Monday, July 31, 2017

Planned Parenthood Celebrates That You Still Fund Their Abortion Business

It’s been a disappointing week for pro-life advocates who are working hard to end taxpayer funding of the largest abortion business in the United States.

Planned Parenthood celebrated this weekend after the U.S. Senate narrowly rejected a measure to defund it of millions of taxpayer dollars.

“The Trumpcare nightmare may finally be over,” Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards said in a message to supporters. “In the middle of the night, the Senate’s last ditch effort to repeal health care from millions and take care away from Planned Parenthood patients failed.”

Late last week, U.S. Sen. John McCain joined two pro-abortion Republicans to defeat a bill that would defund Planned Parenthood. Called the skinny bill to repeal portions of Obamacare, pro-life organizations and Senate Republican leaders hoped the bill would get enough votes to be able to land a repeal and defund measure on President Donald Trump’s desk.

Even though McCain frequently votes pro-life and has voted to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business in the past, he joined pro-abortion Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine along with 48 Democrats to kill the measure.

Richards called the vote a “victory” for her abortion business. . . . Read More

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Vice Principal Schooled in Principle

Tony Perkins, Washington Update: At a Pennsylvania academy, students got a lesson all right -- in intolerance! When two pro-life high schoolers decided to protest abortion on the public sidewalk outside the school, they had a surprising (and profanity-laced) visit from a member of the administration, Vice Principal of Student Life Zach Ruff.

Angry that the conservative teenagers were demonstrating, Ruff grabbed one of the student's signs. When the pair explained that they were just trying to expose "the holocaust that's happening in America," the administrator snapped. While others captured the exchange on video, Ruff rejected the idea. The students tried to point out that "these [unborn children] are the people that are being murdered," despite being "image bearers of God."

In a shocking reply, the Vice Principal tells the students, "You can go to hell where they are too!" To their disbelieving faces, he goes on, "They are not children. They're cells." When the brother and sister team suggest that Ruff needs Jesus, Ruff outs himself. "Listen here, son. I'm as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny," Ruff yelled. "I don't give a [expletive] what Jesus tells me and what I should and should not be doing. Just because you choose to believe a book of fiction doesn't mean I have to," Ruff continued. "Prove it to me with science. ... You believe it, does not make it true. You and [President Donald] Trump can go to hell."

After the confrontation was posted to YouTube, school officials were suddenly apologetic. "You had every right under our Constitution's First Amendment to speak and display signs like you did, and that right was violated by Dr. Ruff," Superintendent Emilie Leonardi wrote in a letter to the siblings. "Rest assured that Dr. Ruff's actions do not represent the policy of the School District. Instead, we will be providing information to our employees on the First Amendment rights of individuals. We are committed to preventing incidents from happening in the future and will instruct school employees not to violate anyone's Free Speech rights on public sidewalks outside our schools again."

Alliance Defending Freedom, who represented the students, announced that the Downington Area School District had agreed to a settlement, rather than take the issue to court. Attorney Kevin Theriot wasn't surprised, considering how unconstitutional (and unprofessional!) Ruff's actions were.

"No government employee -- especially someone with authority over students -- should harass or threaten anyone for exercising their First Amendment protected freedoms in public," Theriot said. "Conner and Lauren Haines were peacefully expressing their pro-life views, holding signs, and talking to those passing by. The bullying and verbal abuse that Zach Ruff inflicted on Conner and Lauren, as documented in the video, made a policy clarification critically necessary, not only for the Haineses, but also for everyone in the Downingtown community. We commend the district for doing the right thing to prevent this from ever happening again."Thank goodness for young people who stick up for what's right when adults around them don't! In my book No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous Generation Standing for Truth, I introduce you to several of them. Consider giving a copy to a teenager you know. It just might inspire them to live out their faith with a boldness like this that changes their life -- and others'!
Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of Family Research Center senior writers.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Legalizing Assisted Suicide Dangerous – Just Look at Canada

Kevin Yuill
by Kevin Yuill via National Right to Life: This week, the High Court [in Great Britain] heard a legal challenge from a terminally ill British man who wants the right to die. Noel Conway, who is 67-years-old and has motor neurone disease, wants an assisted death when his health deteriorates further. Lawyers are asking the courts to declare that the blanket ban on ‘assisted dying’ under the Suicide Act is contrary to the Human Rights Act.

The current law on assisted dying was overwhelmingly upheld by parliament in 2015. The fact that the courts are hearing a challenge to this is deeply worrying.

The courts, which recently defended parliamentary sovereignty in the Article 50 legal challenge, should not be used to circumvent ‘inconvenient’ legislation. Doing so shows contempt for democracy. Moreover, the 1961 Suicide Act is a remarkably good piece of legislation. The potential sentence of 14 years in prison for assisting a suicide reflects society’s condemnation of killing, while simultaneously removing punishment of the victims of suicide. It has been used only a handful of times, but stands as a symbol of our commitment to the preservation of human life.

When dealing with such sensitive cases here in the UK, we should consider what is happening in Canada. There, the prohibition against assisted suicide was struck down by a single judge, in a single court case, involving a terminally ill individual.

In 2012, lawyers representing Gloria Taylor, who, like Conway, was suffering from motor neurone disease, successfully argued that prohibiting assisted suicide breached her rights. The Supreme Court upheld the decision and ordered the federal government to pass legislation permitting assisted suicide. Bill C-14 became law on June 17, 2016, allowing both assisted suicide and euthanasia (where the doctor kills the patient).

The CBC reported recently that, by the end of 2016, there had been 1,324 cases of medical assistance in dying (MAiD) in Canada – that is, assisted suicide and euthanasia. This number is likely to increase.

Before the ink was dry on C-14, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association launched a court case to ‘strike down’ as unconstitutional the somewhat slippery provision that a person’s ‘natural death must be reasonably foreseeable’ to qualify for death by lethal injection.

In the weeks that followed C-14’s passage into law, the Canadian federal government announced that it would conduct research into the possibility of extending the benefits of euthanasia to people with dementia, ‘mature children’, and those with solely psychological suffering. In the case of a 77-year-old woman suffering from non-terminal osteoarthritis, the judge chided doctors who had refused euthanasia on the grounds that her disease was not terminal. He granted the woman the right to die as she was ‘almost 80’ with ‘no quality of life.’ And, of course, her death was judged to be ‘reasonably foreseeable.’

In the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced that it would force doctors to either euthanize patients who wanted to die, or refer them to someone who would. Three years ago, it was a crime for doctors to kill their patients in Canada. Now, doctors could lose their license for refusing to participate in killing their patients.

Judges and juries are generally sympathetic in tragic cases like Conway’s. But there is no need to change the law. We should take the court case in Canada, which opened a Pandora’s Box, as a warning about the dangers of legalizing assisted suicide.

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Afaxys Caught in Dealings with Planned Parenthood Execs and Abortionists!

by Jim Sedlak:  ALL's investigation of Afaxys and Planned Parenthood continues to reveal deep-seated connections and cooperation between the two organizations.

As we prepare our next major report, we bring you just a few examples of the links between Planned Parenthood people and Afaxys. The first of these examples includes both a current and a former PP medical director at Planned Parenthood affiliates who now have medical roles with Afaxys. John Stutsman, MD, medical director of Planned Parenthood Indiana and Kentucky, is a member of the Afaxys Medical Advisory Board. And Cheryl Gibson, MD, chief medical officer and head of Medical and Regulatory Affairs at Afaxys, was the former medical director of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

In addition, Afaxys gave funding (mostly speaking honoraria) to a number of Planned Parenthood executives and abortionists (PP abortionists verified through These include:

Mary Gatter, MD – the infamous “Lamborghini” Planned Parenthood executive from the CMP videos, who was the medical director of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles before moving to the same position at the Pasadena affiliate and who was then elected president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council. As medical director at PPLA, Gatter oversaw the affiliate’s partnership with Novogenix Laboratories, LLC, a local for-profit fetal organ and tissue harvesting company.
Mark Hathaway, MD – the Planned Parenthood abortionist (PP Falls Church Center) who formerly worked at MedStar Washington Hospital Center where he was the director of the Ryan Residency abortion training program and the codirector of the Family Planning Fellowship. He is now the director of Family Planning for Unity Healthcare. In addition, he coordinates federal Title X funding for "comprehensive" family planning organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington, DC.

Jeffrey Waldman, MD – the Planned Parenthood abortionist who is associated with Concord Health Center-Planned Parenthood and San Ramon Health Center-Planned Parenthood. Waldman may also work at other abortion clinics. In addition, he is involved in Planned Parenthood-Shasta Pacific’s abortion training program via the University of CA, San Francisco.

Donna Burkett, MD – the Planned Parenthood abortionist who has been associated with Portland Health Center-Planned Parenthood, Wilmington Health Center-Planned Parenthood, West Lebanon Health Center-Planned Parenthood, Northern New England Planned Parenthood, White River Junction Health Center-Planned Parenthood, and Williston Health Center-Planned Parenthood.
Afaxys currently bills itself as one of the largest providers of birth control products to the public sector. We ask all of our readers to let your state and local public health departments, as well as the health centers on college campuses, know about the Afaxys – Planned Parenthood connection so they can refuse to buy from a company that gives money to the abortion industry.
Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria network. He has been actively fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

President Trump Names Pro-Life Gov. Brownback As Religious Freedom Ambassador

Gov. Sam Brownback 
Long-time pro-life advocate Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas has been nominated as the United States ambassador on religious freedom.

The Newburgh Gazette reports President Donald Trump nominated Brownback this week to head the Office of International Religious Freedom, which is responsible for monitoring international religious freedom and publishing an annual report. The office is under the U.S. Department of State.

“I am honored to serve such an important cause,” Brownback wrote on Twitter. “Religious freedom is the first freedom. The choice of what you do with your own soul.”

In the new role, his mission will be to monitor “religious persecution and discrimination worldwide, recommend and implement policies in respective regions or countries, and develop programs to promote religious freedom.”

Religious freedom and life issues often are closely connected, and pro-life advocates saw erosion of these freedoms under pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Having a pro-life leader in this top-level policy role is good news for unborn babies and those most threatened by euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Brownback has a long, consistent pro-life record as a politician.

Under Brownback’s leadership, Kansas recently was named the second most pro-life state in the nation by Americans United for Life. During a pro-life rally in January, Brownback embraced the title with pride and vowed that Kansans would continue to work hard to protect all human lives from abortion.

“Kansas is the leading pro-life state in America, and we will stay that way,” Brownback said.

Two years ago, Brownback signed an important law banning brutal dismemberment abortions that tear unborn babies limb from limb. The law was the first of its kind in the nation. Since then, several other states have followed Kansas’s lead and passed dismemberment abortion bans.

He also signed a bill to defund the abortion business Planned Parenthood in Kansas during his first year as governor.

Earlier this year, Brownback sent a letter of encouragement to President Trump and the leaders of the U.S. House and Senate, urging them to “grasp the opportunity to proclaim and protect the dignity of life.” He asked them to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and pass several other key pieces of pro-life legislation, including a dismemberment abortion ban.

Brownback also was a strong pro-life advocate when he served in the U.S. House and Senate.

Pending U.S. Senate confirmation, Brownback is expected to step down as governor. Kansas Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, who also is pro-life, would take his place. . . . Read More

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Scientists Kill Unborn Children in Human Genetic Engineering Experiments

Some of the most powerful technologies ever invented–which can literally change human life at the DNA level–are moving forward with very little societal discussion or sufficient regulatory oversight. Technology Review is now reporting an attempt in the US to use CRISPR to genetically modify a human embryo. From the story:
The first known attempt at creating genetically modified human embryos in the United States has been carried out by a team of researchers in Portland, Oregon, Technology Review has learned.

The effort, led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University, involved changing the DNA of a large number of one-cell embryos with the gene-editing technique CRISPR, according to people familiar with the scientific results…

Now Mitalipov is believed to have broken new ground both in the number of embryos experimented upon and by demonstrating that it is possible to safely and efficiently correct defective genes that cause inherited diseases.

Although none of the embryos were allowed to develop for more than a few days—and there was never any intention of implanting them into a womb—the experiments are a milestone on what may prove to be an inevitable journey toward the birth of the first genetically modified humans.
It may begin with curing disease. But it won’t stay there. Many are drooling to engage in eugenic genetic enhancements.

So, are we going to just watch, slack-jawed, the double-time march to Brave New World unfold before our eyes?

Or are we going to engage democratic deliberation to determine if this should be done, and if so, what the parameters are? . . . Read More

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Planned Parenthood Is Pushing its Sex Agenda on Pre-Schoolers

The abortion business Planned Parenthood now is targeting the youngest school children of all with its sex agenda.

The Blaze reports the abortion business published new points for talking to pre-schoolers (children as young as 3 and 4) about sex and “gender identity.”

Planned Parenthood teaches it sex education programs to students in public schools across the country. Some pro-lifers say Planned Parenthood uses its sex ed program to gain students’ trust and sell more abortions. Most of its programs target high school and junior high students, but some even target the youngest students of all – pre-schoolers.

According to the report:

The organization also said that the old “birds and bees” adage should be phased out, and that children as young as preschoolers should be taught how women become pregnant — via penetration.

About sex and masturbation, Planned Parenthood recommends that a parent take a completely straightforward approach to the discussion.

“Conversations about sex and masturbation not only give you an opportunity to share accurate information with your kid, they’re also an opportunity to talk about your values. Your values influence how you talk about it, so think ahead of time about what messages you want to send.”

Planned Parenthood is absolutely right that talking with children about sex is directly connected to values. Yet, few parents are comfortable with the “values” that the abortion chain teaches. It promotes risky sexual behavior and fight against laws that require parents to be involved in a minor’s abortion decision. . . . Read More

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Another Charlie Gard? Father of Daughter in Similar Circumstance - Doctors Leaving Her to Die

The dedication and perseverance of Charlie Gard’s parents have inspired another British family to fight for their seriously ill daughter.

One-year-old Jorja Emerson is suffering from epilepsy and a rare chromosome disorder called 1q43-q44 deletion, and her family said doctors think she should be taken home to die, the Mirror reports.

Robbie Emerson, 30, of Bangor, Northern Ireland, said he would like to take his daughter to the United States for an independent assessment of her condition. Inspired by Charlie Gard and his parents, Emerson is working to raise £200,000 for his daughter’s journey to the U.S. and medical care.

“Their fight has resonated with me,” he said. “When I see them I see the love that a parent has for their child and I understand a bit of what they are going through. They have had to go through the most difficult thing in the whole world – I can see that.”

Emerson said his daughter suffered from a 17-hour epilepsy fit, and afterward doctors told him that Jorja’s case basically was hopeless. . . . Read More

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Monday, July 24, 2017

BREAKING: Charlie Gard’s Parents End Legal Fight To Save Baby’s Life

Charlie Gard’s parents are ending their legal fight to give their baby a chance at life.

After their five-month legal battle with London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital and the European court system, Chris Gard and Connie Yates say it is now “too late” for any experimental treatment to help their 11-month-old recover.

"Sadly time has run out. For Charlie it is too late," says the parents’ lawyer, Grant Armstrong. "The parents' worst fears have been confirmed."

Charlie has a rare mitochondrial disease. His parents raised more than $1.5 million to transfer him to the U.S. for experimental treatment, but British and European courts ruled that his hospital can block his parents' wishes and pull the 11-month-old's life support.

U.S. expert Dr. Michio Hirano examined Charlie for five hours last week. But Armstrong told a UK court this morning that Hirano could no longer offer Charlie experimental therapy after seeing the latest MRI scan.

The parents, said Armstrong, are setting up a new charity to help other children with Charlie's condition. Through that effort they hope his voice "continues to be heard," he said.

“Had Charlie been given the treatment sooner he would have had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy,” Connie Yates told the court today.

The parents insisted, based on consultation with Dr. Hirano, that Charlie had normal brain function in January and could have largely recovered. But, they say, the hospital wasted precious months fighting them in court while Charlie’s muscles deteriorated to the point that treatment was no longer possible.

“There is one simple reason for Charlie's muscles deteriorating to the extent they are in now - TIME. A whole lot of wasted time,” they said.

“This is one of the hardest things that we will ever have to say and we are about to do the hardest thing that we'll ever have to do which is to let our beautiful little Charlie go.” . . . Read More

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Senate Casts First Vote Tuesday on Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Senate will cast its first vote on Tuesday on legislation to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Republicans will find out tomorrow which of their members oppose moving forward on the bill that also repeals Obamacare.

The legislation has been pending for many weeks and even months as Republicans have been attempting to come up with a version that would please both conservative lawmakers as well as pro-abortion Republicans who are resistant to defunding the nation’s biggest abortion company.

The Senate will move forward on the bill to repeal Obamacare and defund the Planned Parenthood abortion company if they receive more than 50 votes tomorrow.

“The only way we’ll have an opportunity to consider ideas is if senators have an opportunity to offer and debate them and that means kicking off debate, it means voting to proceed,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday on the Senate floor. “And that will occur tomorrow.”

“When the vote comes up, I’ll keep my commitment to move beyond the failures of Obamacare,” McConnell said. “I will vote yes on the motion to proceed and I would urge all of my colleagues to do the same.”

The vote has been complicated by the absence of Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who is home after surgery to remove a blood clot, and was later diagnosed with brain cancer. McCain is expected to vote for defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare if he is able to fly to Washington for the vote to proceed.

Also complicating efforts is the news that the Senate parliamentarian may have killed the Senate bill that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and repeal Obamacare.

Senate Republicans have been using the reconciliation Bill to get around a filibuster by pro-abortion Democrats who oppose defunding the nation’s biggest abortion company and repealing prohibition Obamacare that has included taxpayer-financed abortions.

The parliamentarian issued guidance saying that key portions of the defunding measure require 60 votes to pass. That’s a departure from the ruling the parliamentarian issued in 2015 concerning the same bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. The ruling then paved the way for a 50-vote passage and sending the bill to pro-abortion President Barack Obama, who vetoed it.

Getting 50 votes for the bill to defund Planned Parenthood has been a difficult enough prospect because three pro-abortion Republican women oppose defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Requiring 60 votes for ultimate passage of the legislation would essentially kill it.

But there could be a solution.

As the Washington Times reports, “Some conservatives argue that Vice President Mike Pence, as president of the Senate, can overrule the parliamentarian while presiding over the chamber, though many Republicans are leery of making such a bold move.”

The office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said the parliamentarian’s guidance is not a ruling and there is time to tweak the language, though the roadblock further clouds plans to vote Tuesday to take up a House-passed bill, work through amendments and reach for final passage.

It’s unclear whether enough senators will take leadership’s advice and vote to act on the bill this week or risk pushing members of the Republican base to link arms with Democrats to block debate.

With Sen. John McCain of Arizona absent because of his sudden cancer diagnosis, Republican leaders cannot afford more than one defection and still proceed with the bill or pass a plan.

“We are going to vote this week, and I think until the vote is actually on the floor of the Senate, some people may not tell you what they’re actually going to do,” Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, told CBS’ “Face the Nation. “We all got elected to legislate, and that’s why we’re here.”

The White House is imploring senators to start debate so they can throw Obamacare into the dustbin, saying they are just a few votes shy of fulfilling their seven-year promise.

“ObamaCare is dead and the Democrats are obstructionists, no ideas or votes, only obstruction. It is solely up to the 52 Republican Senators!” Mr. Trump said on Twitter.
Three pro-abortion Republicans have announced they will prevent the Senate from debating the bill. That includes Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who have been thorns in the side of the pro-life movement for years.

But it also includes Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia — who voted for the exact same legislation previously. Her flip-flop prevents Republicans from getting the 50 votes they need to allow pro-life vice president Mike Pence to cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of the bill. Capito announced her opposition to the bill, the same piece of legislation she voted to pass in 2015 under former President Barack Obama, who vetoed the measure. . . . Read More

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NRLC Open Scorecard Letter To U.S. Sentors . . .

. . . on motion to proceed to H.R. 1628 on Obamacare repeal

Dear Senator:

Majority Leader McConnell has indicated that on Tuesday, July 25, the Senate will vote on the motion to proceed to the House-passed American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628) The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nationwide federation of state right-to-life organizations, urges you to vote yes on this motion. We intend to include the roll call in our scorecard of key right-to-life roll calls of the 115th Congress.

NRLC vigorously opposed enactment of the Obamacare law in 2009-2010, because of its multiple provisions authorizing federal subsidies for abortion insurance, multiple provisions allowing abortion-expansive federal mandates. According to a report issued by the Government Accountability Office in September 2014, approximately 1,000 federally subsidized health plans nationwide currently cover elective abortion.

Additionally, NRLC opposed the multiple provisions that will result in involuntary denial of life-saving medical treatment by placing unacceptable limits on the right of vulnerable Americans to use their own money, if they choose, to obtain both health care and health insurance less likely to deny needed health care.

In both of these areas, NRLC’s objections have been presented to Congress in great detail over the past seven years. For more details about the abortion-expanding provisions of Obamacare please see NRLC’s 2011 testimony in support of the Protect Life Act.

Abortion is not healthcare. The Senate has the chance to protect life by moving away from multiple destructive abortion provisions of Obamacare. If the motion to proceed fails, Obamacare remains, along with its abortion-expanding provisions.

NRLC urges you to vote in favor of the motion to proceed to H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act of 2017, and intends to include the roll call in our scorecard of key right-to-life roll calls of the 115th Congress.  . . . Read More

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Joe Manchin is a Traitor to Unborn Babies Because He Will Fund Planned Parenthood

Sen. Joe Manchin
A traitor is defined as one who “betrays a friend, country or principle” or defined as a “sellout to the enemy.”

Has Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) sold out to the enemy?

Are Manchin’s votes to support using taxpayer funds for the nation’s largest abortion provider a betrayal of his former pro-life views?

Is Manchin pandering to both sides of the abortion issue?

Let’s explore these questions.

West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin has long claimed to be pro-life. What is his voting record in the 115th Congress? A dismal 33%.

Sen. Manchin consistently votes to allow hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider that performs 900 abortions every single day.

Manchin’s response to this? “Not one dime of that money goes for abortion.”

We don’t care Senator.

Money is fungible. Planned Parenthood receives more than a million dollars a day in federal dollars. They can use that money to build more buildings, hire more staff and do more advertising. As a result, more little girls walk through their doors seeking abortions.

By voting against defunding Planned Parenthood, Sen. Manchin is keeping money from actual health care providers who will offer comprehensive health care for more women and girls, closer to home.

Depending on the pundit, Manchin’s 2018 re-election race is considered a tossup, lean, and likely. Polling indicates West Virginia’s pro-life Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Congressman Evan Jenkins are already in striking distance.

West Virginia is a solidly pro-life state. In 2016, President Trump carried the Mountain State 69% to 27% — that’s an advantage of 42 points! Democrats ignore pro-lifers at their political peril, and not just in West Virginia. . . . . Read More

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Abortion Supporters Protest Silence On “Reproductive Rights”

by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. (C-Fam): At a high-level meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council this week, the council’s president had to reassure abortion supporters that the UN remains committed to achieving targets on universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in the ministerial declaration it adopted on UN development goals.

Zimbabwean Ambassador Frederick Musiiwa Makamure Shava said Wednesday, “The draft ministerial declaration does not encroach upon the primacy of the 2030 Agenda, with its goals and targets, which remains the foundation of our commitment.” The 2030 Agenda includes “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” in its target on gender equality which were being reviewed by the Council this year.

UN member states that promote abortion and homosexual rights complained that language about “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” was kept out of this year’s declaration about the UN development goals.

“By leaving out sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights we are making a disservice to women and girls,” said a representative of the European Union.

Canada and Australia made a last-ditch attempt to include this language in the declaration adopted by ministers of UN member states in a letter to Ambassador Shava last week. In the letter, they explained that the language was directly taken from Agenda 2030, but he did not accommodate their request, opting to give oral assurances instead.

During adoption of the document, Canada said it was “very concerned” about this exclusion.

“Women and girls have the right to decide freely on their sexual and reproductive health and rights,” the Canadian representative said, adding that they were relieved by Shava’s assurances.

Australia was also appeased by Ambassador Shava’s opening remarks but said that the missing target was “critically important” and that their commitment to achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights would not weaken.

The United Kingdom joined in complaining that the amendment was not included saying they were “extremely disappointed.”

The declaration still mentions “universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services,” another controversial target of the 2030 Agenda.

While UN consensual agreements on this terminology include access to abortion as a health service, they do not include abortion as a right in any circumstance. Abortion supporters exploit this ambiguity to promote access to abortion in UN programming.

The United Nations Population Fund measures international progress on the Agenda 2030 target on “universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services” by looking at the prevalence of contraceptive use in countries. It also looks at the adolescent birth rate in countries, which can implicate access to abortion.

The implementation of this target is less controversial than the Agenda 2030 target about “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.” The indicators proposed to measure progress on this target include sexual autonomy, access to abortion and contraception for minors without parental consent, and the availability of comprehensive sexuality education. This indicator still hasn’t been finalized by statisticians and UN agencies, but the General Assembly relinquished any prerogative in reviewing the indicators earlier this month.

The Holy See, alone among delegations that negotiated and adopted the ministerial declaration, repeated its reservation to the use of any language with regards to “sexual and reproductive health” in UN resolutions, and that it does not count “access to abortion or to abortifacient drugs” to be within the meaning of this terminology.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Abortion Clinic Closes Where Abortionist Would Twist the Heads Off Babies to Kill Them

Douglas Karpen
Earlier this week, we reported about the impending closure of the infamous Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center abortion business in Houston, Texas.

This closure is a significant one.

That facility is owned and operated by Douglas Karpen, who was accused of his own employees publicly of twisting the heads off or cutting the necks of late-term babies born alive during possibly illegal abortions at the very clinic that is set to “wind down” business at the end of the month.

The description of Karpen’s modus operandi is eerily similar to what was testified to during the 2013 murder trial of Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell was convicted of three counts of first degree murder – and hundreds of other crimes – for killing large babies who survived his shoddy brand of abortion.

You may remember that it was Operation Rescue’s 2013 report with images of some of these aborted babies taken by a clinic worker on her cell phone that first exposed Karpen’s alleged crimes – right on the heels of Gosnell’s conviction, which earned Karpen the nickname #TexasGosnell. . . . Read More

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Senator Shelly Moore Capito Opposing Senate Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senator Shelly Moore Capito
Senator Shelly Moore Capito is one of three Republicans in the Senate who opposes the Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare. She has flip-flopped from suporting the bill to opposing it — but her political calculations are not playing well at home.

The junior senator from West Virginia previously voted to repeal the failing ObamaCare legislation but did so expecting a certain veto from then President Obama. Now, it appears that Capito may be the deciding vote determining if the funding stays. Her reluctance to make the exact same pro-life vote, now that passage would mean an immediate signature by President Trump, calls her level of commitment to protecting the unborn into question.

West Virginians for Life President Wanda Franz, said, “West Virginians for Life and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia will stand together in condemning that failure if Senator Capito sticks to this course. She made promises as a senatorial candidate and our organizations endorsed her and then West Virginia voters gave their support to her and other Republicans in part because of their opposition to ObamaCare. Her failure to support repeal would be an abandonment of those voters.” . . . . . . Read More

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Medical Miracle; 12-Ounce Baby Born 4 Months Premature Gets to Go Home

Emily Rose Hollins
Emily Rose Hollins arrived home from the hospital on Friday for the first time since her premature birth five months ago.

Emily is one of the smallest babies to survive outside the womb. She was born four months prematurely, weighing just 12 ounces, . . .

She is the tiniest baby ever to survive at Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“Just knowing what she’s gone through and where she is today, … that’s a miracle,” her mother, Melanie Hollins, said.

Emily’s life is a miracle for more than one reason.

Before Melanie Hollins knew she was pregnant, she said she was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure. She was undergoing tests and hoping to get on an organ transplant list when she found out that she was pregnant with Emily — something she did not think was possible.

Under such circumstances, some women may have chosen abortion, but Melanie chose life for little Emily.When Emily arrived four months early, Melanie thought her tiny daughter might die. Doctors warned her that Emily had just a slim chance of surviving. But Melanie said the nurses encouraged her so much as they cared for her baby girl. . . . Read More - Miracles Happen!

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Abortion Activists: The Most Effective Way to Fight Global Warming? Don’t Have Kids

A radical solution is being proposed by those promoting the theory that man is to blame for climate change. Their solution? Have fewer children. Humankind is where the problem lie…supposedly.

Writing for The Washington Times (7/13/17), Valerie Richardson notes, “Those who want to get serious about tackling climate change should forget about recycling and have fewer babies, based on the results of a newly released study.”

Citing a paper published in Environmental Research Letters, Richardson summarizes the conclusion that “the most effective ‘lifestyle choice’ for reducing personal greenhouse-gas emissions is having ‘one fewer child,’ followed by living car-free, avoiding airline travel, and eating a plant-based diet… for many women, bearing ‘one fewer child’ would mean having no kids.”

Imagine young couples and young women taking this message seriously and forgoing the incredible privilege to bring children into this world based on their belief that this is gospel truth. Man-made climate change is believed by, supposedly, 97 percent of scientists—that is, that human activity is what causes global warming/climate change.

It seems as if some on the left are very anti-child these days. Perhaps this is a reflection of the abortion ethic. Perhaps that’s why a million abortions annually in America don’t seem to trouble them.

I remember reading a story from Gary Bauer in the book, Children At Risk, that he co-wrote with Dr. James Dobson a quarter of a century ago. The anecdote reflects the anti-children bias among some in our culture.

As I recall, he described a young family with many young children at a fancy mall. The children got a little unruly at one point, and a disapproving lady passing by—perhaps a feminist—shouted at the young family an epitaph along the lines of: “You breeders!”—as if that were some cosmic insult. . . . Read More.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Abortion Activist Complains About Large Families: “Cats Take Up Way Less Room” Than Kids

Patrick Madrid
Abortion activists cried, “Save the planet!” on social media this past week as they called for the abortion of unborn babies.

Preserving the planet for future generations is important, but in the same breath, abortion activists are advocating for killing babies who are the future generation.

Pro-abortion writer Jill Filipovic kicked off the debate on Twitter last week by claiming families should have fewer children.

Townhall’s Courtney O’Brien responded:

Does Filipovic want us to emulate China, where women are often forced to have abortions or cough up major fines to fall in line with the cruel two-child policy? The one-child policy was enforced until last year, when the government announced it would let families have two children. As many as 7 million abortions were recorded annually, according to China’s Health Ministry.

In the Guardian piece Filipovic tweeted, Environment Editor Damian Carrington cited a study published by Environmental Research Letters. One fewer child, the researchers determined, would save 58.6 tons of CO2 per year.

Filipovic’s tweet received strong backlash from pro-life advocates, among them conservative radio host Patrick Madrid.

Madrid used a personal example to explain how terrible Filipovic’s argument is:
. . . Read More

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Nigerian Pro-life Leader Speaks Out Against Melinda Gates for Pushing Population Control in Africa

Obianuju Ekeocha, a Nigerian-born biomedical scientist and the founder of Culture of Life Africa, a U.K.-based pro-life group, argued on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live that the Gates Foundation’s push for contraception in Africa might be “an insidious way of moving the agenda of population control” since in many African countries the “desired number of children is actually quite high.”

. . . Ekeocha clarified that she was not saying family planning programs were “bad in and of themselves” but that “there is a real problem with a multi-billionaire from a Western country coming in to tell African governments what to do or how to control populations.”

Malenda Gates
Mairo Mandara, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Country Representative for Nigeria, said at a World Population Day (WPD) event that “Family Planning should be declared a National Emergency,” adding, “it is not about stopping people from giving birth, but seeking to control the process. The WPD is meant to draw attention to population explosion in the coming years. In Nigeria, the WPD 2017 provides opportunity to discuss ways of checking possible population explosion.”

French President Emmanuel Macron drew criticism last week for saying that Africa has a “civilizational” problem and women are having “seven or eight children.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, recently defended Canada’s increase in funds toward abortion and contraception overseas by calling abortion and contraception a “tool to end poverty.” . . . Read More

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Alveda King: President Trump is Fighting for Civil Rights Because He Protects Unborn Children

Alveda King, the niece of famous civil rights advocate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke up for President Donald Trump this week as she defended the rights of unborn babies.

King, a civil rights and pro-life advocate herself, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss remarks by Congressman John Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia, according to The Wrap.

On Friday, Lewis told CNN that Trump does not care about the civil rights movement and “knows very, very little” about it.

King disagreed, saying Trump has been an active civil rights advocate for babies in the womb. Just as the government has wrongly denied rights to certain groups of human beings in the past, it now denies rights to babies before birth and allows them to be killed in abortions.

“The president is certainly fighting for civil rights today … leading the charge for civil rights today for the little unborn persons in the womb who have a right to live,” King said.

“Trump himself is a brilliant man. I believe he’s compassionate,” she continued. “If you go back and look at all of the executive orders, the things for women and science, for African American education… there are so many things that he’s doing.”

Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in America. African American women in New York City have more abortions than lives births. It is estimated that more than 16 million African-American babies were not born in the United States because they were aborted.

Black Americans have a disproportionately high number of abortions compared to other racial groups. According to census data, African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population but have about 30 percent of the abortions. . . . Read More

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Senators Should Vote for Better Care Reconciliation Act to Defund Planned Parenthood

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of state right-to-life organizations, supports H.R. 1628, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, and urges the Senate to vote to begin debate on this bill next week. The Better Care Reconciliation Act reduces the devastating impact on life brought by the abortion-subsidizing and abortion-expanding provisions of the Obama Health Care Law.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act contains several essential elements that mark a substantial improvement from the Obama Health Care Law.

The bill creates a “State Stability and Innovation Program” which will bring many changes to both the private market and to plans eligible for tax credits. The “State Stability and Innovation Program” contains protections wherein plans that utilize these important dollars cannot cover elective abortion.

“National Right to Life believes that this bill makes substantial progress towards reducing the amount of federal dollars flowing to plans that cover elective abortion,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Abortion is not healthcare, and the Senate has the chance to protect life by advancing this legislation.”

National Right to Life also strongly supports the language in the bill that would block, for one year, most federal payments to affiliates of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). It would close the largest pipeline for federal funding of Planned Parenthood – Medicaid – and apply as well to the CHIP and the Title V and Title XX block grant programs, thus covering roughly 89% of all federal funds to Planned Parenthood. . . . Read More

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Walk with me: A post-abortion journey

by Dave Andrusko: Life gets in the way, but I try as often as I can to carve out time one night during the week to meet with members of my adult Sunday school class. Most of the time, our gatherings are just fun times to get to know each other better.

Recently, however, one of my class asked if I could meet them for morning coffee. I did, not having a clue what they wanted to get together separately.

When we got together a few days later, one look at their face told me this would going to be serious. They wanted to talk about their sister’s abortion.

This is not the first time I have talked with someone about an abortion, theirs or someone close to them. That took place in the late 1970s when over wine and cheese a young woman told me about her multiple abortions, largely (I’m guessing) to see how I would respond. She knew I was very pro-life.

She dropped the fact of her abortions so casually it threw me off-balance. Schooled in how to debate the abortion issue I was new to dealing one-on-one with something who’d actually had an abortion, or, in her case, three. I can only hope and pray what I said was of help to her.

I say all that because that conversation of a couple of weeks back reminded me not only of my first experience navigating the minefield of trying to help a post-abortion woman (or man), but of something I once read and then commented on in this space.

It appeared at The headline was “Postabortion journey, walk with me: A story of hope and healing after abortion.”

Bluntly she informs us, “At the tender age of 17 I walked across this bridge, alone, into Downtown Pittsburgh, with $300 in my pocket that my mother had given me to get an abortion.” You could write volumes just unpacking that one sentence.

As you read the accounts of women reflecting back on a decision they would give anything to take back, often they are grappling with two convictions at war with each other: that God has forgiven them but their own inability to accept that forgiveness. Your heart goes out to them as they tip toe right up to full acceptance of that divine forgiveness but then retreat. At some level they are unable to believe that they can forgiven—or, perhaps more accurately to their way of thinking, should be forgiven.

When I first read the blog entry, it was on a 4th of July which turned out to be the one-year anniversary of when she “began this online journal of my journey.” She told us of how so many people “stumbled” across her blog as they looked for information on a whole host of subjects.

Everything from those “looking for ultrasound pictures and how to tell male from female in utero, and down’s syndrome in utero, and malformations in utero” to those “searching for ways to help a post abortive woman, preaching on abortion, and similar search phrases” to those having trouble conceiving.

As it happens the “odds were certainly against” her becoming pregnant, but she did—three times.

In this July 4th entry she began, “I’m not sure why I’m moved this morning to tell it, maybe because it’s Independence Day and this will be another step toward my independence of the impact this story has on my life today.”

Clearly, as you read subsequent entries, there are still steps to go.

But we can pray for her–and all the other women who suffer from the aftershocks of that tragic decision–that they will each one day feel fully independent.

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National Right to Life, News
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alveda King: “Let’s Pray for America to End Abortion”

Alvita King: Celebrities — you either have to love them, hate them, or don’t care one way or the other. One interesting truth about “celebrity” men and women is that abortions have affected many of them.

I could also include cases of men celebrities, because some of them have post-abortion testimonies as well. We’ll save that one for part two.

I include myself in the mix because I became post-abortive in 1970 and was still hiding my pain in deep denial back then.

Yes, even celebrities and civil rights activists like me have had abortions. Thank goodness people are talking more about abortions these days.

At Civil Rights for the Unborn we uncover the injustice of abortion. Abortion isn’t a civil right; it’s a crime against humanity. At Priests for Life we work hard to end abortion. See Silent No More Awareness and Rachel’s Vineyard and find out why men and women truly regret our abortions. . . .

1. Why must a woman choose between health, safety, and security or abortion?

2. How can taking an innocent life save a life?

3. Does the truth really matter?

“Have I now become your enemy because I am telling you the truth?” — Galatians 4:16 NLT

Let’s pray for America to end abortion and return to God. . . . Read More

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Media Stunned by Image of Trump Praying with Christian Leaders in the Oval Office

Religion in politics is seemingly so far removed from the media’s idea of normalcy that a picture of the President praying left one CNN anchor struggling to find words, Wednesday.

Monday, several evangelical leaders were invited to the White House to discuss several issues including repealing ObamaCare and religious freedom. During the meeting, the pastors and Christian leaders also prayed over President Trump. One guest posted a picture of the group praying over Trump with their hands laid on him, to social media. For some reason this image stunned CNN anchor Erin Burnett, who couldn’t hide her shocked reaction at the photo during her Wednesday night show Erin Burnett OutFront.

Teasing the next report, Burnett began:

“Something we don’t see everyday here. The image of Donald Trump praying in the Oval Office and…all of those…hands, on him,” she struggled to find words to describe what was happening in the picture.

During another tease of the report on the meeting, Burnett was more overt on how shocked she was by the image.

“And next, a pretty stunning image, let me just give you a quick peek of it,” she gushed.

Burnett then described the scene as if it were something she had never seen before in the White House: . . . Read More

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Media Smear Alliance Defending Freedom

by Bill Donohue, Catholic League: Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) does some of the best legal work in the United States defending religious liberty. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at one of its meetings on July 11, and some in the media treated it as if he spoke before the Klan.

ABC News released a story headlined, "Jeff Sessions Addresses 'Anti-LGBT Hate Group,' but DOJ Won't Release His Remarks." It referred to ADF as "an alleged hate group," citing as its source the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing activist group.

NBC News was worse. It not only repeated the accusation made by SPLC, it sought a comment from the Democratic National Committee. It was not disappointed: it branded ADF a "hate group." NBC also asked a prominent gay outfit, the Human Rights Campaign, for a statement, and it repeated the smear that ADF is a "hate group." Not to be outdone, NBC attacked ADF co-founder, Dr. James Dobson, as anti-gay.

CNN won first prize. It began its news story referring to ADF as "a self-described Christian religious freedom advocacy group known for its anti-gay stance." [Question: Would not CNN object if it were called "a self-described media outlet known for its anti-conservative stance"?] It then offered a quote by someone from the National Center for Lesbian Rights that was priceless. She accused ADF of being "so extreme that it does not concede even that gay or transgender people should be permitted to exist as such."

NBC, ABC, and CNN treat SPLC as if it were some kind of gospel source of information. Yet no serious observer would give credence to an organization that lumps ADF, and the Family Research Council (FRC), with the Westboro Baptist Church. ADF and FRC are prominent and well respected organizations that defend traditional moral values and religious liberty. Westboro Baptist Church is a bona-fide hate group: it unambiguously hates Catholics and gays.

Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, is a decent and courageous defender of Christianity. He is not a hateful man. NBC owes him an apology.

CNN should fire Laura Jarrett, the reporter who quoted an activist for contending that ADF believes gays have no right to exist. She should be fired not for smearing ADF, but for incompetence.

On July 10, a Pew survey was published on the public's perception of major institutions. The media fared the worst: most Democrats say the media have a negative impact "on the way things are going in the country," and only ten percent of Republicans think it has a positive effect.

It is biased stories such as the Sessions-ADF one that give rise to public mistrust of the media. This is beyond "fake news"—it is a mean-spirited and ideologically driven assault on Christian activist organizations.
William "Bill" Donohue is President of the Catholic League.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feminist Tells Readers Having Children Is the “Worst” Thing for the Planet

It’s been a heck of a day for feminist nonsense. Katie wrote about how Joan Walsh questioned Ivanka Trump’s “girlie” wardrobe, while Reagan relayed Chelsea Handler’s comparing Capitol Hill to Abu Dhabi, thanks to a dress code that has been the norm for a century.

Their idiotic remarks were just surpassed by the stupidest tweet of the day (so far).
. . . . Does Filipovic want us to emulate China, where women are often forced to have abortions or cough up major fines to fall in line with the cruel two-child policy? The one-child policy was enforced until last year, when the government announced it would let families have two children. As many as 7 million abortions were recorded annually, according to China’s Health Ministry.

In the Guardian piece Filipovic tweeted, Environment Editor Damian Carrington cited a study published by Environmental Research Letters. One fewer child, the researchers determined, would save 58.6 tons of CO2 per year. . . . Read More

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The Fight over Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood Continues in the Senate

American Life League - STOPP: As crazy as it may seem, the fight over taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood continues in the Unites States Senate.

The senators return from their Independence Day recess this week, and a new version of the reconciliation bill may be introduced later in the week. All indications are that the Senate may vote on the bill next week. So, once again, we need you to act.

The bill in the Senate (H.B. 1628), called the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, will take $400 million away from Planned Parenthood for the next year. It needs 50 senators to vote for it. VP Mike Pence would then cast the deciding 51st vote for passage.

There are 52 Republican senators in Congress. We have heard that there are four or five Republican senators who may not support the bill, so we either need three of them to change their minds or three or more Democrats to vote for the bill.

To make that happen, YOU must talk to your senators and let them know YOU want two things:

1. Removal of federal dollars from Planned Parenthood

2. Assurance that the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 does not allow any healthcare money to pay for abortions

Immediate action:

1. Call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request. If you don’t know your senator’s name, just tell the person which state you are from and he will give you the two names.

2. Tell the senator you live in his state and want all taxpayer money taken away from Planned Parenthood.

3. Encourage your friends and family to also make these calls.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Melinda Gates Will Spend $375 Million Pushing Population Control and Abortion

Melinda Gates will dedicate another huge chunk of money to population control and abortion across the world.

This week, Gates said her family’s foundation will increase donations by 60 percent to global family planning, according to Marie Claire. That amounts to an additional $375 million in the next four years, with about two-thirds of that specifically allocated for teen programs.

Gates said the funding will go to contraception and sex education; but the money also will indirectly fund abortions, too. The billionaire family already gives money to some of the largest abortion chains in the world, including Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International.

“This is a difficult political climate for family planning,” Gates said at The Global Family Planning Summit this week in London. “I’m deeply troubled, as I’m sure you are, by the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts.”

One focus of the summit was the Mexico City Policy, which President Donald Trump reinstated in January. The policy prohibits United States taxpayer dollars from funding international groups that provide or promote abortions. The order ensures U.S. foreign aid will continue to go to health care and humanitarian relief in the millions of dollars. It just will not subsidize abortion overseas.

The Gates’ foundation was just one of several groups that announced plans to give money to family planning and abortion at the summit. The United Kingdom Department of International Development said it also will dedicate more than 1 billion British pounds to family planning and abortion. . . . read more

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Franklin Graham Slams Horrific Treatment of Charlie Gard & His Parents: “This is a Danger of Socialized Medicine”

Rev. Franklin Graham
Pastor Franklin Graham took to Facebook to voice his opinion concerning the situation related to Charlie Gard and his parents. Graham minced no words when it came to the horrific treatment Gard and his parents have received from a hospital that is supposed to care for him and a court system that is supposed to protect his life.

Charlie suffers from a rare genetic disorder, mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which can cause weakened muscles and organ dysfunction, among other symptoms, and though his parents have raised money for additional treatment and hospitals around the world have volunteered their services, hospital officials have refused to allow the infant to be released to his parents.

Graham posted on Facebook:
As a parent and a grandparent, this is so alarming. Little Charlie Gard’s parents deserve the right to bring him to the U.S. to try to find treatment for him—that shouldn’t even have to be discussed! It’s their prerogative. That the U.K. hospital or the government would not allow them to make the decisions about Charlie’s life and medical care is unfathomable. Days and days have passed that he could’ve been being treated here in America—this is a tragedy. They have now delivered a petition with 350,000 signatures to the hospital, saying that they should release Charlie as the parents request.

This is one of the dangers of socialized medicine. We need to stay as far away from this as possible here in the United States as healthcare is reorganized! Charlie’s case may be back in court today, so join me in praying for him and for his mom and dad, Connie Yates and Chris Gard. Let them know you’re praying
. . . Read More

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Mother Tried to Abort But the Abortion Failed, Now She Absolutely Loves Her Son

Kirsten Hay wants struggling young moms to know that there are people willing to help when they feel all alone.

Hay, who became pregnant at age 19, knows from personal experience. She said she tried to abort her son and, when her son survived, struggled with severe postpartum depression . . .

But today, the Scottish mom said she loves her son, Oscar, so much and cannot imagine life without him. She said she and Oscar are doing well because they received good support from people around them.

Hay said she learned she was pregnant with Oscar when she was just 19 years old and not ready to parent. At about 12 weeks of pregnancy, Hay said she had an abortion; but the procedure failed and Oscar survived. . . .

She described having dark thoughts throughout her pregnancy and into the first few years of Oscar’s life. Hay said she did not bond with her son when he was born, and her doctor diagnosed her with postpartum psychosis.

“I started to have these hallucinations and really vivid dreams about jumping off a cliff and I’d be holding Oscar,” she said. “The worst one was I would jump off a bridge and then hold Oscar under the water. I tried to kill myself once. Just thinking about it now makes me feel sick.”

Hay said she was hospitalized twice when Oscar was an infant. But because she sought help, she eventually recovered. Now, she said she feels “so awful and so guilty” for ever thinking about killing her son.

“I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s a happy wee boy, and his imagination is absolutely wild,” Hay said.

She shared her story publicly to encourage other struggling moms to find help.

“I never ever thought I would get to where I am but that’s why I would encourage any mum feeling even a little bit of what I was to not just dismiss it as baby blues, speak to someone. …”

Hay said women need to know that there is support available for them and their babies. . . . Read More

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