Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"Unplanned" Movie Review

by Brian Smith: My wife and I went to see Unplanned yesterday. At the matinee, we were the only ones in the entire theater.

Unplanned is not for the faint of heart. It will make you squeamish. It might make you cry. If you can't watch accounts of suffering portrayed, it may even send you running from the theater. But, if you force yourself to stay and watch the whole film, it will inspire you.

In the film Ashley Bratcher starts as Abby Johnson. The film portrays the facts as Abby Johnson lays them out in her autobiographical book Unplanned. I am very critical and sensitive to movies that don't stick to the book or change fact written in someones autobiography. Abby Johnson was a former planned parenthood clinic worker who worked for or volunteered for Planned Parenthood for over 8 years. Unplanned is her story of how she started with PP, her journey into the inner circle rising to the level of clinic director and then her conversion to a pro life position. I find her book and testimony to be highly credible. PP attempted legally to silence her after she left PP. .The film is not associated with PP nor is it endorsed by them.

The movie is informative. The book and movie reveals the tactics and tools PP uses to deceive Americans. It also informs watchers of the some very practical techniques to shut down abortion clinics. The most important thing the book and movie did for me was to remind me of the humanity of the workers in the abortion industry, and to remind me to pray for them, love them, and to help them to leave the industry. Even if you can't see the movie or read the book, you can help to support abortion workers leave the industry. The movie also informed me about the harm that tactics such as yelling at the fenceline, grim reaper costumes, and messages that are unloving or violent actions due to hurt the cause for life.

The movie inspired me to search for, find and support It inspired me to pray even while I was watching the movie. I recommend that you also enter the movie in a spirit of prayer. The prayer "Lord have Mercy" might help you endure through the films most graphic moments. I was particularly inspired to prayer during the barrel scene (see the movie).

It is also provides some insight into the beginnings of 40 days for life and it's founder and CEO Shawn Carney. In the film actor Jared Lotz portrays Shawn Carney and his fiance wife at the fenceline of Abby Johnson's former PP clinic in Bryan Texas. I found the intersection of Abby Johnson's journey out of planned parenthood and the beginnings of 40 days for life to be fascinating show of God's providence. I think you will too!

You will also find it interesting that not portrayed in book or film is that Abby Johnson converted to Catholicism. She describes this conversion experience on the Coming Home Network. You can watch the full episode here!

Please watch the film or read the book, or if you don't have time for that and want just a summary of the facts, check out Wikipedia: Abby_Johnson. Please pray for the end of abortion and for the conversion of abortion workers.

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