policy defunding groups promoting or performing abortion.

The agreement dealt a hard blow to European and Nordic countries that promote “comprehensive sexuality education” that teaches children younger than 4 about “early childhood masturbation,” LGBT rights, and legal prostitution.

A last-ditch attempt by the EU to remove caveats to the term “sexual and reproductive health” failed.

Spain, speaking on behalf of the EU, expressed the disappointment and frustration of some in the EU ranks.

While most all delegates in the room, including the liberal Brazilian Chair of the session and the head of UN Women, lavishly praised the Egyptian facilitator of the contentious and grueling negotiations for her handling of the entire process, the EU criticized the agreement, saying that it only had “samples” of constructive engagement, and that it was an “interpretation that was far removed” from the negotiations that had been going on for weeks.

“We regret that the link between economic empowerment and sexual and reproductive health and rights could not be made stronger by better reflecting the human rights components,” said the Spanish delegate.

The European delegation also complained that the agreement mentioned the primacy of “national policy space” saying that this “limits the ambition of the commission,” even though it is standard language in UN agreements.

And, they said they were “troubled by language that reinforces stereotypical roles of women and girls,” referring to a call for recognition of the role of mothers in the home.

Canada, New Zealand, and several Latin American countries were disappointed, but France alone echoed the vehemence and frustration of the Spanish delegate, referring to “sexual and reproductive rights as a prerequisite to economic empowerment” multiple times.

The Holy See delegate directly contradicted this statement in the customary reservations the Holy See makes, saying, “Reproductive rights is not a prerequisite for economic empowerment and development,” he said.

Poland, also signaled that it was willing to take a leadership role within the European Union opposing progressive social agendas, declaring that the phrase “sexual and reproductive health and rights lacks an internationally recognized definition.”

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Cecile Richards: Women Members of Congress Who Vote to Defund PP Aren’t Real Women

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards issued a scathing criticism of pro-life female lawmakers on Thursday ahead of a scheduled vote to defund Richards’ abortion chain.

During a press call, Richards said any Congresswoman who votes to defund Planned Parenthood is “betraying every woman in America,” according to Newsweek.

Congress scheduled a vote Thursday on the American Health Care Act, a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. A provision in the bill would prohibit states from using “direct spending” on “prohibited entities” with federal funds allocated from the legislation; and those entities include any entity that “provides for abortions.” That means the nation’s biggest abortion corporation — Planned Parenthood.

Richards, who earns nearly $1 million a year, blasted the bill and the women lawmakers who support it. . . .

Planned Parenthood currently receives about half a billion taxpayer dollars annually. It also is the largest abortion chain in America, aborting more than 300,000 unborn babies every year.

President Donald Trump recently offered Planned Parenthood a deal that would have allowed it to keep receiving tax money if it stopped doing abortions. The abortion group’s leaders refused. . . . Read More

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bill banning Sex-Selective abortion on Arkansas Gov’s desk

Having passed overwhelmingly in both the House and Senate, a bill to ban sex-selective abortions was sent yesterday to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

The anti-gendercide bill is already law in Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Dakota, according to Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s Director of State Legislation.

“In a 57-9 vote, the House concurred in a Senate amendment to House Bill 1434 . . .

The bill passed the Senate Monday on a 30-3 vote after having passed the House on February 14 by a similarly overwhelming 79-3 margin.

The measure requires the abortionist to ask the woman if she knows the sex of the child. “If she does, the doctor must let her know that it’s illegal to have an abortion based solely on gender,” the Associated Press reported.

“Arkansas is on the right path to preventing prenatal discrimination on the basis of the baby’s sex,” Duran told NRL News Today. That lethal discrimination represents “a real war on unborn baby girls.” . . .

Arkansas has been very busy, passing pro-life legislation, with more on the way. Most recently, NRL News Today reported on passage of the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. The law, which passed the Senate 25-6 and the House 78-10, bans the grotesque practice of dismemberment abortions.

In addition, Arkansas has passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; a law requiring a 48-hour period of reflection for abortion-minded women; a measure requiring abortionists to be in the same room as the pregnant woman when she receives chemical abortifacients (so-called webcam abortions are premised around just the opposite), to name just a few. . . . Read More

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: “We Would Never” Stop Doing Abortions to Keep Our Taxpayer Funding

. . . As always, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards wrapped her abortion statement up and language concerning women’s health. But the irony is that if Planned Parenthood stopped aborting baby boys and girls and focused only on legitimate Women’s Health Care and nobody would be leading the charge to revoke its teaxpayerr funding.

Here is Richard’s interview with CNN:

CNN: But I understand, the white House, they did make an offer to allow Planned Parenthood to preserve its funding, if it stopped providing abortions, an offer which you rejected. A, were you surprised that they reached out with that offer? And did you give it any real consideration?

Richards: Well, first of all, they never did reach out with that offer. I read about it in the paper like everybody else.

CNN: So there was no official offer?

Richards: Anderson — never. Never. But it’s important to understand that, you know, we see 2.5 million patients in this country every year. One in five women in the country have been to us for health care. We’re here to serve women, provide them all the health care they need, that includes birth control and cancer screenings and safe and legal abortion access. And we would never trade away the rights of women or the rights of women to access full reproductive health care for this kind of proposed deal. . . . Read More:

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Cut Funds To NEA, NEH, NPR, PBS

by Bill Donohue: The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), National Public Radio (NPR), and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), are all subsidized by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The Trump administration is right to propose a budget that completely guts these entities of federal funding. That is why I am asking members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to honor the president’s request.

Justice demands that these agencies should be eliminated: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for assaults on their religion.

Christians constitute roughly 75 percent of the population; Catholics are approximately 25 percent of the total. In the name of “art,” these Americans are expected to pay for irreverent exhibits, but depictions that are reverential—such as a nativity scene outside City Hall—are denied a dime. It’s time we stopped giving the arts a privileged position and cut their funding. The same is true for publicly funded radio and TV programming that has a history of insulting the majority of Americans.

The CPB was founded in the 1960s, and it has been plagued with problems ever since. In the late 1980s, the NEA funded Andre Serrano’s “Piss Christ” and Robert Mapplethorpe’s “The Perfect Moment.” Serrano took a crucifix and dropped it into a jar of his own urine, branding it art. The NEA gave a Philadelphia museum $30,000 to display graphic homosexual S&M photos taken by Mapplethorpe.

In 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that there is no constitutional prohibition against Congress setting decency standards for the NEA. But attempts by the NEA to enforce grant recipients to sign an anti-obscenity pledge went nowhere. This is why Congress must act.

To show how perverse things have become, President Barack Obama not only approved generous grants to the NEA, he actually included $50 million for the arts as part of his “federal stimulus package.” One of the first beneficiaries was a San Francisco outfit, CounterPULSE. It received $25,000 to pay for employees’ salaries. What did the public get from it? The group hosted “a long-running pansexual performance series” called “Perverts Put Out”; it asked the audience to “Join your fellow pervs for some explicit twisted fun.”

Catholic League Conflicts with the NEA
  • 1995: Ron Athey abused Catholic imagery by indulging in several sexually explicit and vulgar statements, so much so that I wrote a letter to the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee asking for his support in defunding the NEA.
  • 1998: I led a demonstration of 3,000 protesters outside the Manhattan Theatre Club, funded by the NEA, for hosting a play, “Corpus Christi,” that depicted Jesus having sex with his apostles.
  • 1999: I led a demonstration outside the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which received funding from the NEA and the NEH, for its “Sensation” exhibit. It showed a huge portrait of Our Blessed Mother smeared with elephant dung, adorned with pictures of vaginas.
  • 2000: The Whitney Museum, an NEA-funded institution, hosted “Sanitation,” a vile attack on Mayor Rudy Giuliani for opposing the anti-Catholic “Sensation” exhibit. The Whitney had previously displayed “Abject Art”; it featured depictions of excrement and hard-core pornography.
  • 2000: The Theater for the New City Foundation, which received NEA funds, was host to a play, “The Pope and the Witch,” written by Dario Fo, a Stalinist and a vicious anti-Catholic. It depicted Pope John Paul II as a heroin-addicted, paranoid schemer. I wrote to the Appropriations Committee asking members to reconsider funding the NEA.
  • 2010: The Smithsonian, which receives 70 cents of every dollar from the taxpayers (via the NEA and NEH), hosted an exhibit, “Hide/Seek,” that featured a video showing huge ants crawling all over Jesus on the Cross. I contacted the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, and the video was pulled.
  • 2013: The Oklahoma City Theatre Company, an NEA recipient, hosted “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” a foul homosexual play that featured homoerotic performances, including simulated sex acts. It also mocked the Bible.
  • 2015: The NEA’s support for the Milwaukee Art Museum resulted in an exhibition that showcased a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made up of condoms.
Catholic League Conflicts with NPR
  • 1997: On July 5, the Weekend Edition aired a segment with host Scott Simon and musical satirist Tom Lehrer that featured Lehrer singing “The Vatican Rag.” It disparaged Catholicism and the Eucharist, including the doctrine of Transubstantiation.
  • 2005: NPR questioned the religion of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. NPR’s Lynn Neary wondered that since he is a Catholic whether “that might affect the way he views an issue like abortion, for instance.” Nina Totenberg of NPR even went so far as to say that his wife was “a high officer of a pro-life organization. He’s got adopted children. I mean, he’s a conservative Catholic.”
  • 2006: During the Easter season, NPR twice took aim at the divinity of Jesus.
  • 2006: Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Turkey was used by NPR as an occasion to lecture the pope on being sensitive to Muslims by not making any overtly Catholic comments or gestures. It cited prayer and kneeling as examples.
  • 2007: When Samuel Alito was nominated to the high court, NPR’s Dahlia Lithwick said, “People are very, very much talking about the fact that Alito would be the fifth Catholic in the Supreme Court if confirmed.”
  • 2008: Utah’s NPR station, KCPW, featured a skit, “Fair Game with Faith Salie,” that mocked Jesus and the Eucharist.
  • 2012: Barbara Bradley Hagerty did a piece that was posted on NPR’s website that said a Philadelphia priest accused of raping a minor was “not that unusual” for a member of the Catholic clergy.
  • 2013: A movie, “Paradise: Faith,” depicted a “devout” Catholic woman who masturbates with a crucifix as she is making love to Jesus. It was highly recommended by NPR.
  • 2014: An NPR game show, “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!”, made fun of Jesus dying on the Cross. Sexual references to Jesus were also made.
Catholic League Conflicts with PBS
  • 1996: FRONTLINE blamed Catholicism for the killings of a Catholic maniac, John Salvi. He killed two abortionists from Brookline, Massachusetts. The program functioned as a promo for Planned Parenthood and a hit job on the Catholic Church.
  • 2006: It aired a show on Jesus during Lent implying that Christian beliefs are a hoax.
    2007: “The Secret Files of the Inquisition” was a four-part docudrama that gave voice to Black Legend propaganda. The horrors it attributed to the Catholic Church have been wholly discredited by scholars such as Henry Kamen.
  • 2009: PBS banned member stations from carrying new religious programs. It said, without foundation, that such shows might imply official endorsement. It did not say why only sectarian shows might imply endorsement.
  • 2014: PBS aired “Secrets of the Vatican.” It was the 48th time that PBS addressed sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. By contrast, it has a history of ignoring this problem in other religions, never mind its widespread existence today in the public schools.
The NEA, NEH, NPR, and PBS have had decades to clean up their act, but they refuse to do so. The time to cut funding is now.
William "Bill" Donohue is President of the Catholic League.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DAY 21 - 40 Days for Life: Sacramento, California

David Brandao, Communications Director, 40 Days for Life, Spring 2017: When the 40 Days for Life team met with Sacramento volunteers on a bus tour stop, they were introduced to a woman who had received troubling news from her doctor.

She was told there was between a 40 and 60 percent chance that her baby would be born with Down syndrome or another chromosomal anomaly, or perhaps a heart problem. Faced with such a diagnosis, the doctor started to advise an abortion.

The baby’s parents quickly cut him off. They would accept and love whatever child God gave them.

That was almost five years ago. These parents attended the 40 Days for Life vigil recently … with their completely healthy child.

The medical diagnosis could have easily been explained from a “glass is half full” perspective – that the baby had a 40 to 60 percent chance of being fine. But based on even a hint of problems, the prospect of abortion was raised almost immediately.

Thankfully, these were strong parents with a strong faith!

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4 States are Trying to Strip Pro-Lifers of Free Speech

Does the state have the proper authority to force a doctor, organization, church or individual citizen to promote, refer for espouse the so-called “benefits” of murder?

What if not everybody agrees that the taking of a preborn human life is murder? Should that lack of consensus open the door for the state to force its own citizens to speak a message in direct opposition to their own deeply held convictions?

That’s the essential question in four states, where the abortion industry has gone after pro-life pregnancy help organizations with legislation that would force those organizations—or, in two states, all pro-life medical professionals—to promote, refer or declare the “benefits” of abortion.

Stretching from Connecticut to Hawaii, the abortion lobby’s legislative assault on life-affirming alternatives isn’t going unchecked by pro-life advocates, who look in position to score major long-term victories with the confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch and a GOP house budget plan that redirects Planned Parenthood funding to Federally Qualified Health Centers that do not perform or refer for abortions.

Not one pregnancy help center in Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, or California receives a dime in state or federal funding, existing entirely as community-funded nonprofits.

Here’s the latest in the battle for pro-life individuals, medical professionals, churches and pregnancy centers to uphold their First Amendment rights of free speech and free religious exercise. Read More on the actions by the states of Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii & California

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Monday, March 20, 2017

DAY 20: Saved By A Flyer - 40 Days for Life - Spring 2017

Shawn D. Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: As we reach the halfway point of this 40 Days for Life campaign, I can bring you the great news that so far …

… our local leaders report 171 babies have been spared from abortion – that we know of!

Today you’ll hear a most amazing story showing God’s perfect timing.

We are called to pray – and trust God with the results. Here’s what can happen when we do just that.

Yuba City, California
Today’s first story is one we heard following one of the stops on the 40 Days for Life bus tour.

A young woman in Yuba City who hadn’t gone to church in a long time knew she needed Christ’s help.

She wasn’t exactly sure which church she was going to attend the next Sunday, but she eventually picked one. When Sunday arrived, she walked into the church – and was handed a bulletin.

Inside the bulletin was a flyer for the local 40 Days for Life campaign – an invitation to pray for an end to abortion.

The service began, and the pastor delivered the message he’d been planning for some time – the story of how his mother had tried several times to abort him. But somehow, he miraculously survived. The pastor and his wife then spoke of the pain of their past abortion.

The woman who “just happened” to choose this church … who “just happened” to pick up a bulletin that mentioned 40 Days for Life … and who “just happened” to hear this message from this pastor … was in tears.

After church – as she was sobbing – she explained to the pastor and his wife that she was pregnant – and she had an appointment the following week for an abortion …

… but all that she had experienced this Sunday convinced her that she had to cancel the appointment.

Church members brought her to a life-affirming pregnancy help center, where she is receiving the assistance she needs as she continues her pregnancy.

“All of this happened by the power of prayer, God’s perfect timing … and the love of Christ through this church,” said Maureen, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Yuba City.

“A baby’s life was saved, a woman was spared the life-long pain of abortion and a community is healing,” she said, “a process that all started with a 40 Days for Life flyer in a church bulletin. Praise and thanks be to God!”

Mexico City, Mexico
Vigil participants outside the Marie Stopes abortion center in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood heard wonderful news from a couple that walked out of the building.

“Thanks to your prayers we have decided to keep the baby,” they told the 40 Days for Life volunteers – and then they went to church to thank God for his mercy.

This is the sixth campaign in Roma. “Our volunteers are really committed to the cause,” said Lourdes, the local coordinator. “Most of them have taken an hour or more each week to fill the whole campaign schedule”

While praying in front of Marie Stopes, they have witnessed the pain of wounded women.

“But we also have had the opportunity to know about conversions, to see neighbors change their minds and show support,” Lourdes said. They have also seen couples stop outside of the abortion facility … talk … and then leave.

“We do believe that what we see is nothing comparing with the real miracles that God gives when people pray,” she said. “We have faith and we will persevere in prayer.”

Bogota, Colombia: There are four 40 Days for Life vigils currently under way in Bogota, including a first-time campaign in the Colombian capital’s Kennedy section.
“We believe that with our presence and prayer has saved the lives of at least two babies,” said one of the team members in Kennedy. “It has also increased awareness in the community … and encouraged the youth of the schools in the area”

This local leader says the areas on the south side of Bogota “have welcomed us in wonderful ways.”

The vigil began with a talk from a priest who urged the people to get involved and overcome the indifference towards abortion that characterized much of the local community.

“The solidarity of the people has made it possible to support several mothers facing unexpected pregnancies,” the volunteer said, “and so we’re filling the world with love and life.”

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Planned Parenthood Aborts 330,000 Babies While Breast Exams Drop 56% and Cancer Screenings Drop 63%

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council.: St. Patrick’s Day may be over, but Planned Parenthood still has green on its mind. In the fight of its financial life, Cecile Richards is doing everything she can to keep her grip on the $550 million dollars her group rakes in from taxpayers each year. And that includes keeping a lid on the organization’s latest numbers. While Congress debates the future of Planned Parenthood funding, the nation’s largest abortion business is being unusually tight-lipped about its services in 2015-16.

Coincidence? Most conservatives think not. Mallory Quigley, communications director for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said she’s never seen the report come out this late. “For the years that I have been tracking it, it’s always been very consistent at the end of the year,” she told the Washington Times. If their statistics are anything like 2014 — when the group aborted enough people to wipe out a city as big as Pittsburgh — they won’t help Richards’s cause. She and her friends in Hollywood have spent the last several weeks trying to downplay the business’s abortion side and highlight the other services Planned Parenthood offers. But unless there’s been a major sea change at the organization, that will be tough to do for an organization that took an unborn life every 97 seconds in 2014.

Equally damning, the group’s cancer screenings — which is a favorite defense of the Left’s — have been in steady decline for years. From 2009 to 2014, Planned Parenthood’s breast exams (which, incidentally, don’t include mammograms) have consistently decreased and dropped by over half (56 percent): 830,312 (2009), 747,607 (2010), 639,384 (2011), 549,804 (2012), 487,029 (2013), and 363,803 (2014).

As if that weren’t alarming enough, other cancer screenings have dropped by close to two-thirds (63 percent): 1,830,811 (2009), 1,596,741 (2010), 1,307,570 (2011), 1,121,580 (2012), 935,573 (2013), and 682,208 (2014). And while their services have decreased, taxpayer-funding has increased! No wonder Planned Parenthood isn’t racing to show off its work from the last two years. Not only would their report refute everything the group is claiming, but it would also show what a terrible investment Planned Parenthood is.

While Richards drags her feet, Congress is not. As early as this week, the House will hold its first major vote on the Obamacare replacement bill — and when it does, defunding Planned Parenthood will be a major part of it. Of course, as March for Life President Jeanne Mancini and I point out in a joint op-ed in The Hill, there’s still work to be done. As happy as we are that the legislation topples Obamacare’s abortion insurance subsidies and guts Planned Parenthood funding, the GOP will need to go to the mat to protect other pro-life provisions in the House bill. “Until Congress specifically states that abortion is not healthcare, and statutorily excludes it from healthcare programs, the courts along with agency precedent show that abortion will be included when the government funds healthcare,” we write.
“The final version of the American Healthcare Act must include language to prohibit direct subsidies or tax-preferential treatment for elective abortion services or coverage, whether in healthcare tax credits, subsidies or any other healthcare programs. It is also critical that these pro-life protections survive challenge under the Senate’s Byrd Rule, which strictly limits policy-making provisions on a budget bill. If such abortion funding restrictions are stripped out of the bill in the Senate by a Byrd Rule point of order, our organizations would have to strongly oppose the entire bill because it would expand abortion, even though it removes specific funds from Planned Parenthood for one year.”In case Congress isn’t motivated enough to save these lives, Students for Life is making the debate personal. For the next month, they’re trying to collect 324,000 baby socks — each one representing a child whose life was taken at a Planned Parenthood clinic every year. In April, they’ll display all 324,000 socks to a massive canvass in a powerful display for an event at the U.S. Capitol. They’re calling it the #SockIt2PP campaign, and you can help! Join Students for Life in reminding America’s leaders that what’s at stake in this debate is more than dollars — it’s innocent lives.

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Day One:Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings: Pro-abortion Democrats Posture

Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch
by Dave Andrusko: Based on watching parts of the hearing and reading a number of stories, here’s just a quick post about Day One of the confirmation hearings of federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch to be Antonin Scalia’s successor on the United States Supreme Court.

Prior to the opening statements, there was (how could there not be?)a “bombshell.” It was intended to impugn Gorsuch’s integrity but nobody except the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee put any credence in the out-of-the blue letter sent at the eleventh hour to the committee by a former student. It just so happens that she also just happened to have worked for pro-abortion Colorado Sen. Mark Udall before he was defeated for re-election in 2014.

No doubt there will be other smears. That’s how Democrats operate when Republican Presidents nominate Supreme Court justices.

You can watch Judge Gorsuch’s 13-minute long opening remarks at You can also watch the opening remarks from Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), former Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), and other committee members.

Questioning begins tomorrow at 9:30.

Two quick thoughts, which were obvious before today.

First, Democrats are still angry about Judge Merrick Garland. Be that as it may, as many, many outlets, including pro-abortion liberal publications, acknowledge, the Republicans were under no obligation to hold confirmation hearings on him last year. See here and here.

Second, the Democrats’ “base” is beyond wanting blood. So it will be interesting to see how Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats attempt to meet the irrational demands of their out-to-sea supporters.

But if it is true that Democrats haven’t given up trying to block Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation , it is no less true that something else hasn’t changed: he is a superbly equipped nominee to whom the ABA gave its highest rating–“well-qualified” to serve on the High Court.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

24-hour Vigils: 40 days for Life Sping 2017

Shawn D. Carney, President, 40 Days for Life: Praying at a closed abortion facility in the middle of the night is powerful. But why do it?

It’s a question we’ve gotten since the very first 40 Days for Life campaign in 2004, when volunteers took turns standing vigil 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

“Why are you out there when they are not even open?"

It’s because the round-the-clock prayer presence does several good things. For starters, such a committment places prayer at the center of the 40-day time period.

It is literally a vigil that prays without ceasing – for 960 straight hours!
It also sends a powerful message to the community. Many people don’t know there’s an abortion center in their home towns – or maybe even in their neighborhoods. People who drive by after business hours may not realize what goes on in what may look like a simple, quiet office building.

And it’s a constant reminder to the abortion facility’s staff. We’re there when they show up for work. We’re there when they go out for lunch or to run errands. We’re there at the end of the day when they go home. We’re there when they drive past on nights and weekends.

As one former abortion worker realized, “I’m not as dedicated as they are.”

St. Louis, Missouri
“Even on the one day during that week that Planned Parenthood's gates remained closed to the public,” said Brian, the 40 Days for Life leader in St. Louis, “still we prayerfully persist.”

But why be there even if they’re not open?

“One day soon, God willing, the abortion industry will fold – will close its doors and cease to take the lives of innocent children day in and day out,” he said. “But when this day comes, our work will be far from over. It will just be beginning.”

And so, Brian said, we must persist – “for the scared, pregnant teen whose boyfriend is pressuring her to abort; for the clinic worker who feels the weight of her job beginning to take its toll; for the general public who drive by, even on Sundays, without giving much thought to the reality of what happens inside that clinic; and for the God who has called us to take up our cross daily and follow Him.”

Every day during the campaign, it’s inspiring to know that someone is out on the sidewalk, praying for God’s intervention, even on Sundays.

“Thank you,” Brian said, “to every one of you who continues to make this much needed presence possible.”

Plattsburgh, New York
It’s often the conversations with passersby that make a big impression. Nancy in Plattsburgh shared accounts of two women who recently decided to engage the prayer volunteers.

Nancy in Plattsburgh shared accounts of two women who recently decided to engage the prayer volunteers.

While a small group was praying outside of Planned Parenthood at the 40 Days for Life vigil, a young woman jogging down the sidewalk stopped to speak with them.

Jogger: “Are you for Planned Parenthood?”

Volunteers: “We are for life.”

Jogger: “Planned Parenthood really helps teens, you know, with preventing pregnancy.”

Volunteers: “Planned Parenthood promotes promiscuity.”

Jogger: “No, I don’t think so. (Pauses a moment to think.) Well, are you going to take all those kids in and take care of them?”

Volunteers: “Yes! Bring them to us!”

Jogger: “Well! I’ve got better things to do than that!”

And with that, off she ran – full steam ahead! The jogger knew all the talking points and didn’t seem to be on the brink of any sudden attitude changes … but who knows? There was a moment when she stopped to think. Maybe a seed was planted!

The volunteers met another woman who got quite upset with the people praying. But later, she came back to apologize.

“With tears in her eyes,” Nancy said, “she said she was forced by her mother to have an abortion at 16. She thinks of that child every day – the child who would be 42 years old this June.

She thanked the vigil participants for being there to pray. Her reaction was because of the pain she has carried for all those years.

“Please rouse yourself and care,” Nancy said. “Women are not empowered by living with the knowledge they killed their child. They are lied to and victimized by Planned Parenthood. There are alternatives.”

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